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InfiniClean - an endless filtration solution

that simply cleans continu- ally when the vacuumis turned on. Benefits include prolonged filter life, in- creased operating time and no requirement for additional compressed air systems. The endless filtration system is also very quiet. The design works by ex-

Nilfisk-CFMhas launched InfiniClean, an automatic fil- ter cleaning systempredom- inantly for 24/7 continuous duty applications. The sys- temrequires no additional power source or operator in- volvement,making it ideal for the pharmaceutical and

food industry amongst other industrial processes. Clogged filters severely ef-

fect vacuumperformance, causing expensive downtime and increased service costs. The new InfiniClean solution is an automatic, standalone cartridge cleaning system

ploiting the pressure differ- ence between exhaust air and air being sucked into the vacuumto clean the car- tridges.MClass cartridges are therefore sequentially and periodically cleaned, maintaining the highest pos- sible efficiency and produc- tivity, achieving 99.99% filtration at 0.3micron. InfiniClean was first de-

vised for the T40 range but has now been launched for theWhite LineModels VHW320, VHW420 and VHW440, ranging from1.5 KWto 4 KW.

Introducing the EvoDrain

Hydro Systems has an- nounced the launch of the EvoDrain, an all-in-one solu- tion designed to treat fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste in commercial, institutional and industrial kitchens. FOG build-up in kitchens

can seemlike a never-end- ing problem. As thesemate- rials cool, they thicken and coagulate within pipes and grease-traps, acting like a magnet for any waste that may find its way down the kitchen’s sink. As a result, a kitchen can be left facing rancid odours, blockages, backed-up water and poten- tially even flooding. In order to deal with these

issues, a facilitymay require strong chemical drain clean- ing treatments or ‘pump-out’ clearing of blocked drains, causing significant kitchen downtime and plenty of in- convenience - all of which costsmoney. Conventional solutions

such as chemical drain cleaners and enzyme treat- ments can often addmore issues - chemicals used can be harsh and potentially harmful, whilst enzyme treatments onlymove the problemdown-streamto the treatment plant.Whilst bac- teriological products are often hailed as themost for- ward-looking solution to FOG

Suitable for daily treatment

in all types of wastewater and sewage systems, the EvoDrain is fully compatible with all UK local authorities’ treatment systems, and it re- quires only a water connec- tion and nomains electricity. Easy to install andmaintain, this solution is believed to be themost innovative, cost-ef- fective way for continual pre- vention of kitchen drain problems.

build-up, these are all too often inefficient and ineffec- tive, as bacteria are not acti- vated on time, and are simply flushed away, dor- mant. So how can the perform-

ance of bacteriological prod- ucts be enhanced? That’s where Hydro System’s inno- vative new EvoDrain comes in. The EvoDrain is a bacteri- ological incubator which ‘wakes up’ dormant bacteria, delivering billions of active FOG-eatingmicrobes directly into the drain, and creating a protective biofilmwhich lines the walls of drains for on- going protection. The EvoDrain’s solution of

dormant bacteria and nutri- ents creates a highly effec- tive biological treatment regime of active bacteria.

36 l C&M l JUNE 2014 l

Laundry systemgains HACCP certification

Electrolux Professional has announced that it has be- come the first HACCP Inter- national certified laundry manufacturer. The interna- tional certification is set to have a strong impact on the restaurant, hotel, food pro- cessing andmanufacturing industries as businesses are now able to guarantee bacte- ria control and food safety to their customers, when look- ing to bring laundry in- house. HACCP international certi-

fication is only awarded to equipment andmaterials that demonstrates itmeets stringent food safety stan- dards after a comprehensive evaluation by a teamof as- sessors. In the food industry, contamination through laun- dry is indirect but parts such as nuts, bolts and springs can enter food with serious consequences. Additionally, laundry programmes are also essential and it needs to be easy to set a disinfectant wash. The servicing and user guides are scrutinised throughout the assessment process and there needs to be absolute clarity of opera- tion, so there is no ambiguity. Developed through analy-

sis of the needs and chal- lenges of laundry operators across the globe, the Elec- trolux Line 5000 has been honoured under the interna- tional certification pro-

Gumremoval ‘within six seconds’

Clemas & Co Ltd has introduced the Ecogumchewing gum removalmachine to its range. The Ecogumis a uniquema- chine that is worn as a self-contained backpack and can re- move chewing gumpieces in under six seconds. The Ecogumnot only provides an excellent solution to remov-

ing chewing gumoutdoors but can also be used on carpets in- doorsmaking it a highly versatilemachine. It can be operated for eight hourswith the use of one service packwhich contains the consumables needed to operate themachine. Harry Hamlin, sales assistant at Clemas & Co Ltd, said:

“The Ecogummachine is very easymachine to use, being quick and effective at removing chewing gumboth inside and out. It was surprising at how fast the chewing gumdisinte- grated especially as the chemicals used are environmentally friendly.” The Ecogumis portable with no trailing hoses or trailing

cables and is extremely quiet when in use. As a result the Ecogumcan be used at any time removing gumwith no mess in under six seconds.

gramme, including high spin, super spin and normal spin washers, alongside the lat- est barrier washing and iron- ing and fitting innovations. RichardMallett,managing

director of HACCP Europe, said: “The certification Elec- trolux has been awarded is usually reserved for food service equipment only so is amilestone development for themanufacturer and re-af- firms the crucial role laundry equipment can play in con- tamination control, playing its part in preventing out- breaks and illness across the globe. The robust design and clear instructions within the Line 5000 ensure that noth- ing can go unsanitised and restaurants canmake a quick and smart investment with ease. Traditionally food manufacturing factories have had to outsource their laundry to guarantee cleanli- ness but the certification of the Electrolux Line 5000 range has provided the op- tion to invest in an on prem- ises laundry with complete peace ofmind.” Darren Lockley, head of re-

gion for UK & Ireland for Electrolux Professional, said: “Food poisoning is amajor health problemaround the globe and asmuch of the emphasis needs to be on the kitchen and food prepara- tion, the laundering of clean- ing cloths and uniforms also has amajor role to play. We’ve developed the Line 5000 to improve flexibility in the laundry process through fast operation, intuitive inter- faces, top hygiene levels and easy operation for high relia- bility. This type of equipment is essential in heavy duty en- vironments such as an in- house laundry in a restaurant or food process- ing factory, where quick and constant turnaround of linen is essential. It’s great that this innovation has been recognised through this landmark certification and although naturally, it lends itself immediately towards the food processing industry, it also has great relevance for HORECA outlets and care facilities, too - amongst other sectors.” professional

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