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TRAINING success! Get on the road to

There's no better way to sell more Canada holidays than to become a specialist! Start training and make yourself indispensible!

THE award-winning Canada Specialist Program (CSP) has been training agents for many years and has created hundreds of expert sellers. Meet three of them here:

Graeme Brett, Westoe Travel

"Canada is such a vast and varied country that the CSP training programme is a very valuable

resource. For example, the variety of

wildlife and activities in Canada is huge, but there are specific times when these are at their best and the CSP shows you the when and the where. "It also opens the door to regional training

events and webinars, which are a great way of improving knowledge. They are our first point of contact to find specialist operators and regional experts in Canada. "But the main benefit of being a CSP-certified agent is that customers are more confident booking with us, assured of our expert first- hand knowledge of Canada".

Deb Weatherall Travel Counsellor

"The Canada Specialist Program is like an online reference encyclopedia – it simply

demonstrates by province, time zones, travel options, annual events and festivals, etc, all that Canada has to offer. "Once you have completed the programme itself you haven't seen the last of its benefits because it's regularly updated. Thanks to a simple log-in you can dip in and out to retrieve information at any time. "I would encourage anyone interested in

increasing their Canada sales to expand their knowledge of the country and its products by getting involved with the CSP. "But do it steadily and proceed through the

training over a few months rather than trying to tackle it all in one go. Be warned though, it’s addictive! A bit like after your first visit to Canada, you will want to keep returning for more!"

"The CSP is probably the best training tool around. It is full of easy-to- reference information. And, best of all, it offers you the opportunity to join a memorable fam. Having experienced both a Yukon and a 'learn to ski'

fam, I can tell you the training is well worth your time!" Alison Cheetham, Peregrination

The Canada Specialist Program is an educational tool designed by the CTC to train the trade. Its modules give you specialist knowledge and a sales edge to boost your bookings to Canada. Learn online via fun,

interactive tools and up-to- date facts. Be recognised as a Canada Specialist and get access to sales tools, marketing resources and benefits that include fabulous fams and client referrals through the Keep Exploring website!

Many modules to master

The CSP is a great example of CPD (Continuous Professional Development). New information is added on a regular basis and covers a huge range of subjects. There are eight modules, starting with an Introduction, which includes sales tips on weather, seasonal activities, festivals, transport, cruising and more. This is followed by Canada's Regions, Winter Activities and Aboriginal Activities.

Map your future

Discover Canada with the CSP's interactive map. At the touch of a button you can place yourself in a virtual Canada, zooming in to see classic routes, experiences and itineraries. And print off the PDFs to keep.


Train now!

Give yourself a chance of being invited on this

year's CTC Mega FAM! See:

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