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We contacted four top agents – all Retail Agent of the Year finalists in the CTC's 2015 BACTA Awards – and asked them why they just love selling Canada. Here's what they told us

“I love to help people knock things off their bucket list and unsurprisingly the

Rocky Mountaineer appears on a lot of such lists! Mid-way through a self-drive itinerary is a great time to sit back and relax as you are guided through the Rocky Mountains. Focus on the value offered rather than the actual cost, and if budget is an issue suggest clients downgrade their other accommodation to retain the train in their itinerary. They won’t regret it!” Claire Moore, Peakes Travel Elite

“I love Canada because of the scenery, the

lakes and mountains, the wide-open spaces and the wildlife. But best of all are the people and the warm welcome travellers receive. Northern British Columbia is less well known but the towns here offer a diverse alternative to those in the Rockies. Stops can include local Native heritage sites, a wolf sanctuary, lava beds and many lakes and waterfalls. I saw 12 Black bears, one grizzly and the Kermode or Spirit Bear.” Sue Baker, Villair

“With a surname like mine, this was a 'must'

experience for me. I told them I'd come to make sure they were looking after the place properly! A three-hour drive south of Calgary, this is a beautiful area of lakes, canyons and waterfalls, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a haven for campers, trekkers and family holidays. In 1932 Waterton Lakes joined with Glacier National Park, Montana, to become the first International Peace Park. "Visitors can cross into the USA at Goat Haunt without a visa and security checks, as long as

they return on the next boat back.” Pat Waterton, Langley Travel

“Knight Inlet is an extremely comfortable lodge located in a remote area of the

Pacific Northwest in British Columbia. But whilst the lodge and its wild and beautiful setting are amazing enough the real wow factor is the grizzly bear viewing. Viewing from platforms overlooking the rivers gives you a fantastic view of these beautiful creatures gorging on salmon. It’s a sort of 'meet and eat' service for bears. "The walking trails, whale-watching and the breathtaking scenery make this one of

the most memorable experiences in my portfolio of travels.” Selling tip: Remember, bear-viewing moves from boats to platforms at the end of August. To see bears catch salmon book September into early October. In summer there's whale-watching available too. Ann Anglesea, Delmar World Travel


The Rocky Mountaineer

Waterton Lakes National Park

Northern British


Knight Inlet Lodge

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