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 NewProducts Instant cleaning results, every time

Vax Commercial explains how its expanded range of scrubber dryers provides instant cleaning results on all types of hard floors in one easymove.

As the VCSD-05 has variable speed, vacuumand water-flow control, you can clean into the tightest corners and park quickly and easily.

ance, better stability and wider coverage. “As the VCSD-05 has vari-

able speed, vacuumand water-flow control, you can clean into the tightest cor- ners and park quickly and easily,” said Davis. “It’s very safe and easy to operate, as it has automatic shut-offs that stop themachine and the brushes when the unit is stationary, along with a flashing light and an audible reverse warning. Both the VCSD-04 and VCSD-05 have an integrated charger, data card and LED low level and charging process indicators, so you always know exactly howmuch power you’ve got left and canmonitor how the unit has been used.”

Compact cleaners

While amop and bucketmay be enough for spot cleaning small areas of flooring, larger areas require amore specialised approach. Vax Commercial’s scrubber dry- ers provide a quick, hygienic way of washing and drying hard floors in one easymove, giving you instant cleaning results every time. “All our scrubber dryers

feature a V-shaped squeegee that provides suction right up to the edges, so they pick up more water and leave floors clean and dry, even when twisting around obstacles and corners,” said Vax Com- mercial’s senior product manager, Brian Davis. “They easily remove stubborn, sticky dirt fromall types of hard floor surfaces and are

the ultra compact VCSD-02, designed to be easy to transport and store.

safe to use on sealed natural wood,marble and PVC/rub- ber coated floors. The user can choose between brushes or graded cleaning pads to get the best results on their own particular type of floor- ing, so they’re really versatile machines.”

Wider coverage

InMay Vax Commercial ex- tended its existing range of scrubber dryers with the launch of two new battery- poweredmodels designed to provide greater cleaning cov- erage. The VCSD-04 covers up to 2000m2 per hour, making it suitable for clean- ing leisure and healthcare premises, retail outlets and small warehouses. It has powerful suction and large clean and dirty water tanks, so you can covermore floors without stopping. “The new VCSD-04 is de-

signed to be extremely user- friendly with an easy to operate control panel, oper- ator presence safety system and low noise operation,” continued Davis. “With the squeegee following the wheels, it leaves the floors dry, streak-free and without anymarks.” For quick and efficient

cleaning of larger areas, the VCSD-05 ride-on scrubber dryer ismanoeuvrable and compact, covering up to 3250m2 of floor per hour. It has extra large tanks and twin brushes to provide im- proved cleaning perform-

28 l C&M l JUNE 2014 l

These two newmodels com- plete a range that also in- cludes the ultra compact VCSD-01 and VCSD-02, de- signed to be easy to trans- port and store. As the VCSD-01 ismains powered, it provides continual use and avoids any down-time during charging. It has a 12metre high visibility cable with an easy change kettle connec- tion, for hassle free cleaning of smaller areas such as shop floors. The VCSD-02 has a cable-

free design that gives you total freedomofmovement with up to one hour cleaning time per charge. A 36cm wide cleaning path and smooth,mechanical traction ensure a working capacity of up to up to 1260m2 coverage per hour. Large wheelsmake

The new VCSD-04 is designed to be user-friendly with an easy to operate control panel, operator presence safety systemand low noise operation.

the VCSD-01 and VCSD-02 easy tomanoeuvre, even over steps. “Both these compact

cleaners have an adjustable handle so they’re suitable for anyone, short or tall,” said Davis. “They have excellent manoeuvrability when clean- ing into tight corners and under tables and you don’t need any tools to change the squeegee blades,making themeasy tomaintain. As they have very low noise op- eration of less than 70dB(A) they won’t give you a headache either. Despite their compact size these scrubber dryers are built with high quality compo- nents and have powerful 250Wcommercial grade brush and suctionmotors. The frame is constructed fromtough, syntheticmate- rials secured with 100% stainless steel screws, so it won’t rust. This design makes it quick and easy to

repair too, as once the top is removed all the components are easily accessible, reduc- ing the time and cost of serv- icing. The recovery tank is simple to take apart to clean and it’s compact enough to be put into a hospital ster- iliser, for hygienic cleaning.”

The perfect solution

Vax Commercial’s range of floorcare products also in- cludes robust tub and up- right vacuumcleaners, compact carpet washers, floor sweepers and deter- gents. Designed for use in all its scrubber dryers, Vax Commercial’s Scrubber Dryer Detergent penetrates and removes stubborn grease and grime to give a streak-free finish, without leaving any dulling residue. As it’s unperfumed it’s suit- able for use in food prepara- tion areas too.

EcoAce enables a ‘bag free’ future

Leafield Environmental has designed and developed a simple, economical, internal recycling bin that can be used without bags for amore sustainable recycling solution. Developed in association with Bath Spa University, the EcoAce has cut out handles to allow

easy lifting to central collection points. Its space-saving design easily fits into anymodern set- ting and theWRAP compliant, colourful lids can suit up to eight different waste streams. The bin body can be produced in a wide variety of colours and a black version,made from100%re- cycled plastic is also available. Dr Julian Greaves, sustainabilitymanager

at Bath Spa University, said: "The bespoke design service was one of the reasons we chose Leafield because we were unable to find exactly what we wanted elsewhere.We asked for a good quality, robust, affordable recycling bin with a 'bag free' option as part of our strategy to increase recycling rates to at least 80%by 2016." Leafield’smanaging director, PhilMaddox,

said: "Our in-house design capabilities enable us tomeet our customers’ requirements pre- cisely and without compromise.” Available in two sizes, 52 and 62 litres,

EcoAce is ideal for organisations looking for good quality and great value formoney.

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