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Android tablets and smartphones, as well as with the company’s proprietary shop floor control device, the RTStation. All of the IQMS mobile applications are compatible with the company’s EnterpriseIQ 2012 SP1 release and later. The company says that mobile needs are actually

Arburg has added smart- phone data retrieval to its ALS system

mould inserts. Data can be retrieved from Arburg’s ALS via smartphone. This facility is increasingly finding its way into shopfloor software offerings and is a feature of Austria-based TIG’s successor to its proven Manufac- turing Manager software. TIG says the objective in developing the new solution, which was launched at K last year, was to generate a powerful application that can network several hundred machines and allow operating parameters, production and process data to be recorded, visualized and evaluated. According to TIG, this newest product enables moulding production to be managed and monitored in several moulding shops with only one installed system. Other features of the new architecture technology include an improved traceability function, while the abil- ity to carry out simulations has also been extended. The traceability function now includes production

data down to individual product level. TIG says this has becoming a necessity when making products for use in the automotive and medical industries, where in the event of a product recall machine data must be instantly available. In the ‘Planning’ and ‘Monitoring’ modules, the function for energy optimization has also been included, so that savings can be implemented taking into account the use of resources. The new TIG software uses an updated user interface

and allows data to be retrieved using smartphones or tablet devices. It also supports Cloud and web-based applications. US-based IQMS is also making it easier to retrieve

data on the move with its latest release of six mobile apps. “Mobility is redefining the manufacturing workplace,” says Glenn Nowak, vice president at IQMS. According to IQMS, its customers can conduct inventory transactions without leaving their work stations and assign preventative maintenance work orders from a smart phone

IQMS claims that its mobile apps are compatible with 58 INJECTION WORLD | January/February 2014

quite varied and depend on employee roles and functions, so its Mobile Application Manager allows customers to track, assign and organize their app licenses for any IQMS supported device, then freely reorganize them when different needs arise. While apps are now commonplace on consumer handsets, many companies have yet to discover how they can improve efficiency on the shop floor. In a whitepaper, IQMS cites a 2010 study by Aberdeen Group that says some companies had seen a 44% increase in operational efficiency after implementing mobile software in their workplace. Mobile or not, there is no doubt that implementation of an ERP and production monitoring system can deliver results. Almost five years after deciding to install CyFrame’s ERP solution at its injection moulding and thermoforming plant at Orangeville in Canada, proces- sor E Hofmann Plastics reports considerably improved decision making and improved profitability. “Implementing CyFrame provided us with the proper

framework to leverage real time data in order to make rapid decisions with confidence,” says E Hofmann presi- dent Paul Kalia. The moulder initially installed Cy- Frame’s sales, purchasing and production modules, which it has since extended with wireless physical inventory, real time PLC machine monitoring, inventory by location, scrap reporting, and production scheduling and EDI modules. Meanwhile, US-based Thermotech Inc reports

considerable operational efficiency gains from its decision to integrate its Epicor ERP and Epicor Mattec manufacturing systems to create a single point for data collection and analysis. “Looking ahead, we plan to integrate all of our plants and machines worldwide to a central data aggregation system that gives us real-time information to measure performance,” says Matt Mahmood, Thermotech chief operating officer, Thermotech. “Our vision is to have our entire systems connected to give us better visibility to our operations.”

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