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High-power TVS diodes What’s new

hole device because of its lower lead inductance. Systems benefit from reduced electrical stress on the protected circuitry, and can achieve simplified assembly and reduced costs by eliminating the extra design step in cases where the PTVS diode is the only through‐hole component on the printed circuit board.

The silicon technology used in the

Bourns has expanded its line of high power TVS (PTVS) diodes with a high current bidirectional TVS diode offered in an SMD package. The PTVS10‐058C‐SH and PTVS10‐076 C‐SH provide necessary bidirectional port protection and are designed for use in high‐power DC bus clamping applications.

The devices are housed in an SMD

package to deliver a 20 per cent reduction in peak clamping voltage compared to the equivalent through‐

diodes provides a lower clamping voltage under surge, greater performance stability and increased reliability compared to typical competing MOV technology. Both models provide very high surge current protection with a peak pulse current rating of 10kA. They have standoff voltages of 58 and 76V respectively. In addition, they exhibit an excellent surge response versus temperature; the typical maximum surge current at 150°C exceeds 70 per cent of its rated value at 25°C.

Holy Stone

High Capacitance X7R for DC/DC Input/Output Filtering

High Voltage Capacitors for a variety of power apps

High Capacitance MLCCs for DC/DC smoothing

High Voltage and Safety Certified for Chargers and Adapters

Stacked,, H High C/V f V for Switch Mode Power Supplies

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32 July/August 2014

Holy Stone MLCCs are available with Arc Prevention Coating and SuperTerm,™ polymer layer that reduces the risk of internal cracks.

High-power white LEDs

TTI is now stocking six new high‐power, white LEDs from Panasonic. The LNJ03004 series is a surface‐mount white LED available in a 3230 package. These LEDs exhibit a high‐luminous efficiency of up to 150 lm/W and can be used in numerous applications, including automotive, with a temperature range of ‐40° to 105°C. They measure 3.2mm long by 0.6mm high and variants are available with a forward current of 75mA at 6.2V or 60mA at 2.95V. Luminous flux ranges from 24.7 to 54lm.

Benefits of using LEDs are wide ranging

and include longer life, lower power consumption, and reduced maintenance costs. The new devices are available in color temperatures of 2700K, 5000K and 6500K to give the flexibility to accurately meet the needs of specific applications. They are RoHS compliant and lead‐free.

A POWERFUL PRESENCE in Power Applications

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