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cleaning standards - is replaced within 24 hours if it breaks down.” He stresses the importance of the ap-

pearance of staff. As part of LCC’s ‘one team’ approach, LCC staff are in Grand Ar- cade-branded external uniforms. “We have also spent significant resource in enhanc- ing the staff abilities with regular perform- ance reviews and training opportunities,” he said. “An innovation for the site recom- mended by our sitemanager was to con- ductmonthly staff assessments in conjunction with our client. Results are dis- cussed with each individual and then a league table is displayed in the staff room. We have found this to be an excellentmoti- vational tool for the staff as they work to improve their position on site. This tool feeds into our succession planning process.” As a sitemanager, Storey has previously

worked for a number of contractors but has found the support and specialismoffered by LCC to be the best. “Due to the trust and support offered by the seniormanagement of LCC I amempowered to deliver the best possible service,” he said. All staff go through the LCC induction and

site specific training. Due to the nature seven-day cleaning, LCC has set up staff rotas to balance the workload. “Clear cleaning schedules have been developed to ensure all tasks and periodic cleaning tasks are undertaken tomaintain the areas to the highest standard,” said Robb. “These are rotated so that all staff have variety in their work. The site-cleaning schedule is established andmonitored through a Guard 1 plusmini systemwhere our staff are is- sued with a ‘pipe’.With over 100 check- points set up around the site - client side,

back of house and also on our equipment - we canmonitor themovements of staff around the site and ensure we are being effective.We are also in discussion with the security contractor so that they can use this system. The reports fromthis system are visible for our client to see.” Peter Robb says that LCC understands it

is working for three clients: the centre management, the individual stores and the customers of the centre. “Each of these has different expectations and we have to ensure all our staff understand this,” he said. “As part of the contract we have de- veloped site-specific customer service training, where we include information about the stores in the centre and their lo- cations, so that our staff can aid the public to find their desired store.We have also in- cluded tourist information in the training as Cambridge is an important tourist destina- tion. This includes where bus and train sta- tions are as well as key tourist venues.” Another site-specific training course LCC

has created for this contract covers counter terrorism. “Due to the number of people in one place we recognise that the Arcade could be a target for terrorism,” said Robb. “Our staff are trained to notice suspicious bags, packages and people which are then reported to the security teampresent in the centre. Communication on site is constant between all parties with our staff issued with radios to communicate with the cen- tre, stores and other contractors.” Peter Robb is proud of the achievements

at the Grand Arcade Shopping Centre and proud, in particular, of the consistency of its record. “Eachmonth a full audit of the site is undertaken,” he said. “Cleaning al- ways scores highly.”

Grand Arcade is a modern, high profile shopping centre in Cambridge city centre.Withmore than 60 premium retailers, flagship store John Lewis, and a selection of cafes and restaurants, the centre is beautifully presentedwith three sky lit floors and a boutique spa on the second floor.

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