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Wetrokwins ISSA/Interclean InnovationAward

Premiere is pleased to be the main UK distributor for the ISSA Innovation Award win- ner, the Wetrok Discomatic Mambo scrubber-drier. Not only has the market reacted to this new development with enthusiasm, the jury of the ISSA Innovation Award has also been convinced by the

BIFMannounces collaborationwithCIPD

The British Institute of Facili- tiesManagement (BIFM) has announced that it will be col- laborating with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the body for HR and people develop- ment, on a number of re- search and insight projects that will investigate how both communities of professionals are evolving and adapting to the changing workplace. Peter Cheese, chief execu-

tive, CIPD, spoke at the re- cent ThinkFMconference on how the workplace impacts on the workforce and why it is vital that those tasked with managing these key re- sources within organisations need to work together to maximise the value of its workforce. This was followed up by Chris Kane, CEO, BBC Commercial Projects and

chair of BIFM’s Futures Group, who explained how breaking down the silos which exist between the worlds of HR and facilities management can create a truly flexible and agile work- ing environment. Gareth Tancred, chief exec-

utive, BIFM, said: “There have been numerous conversa- tions about the evolution of the workplace but we wanted tomake sure that the views of these two vital communi- ties of professionals are brought together.We want themto share their thinking and work together to bridge the gap between people and place as we aimto add to the next instalment of the work- place’s evolution.Working with CIPD forms part of our strategy of bringing the right people fromoutside of the

FMprofession to analyse, de- bate and challenge the latest thinking that impacts on the world of business, the econ- omy and wider society.” Peter Cheese, chief execu-

tive, CIPD, said: “The very na- ture of work is changing. The unprecedented scale and pace of change in the econ- omy and the world of work means there is a critical need to ensure the ways we work, our workforces and work- place cultures are fit for today, and drive performance and growth for the future. Workforces aremore diverse, with greater flexibility de- manded on the part of both employers and employees, bringing new challenges and opportunities in workforce planning. The physical work- place is one ofmany factors inmodernmanagement and

work that needs to adapt, with business leaders need- ing to continually innovate and challenge conventional wisdomabout what drives performance and engage- ment. That’s why we’re pleased to be working with our colleagues in the facilities management industry to ex- plore the issues, and to find solutions to the challenges they bring.” The two organisations have

a roundtable planned with leading thinkers fromboth disciplines in the coming weeks as well as a number of community based discus- sions that will draw views fromboth HR and FMprofes- sionals on the significant challenges in the changing world of the workplace.

unique concept of the Disco- matic Mambo. The new Mambo is claimed

to be the most compact scrubber-drier in its per- formance category. It is ro- bust and powerful, without making any compromises in terms of agility. Its 30-litre fresh water tank and a long- lasting lithium ion battery are ideally suited for longer periods of cleaning work without any interruptions. The proven disk brush sys- tem ensures excellent clean- ing results and supports the forward motion of the ma- chine. This machine comes as standard with an inte- grated water pump and an automatic dosage system for an optimal mix of fresh water and chemicals can be supplied as an optional extra. Wetrok’s Mambo offers two

new features - a unique sup- port wheel that means the machine can be transported easily from one location to another, and a practical water collector. If the Mambo hits a tight corner, the water collector comes into play: simply lower the mopping lip at the flip of a switch, draw back the waste water and vacuum it up in forward gear.

KärcherAcademyCleaning Tips: Caring for your vacuumcleaners

Lastmonth we highlighted the need to keep your scrubber driers clean and well-maintained. This month we turn our attention to vacuumcleaners, and it’s no surprise to find that al- though themethods of maintenance are different, the need to do so is the same. Remember, regular

cleaning andmaintenance

Check and clean the drain hose.

of your cleaning equipment: • retains its value; • extends its life; • saves on repair andmain- tenance costs and quickly identifies damage or wear; • increases operator ‘inter- est’ of working with equip- ment; • keeps owners, operators and guests satisfied. Cleaning your vacuums is

easy, especially when the job is done directly after use. Follow these simple points andmake cleaning of your cleaningmachines part of your daily regime: • Check filter bags regularly - A full filter bag dramati- cally affects performance of themachine. By checking it regularly and changing it as soon as it’s full, good clean- ing standards aremaintained and the risk of a burst bag is reduced. • Clean filter compartment - Whilst changing the bag, it’s quick and easy to wipe around the filter compart-

6 l C&M l JUNE 2014 l

ment to remove any dust fromthere. • Check and clean thema- chine filters - Clean filters keep suction performance high and protect the air qual- ity. Kärcher’s vacuums fea- ture durable, easy access filters that can be removed and cleaned in seconds. • Don’t forget to clean the outside of themachine - Kärcher’s anthracite colour systemis good at hiding the dirt, but anymachine - re- gardless of colour - should be given a quick wipe down with a cloth to keep it looking new.Make sure you also clean the controls. • Check the floor tool and hoses or roller brush - A quick check of the suction hose and floor tool (or roller brush on an upright vacuum) will reveal any issues like splits or blockages that will dramatically affect perform- ance and increase the need formaintenance. Kärcher’s clip systemmeans the hose

In case of damage, power cable replacement is easy.

is removed at the push of a button. • Check the power cable for damage - A quick wipe of the power cable (when thema- chine is unplugged) will highlight any damage, re- move any kinks and reduce the risk of dirt transfer. All Kärcher tub vacuums now feature a replaceable power cable for fast, low cost re- placement without the need for an engineer to be called. Wrap the cable around the machine head to store it safely. • Extra cleaning for wet and dry vacuums - To prevent

smells, after each use empty or drain the con- tainer and then rinse out. If themachine is fitted with a drain hose,make sure this is flushed through with clean water.Wipe the rub- ber lips of the floor tool and check for damage. Nextmonth: Cleaning and

maintaining sweepers. For further information on how Kärcher products and know-how can make a difference to your business, visit

Remember to clean the filter compartment.

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