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Special Report The evolution of the cleaning industry

SCA's product and segmentmanager, Charlotte Branwhite, explores the challenges a modern UK hygiene operation faces in 2014, and the evolution of the washroom.

Recently, as our Tork brand assortment has incorporated key systems from the Lotus Professional range, we've under- taken a major research project to evaluate what we offer across our washroom portfo- lio, and how we present our products. The findings, which have informed a fresh ap- proach to how we package, identify and communicate the Tork range, gives us a fascinating glimpse into how the industry has changed within the past decade. Firstly, there has been exponential

growth in the multinational workforce, comprising many who don't use English as a first language or workers with reading difficulties. The objective of our recent study was to use the insights gained to make life easier for our end customers. Therefore, reconsidering our packaging be- came a focus. The new washroom range is far more in-

tuitive than its predecessor, incorporating additional graphical representations to allow users to find the product or refill they need with ease. Product names have also been reviewed, with a move to include ben- efits into the title, such as Extra Soft, re- placing the quality tiers of Premium, Advanced and Universal, because feedback told us these were confusing. The cleaning industry has felt the

part of leading global hygiene company SCA, which has a commitment to sustain- ability.We've reflected these principles in our washroomrange too. For instance our renamed, Tork XpressTmultifold hand tow- els includes new counter top dispensers, which give a washroomthe wow factor while allowing controlled consumption. When it comes to washrooms, public

squeeze of the economic climate, and as budgets tighten and staff hours decrease with the same workload demanded, our steps to code and clearly identify products on packaging are a significant step to help improve efficiency. Our aim is to streamline and simplify - after all, we recognise that time is money. Over the past 10 years, cost-cutting

across all sectors has shifted the focus firmly to consumption. The industry we op- erate in is in an unusual position of supply- ing products but also aiming to minimise their use, and this is important to us being

While the industry will constantly evolve, Tork believes its recent research study, and the resulting review of its washroom range, will allow it to meet the hygiene challenges of the years ahead.

amenities have suffered over the past decade, as councils have also come under pressure to cut costs. The standard and availability of public washrooms has de- clined across the UK, which some say is a contributing factor to the gradual demise of the UK high street. A solution is for coun- cils to consider products which can effec- tively serve high capacity span, while minimising consumption andmaintenance. The TorkWave and Tork Elevation dis- penser ranges provide hygienic and reliable options. At the opposite end of the scale, there

has been amarked rise in demand for high-image washroomsolutions, and our Tork Aluminiumand Tork Elevation ranges are designed to give a touch of luxury for premiumenvironments. While the industry will constantly evolve,

we believe our recent research study, and the resulting review of our washroom range, allows Tork to offer solutions for di- verse customer environments, and sets us in good stead tomeet the hygiene chal- lenges of the years ahead.


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