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Morclean enjoys Amsterdamsuccess

Interclean 2014 proved a great platformforMorclean to exhibit its new 2014 range of bin washingmachines. While being hard work, though extremely rewarding, the company’s stand in Hall 11 welcomedmany visitors including potential new dis- tributors and end users. Morclean's existing distrib-

utors fromHolland, Portu- gal, the Channel Islands and Poland also joined the team and new customers from Denmark, Spain, France and the Netherlands were se- cured. The company also took orders on the stand, and is currently shipping a new bin washmachine to a new customer in Demark who purchased themachine at the show.

Director ofMorclean, Peter

Morley. said: "Thismajor in- ternational show took months to plan, and de- manded time and effort from all the teamatMorclean. After four very busy days at the Rai, we were soon con- vinced it was worth all the effort." To date, demand for the

2014 bin wash has been high, and Interclean certainly contributed to its success. More recently,Morclean has sold bin washmachines to customers in Iceland and Canada, and has just shippedmachines to Aus- tralia.Morclean is actively looking for additional Euro- pean and international dis- tributors.

Accreditation schemes represent ‘the only protection in the face of cuts to trading standards’

According to a report pub- lished by the Trading Stan- dards Institute earlier this month, trading standards budgets in England and Wales are being slashed by an average of 40%.With the scandal of horsemeat in the food chain still at the fore- front of people’sminds and the need to protect con- sumers frompotentially dan- gerous counterfeit goods, trading standards is unlikely to be tackling the cheats in the cleaning and hygiene in- dustry. Buyers of soft tissue and plastic refuse sacks need to turn to the CHSA

Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes to be certain they get what they pay for. “There is a belief that trad-

ing standards is active in policing rogue traders, but with the scale of the budget cuts, nowmore than ever this is not the case,” said Stephen Harrison, chair of the CHSA. “Our accredita- tion schemes are now the only guarantee available to buyers of soft tissue prod- ucts and plastic refuse sacks. Buying fully audited accredited product from CHSAmembersmeans they

can be certain they are get- ting what they pay for, away fromhome paper products thatmatch the stated dimen- sions and plastic refuse sacks that are fit for pur- pose.” TheManufacturing Stan-

dards Accreditation Schemes guarantee three things: • Consistency of supply: cus- tomers receive what they order; • Accurate labelling: cus- tomers get what they pay for; • Fully auditedmanufactur- ers: our standards, your guarantee.

The 700 series high pressure pumps launched

Cat Pumps has announced enhancements to one of its 345 bar high pressure pumps used extensively for pressure testing, heavy-duty pressure washing including graffiti removal, and in in- dustrial processes. With the introduction of the

newModel 700, the existing Model 70 pump has been up- graded to include a new pump head with a revised valve arrangement. Cat Pumps calls this design 'stacked valves' because the discharge valves are in- stalled directly above the inlet valves in a common bore. This simplifies valve

DenisRawlins to represent Kaivac in theUK

Kaivac, Inc., of Hamilton, USA, has recently partnered with Denis Rawlins Ltd as its representative in the UK. Denis Rawlins has over 40 years of experience working with commercial cleaning equipment. JamesWhite, managing director of Denis Rawlins, said: “We are ex- cited to represent Kaivac and extremely pleased for the opportunity we’ve been given to work with our UK customers to help improve cleaning programmes and standards through the unique products Kaivac of- fers.” Kaivac, originator of the

No Touch Cleaning system, considers this an important step in its renewed commit- ment to support the UK market. “There has been a

tremendous demand from British customers for easier access to Kaivac products for some time now,” saidMarc Ferguson, international busi- ness developmentmanager at Kaivac. “In 2014, Kaivac is dedicating the time and re- sources needed to respond to and better serve these customers. They know Kaivac is amajor solution to many of the cleaning chal- lenges faced in facilityman- agement today.We think Rawlins is an ideal partner to help Kaivac develop the relationships necessary in the UK tomake growth a re- ality.” With the release of the ver-

satile new Omniflex Crossover Cleaning System, Kaivac gives UK customers access to another hygienic cleaning systemthat is af-

fordable and effective at re- moving tough soils.

servicing as the design now only has three valve plugs. Consequently, there is a

new valve kit for theModel 700, which contains all six valves so only one kit is re- quired per pump. The high and low pressure seals are identical to those used for many years in theModel 70, but there is a new seal kit containing these and all the associated parts needed to service the pump seals. The drive end of the new

Model 700 is directly inter- changeable with theModel 70 andmost service items are identical. Note, however, that the plunger rod has been changed to eliminate the need for the plunger spacer. The performance of the

pump remains unchanged at 17 litres/min at 1700 rpm and being a true positive dis- placement pump, the flow remains directly proportional

to speed right up to themax- imumpressure rating of 345 bar (5000 psi). TheModel 700 is available

fromstock now, and can be purchased bare-shaft, mounted directly to a suit- able electricmotor or base- platemounted withmotor and speed-reducing trans- mission. It is also available asmodel 700G1 complete with integrated gearbox to mount on a petrol or diesel engine with a standard SAE mounting face and 1" (25.4 mm) diameter parallel crankshaft extension.

Battery video tutorials

Trojan Battery Co. has launched two HydroLink Trojan Tips video tutorials which provide important information on in- stalling and using HydroLink to water flooded batteries, an importantmaintenance practice tomaintain battery per- formance and longevity. One video focuses on general installation of HydroLink on

any type of equipment using the single-point watering sys- temto simplifymaintenance, and the second video focuses on installing and using HydroLink in a golf car. Both illus- trate how to use either a hand pump or a regulated hose supply to water Trojan batteries. "Since a deep-cycle flooded battery loses water during

charging, watermust be added on a regular basis tomain- tain life and performance - we show you how," said Vicki Hall, Trojan's director of global technical support, and host of the Trojan Tips educational series. l JUNE 2014 l C&M l 35

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