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July 75

1929 American Eagle Focke Wulf 190D-9 Toledo’s big year for boats Best in Wram Show

September 75

U.S. Free Flight Championships 1975 Royal Sport series A bird named “Flicon” The “Parafai”

November 75 “Sundance” stunter Heathkit Pack 17 1975 Namba National’s “Shadow” 50/800 yacht

December 75

Pattern championships at Bern, Switzerland

Rhinebeck’s “Sopwith Pup” Sky-Glas “Miss Cosmic Wind” IMPBA 1975 Internats

May 76 The “76 SPECIAL”

Some Thoughts on Soaring A Rubber Scale Heinkel The Hughey 50 and K&B SR III

July 76 Toledo 1976 Tiny “Cannonball” “Hobie Hawk”

Race at Stone Mountain

November 76 The Hightailer

‘76 World Scale Championships The Golden Nats Indy Unlimited

December 76

About your F.C.C. license Pulsar

French Dewoitine D-520 1976 IMPBA Internats

April 77

Rubber scale Jungster II R/C kit’s Tigercat Astro flite mini-starter

Golden Gate outboard Regatta May 77

Reiss’ Rooster

Ace R/C’s Super Pacer Glowplug driver

Sailboats: radio & sail servo June 77

1977 Wram Show MRC 775 R/C system Boats at WRAMS

‘76 Powerboat Championships July 77

Half-sized Scram

Maximun sailplane speed Boats at Toledo R/C Fokker T-2

August 77 Genesis 46

Midwest’s Attacker Kraft systems KP-4A Marker bouys for yacht racing

September 77 ASL Valkyrie See Bee 3-channel system kit Southern’s Alley Cat Pinckerts’ Gator

October 77

10th F.A.I. Championships A Douglas Skyraider Rhinebeck Classics Country Boy 650

November 77 1977 FAI Free-Flight World Championships Life with a model addict Douglas DC-3

O.S. Max .65R Marine

December 77 Ace Three-Ten Trainer Build 2-channel transmitter R/C kits’ Heinkle He-51 1977 NAMBA Nationals Reno

January 78

Twin-Boomed Challenger Build a scrappy gas job

RA system’s RD-RFM Build a waterproof radio box

February 78 R/C power sources Sig’s Smith miniplane Rambler gasoliner Porterfield CP-65

March 78

Judging the judging Miss Cosmic Wind R&S Skyglas Zero Thoughts on aerial photos

May 78 The Red Zipper

Introduction to R/C Sailing P-61 Black Widow The Silver

June 78

1978 WRAM Show Stall-proof Gassie

Handrail jig for scale boats Hobby Lobby’s Jr. Beginners outfit

July 78

1979 Toledo R/C Exposition Heron gas buggy

Royal’s Omega transmitter R/C model boating at Toledo

October 78 Rhinebeck Classics MRC’s Webra .10

Champion’s Anderson Kingfisher Isolated needle valves

December 78 1978 AMA Nationals Intro to towline soaring MRC’s Cobra Jet 1938 Porterfield Zephyr

April 79

R/C SOS miles M-20/2 Seafang

1913 Rumpler Taube 3F Sea- plane

The U-505 May 79

Aberle’s new angle

Goldberg’s Skylark 56 MK II The Pretender

An easy antenna hook-up June 79

1979 WRAM Show Beginners Q&A

1978 World C/L Champs Steve Muck’s Streaker

September 79 1979 Indy Unlimited Mitsubishi “Claude” The Car Corner

Flight across the sound

October 79 Cessna Agwagon Porterfield Zephyr

MRC’s Trainer Hawk Contest Hughey’s .20 Rigger

February 82

Long Islander 2-meter Airtronics’ Warlock 40 Sopwith Swallow P.E. Norman:

Ducted Fan Pioneer July 83

Fletcher FU 24-950 P-39 Airacobra 1983 WRAM Show

Scale & power boatsat WRAM

October 85 Piggy Back Packs Nakajima “Tenzan”

MRC’s Hot Show, Cessna Sky- lane

November 85 McEntee Award history 1985 R/C Pattern Masters Kyosho’s Extude

R/C Industry “Tribute” Boat

December 85 1985 AMA Nats The McDaniels Line Ace R/C 4-40 NAMBA Nats

April 86

Battery basics Gambler MK II

Eastern Freeflight Champi- onships

Kraft Systems’ KP2KWB May 86

Multiplex Royal MC Glow plug igniter Two Bilsky how-to’s Bellanca Scout

June 86 Dornier Do .335

Aristocrats’ Challenger 620 R/C sport boats

PAC Model Supply’s Cessna 150 July 86

Cox Hobbies’ Gallop 1986 WRAM Show Cessna C-34

R/C Boating at WRAM September 86

Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser Champion’s Stampe Bipe Planes of WRAM & Toledo Altech/ACOMS’ Technisport

October 86 F-16XL conversion Wiley Post Biplane Racing sail boats

Custom muffler extensions

November 86 Indoor Model Supply

Controlline: State of the Sport Kerswap Eliptic

December 86 1986 A.M.A. nats Kyosho’s Electric Zero DC-3: 50 Golden Years 1986 F.A.C. Nats Aerocraft's Spirit

January 87

1986 Indoor World Champs Futaba’s Single Stick PCM Saab AJ-37 Viggen JEAA-S1/Tom Houle

February 87

MRC’s Piper Cherokee 1986 Greater Southwest FanFly ACOM’s R/C Sytem Galaxy’s Mystic

April 87

SR-50 Battery Pack Goldberg’s J-3 Cub

Scale detailing a boat model P-26A Peashooter

November 87 Small model class Easy Builts’ P-51 Hobby Lobby’s Gnat Ace R/C’s Tachmaster

December 87 Cessna CR-2

Freeflight at the ’87 Nats Texons multimeters & timers Paint for performance

January 88

Ducted Fans International Altech’s Soprano 40

Picking props propitiously Pt.1 Norcal’s Accu-Charger

February 88 Bristol Scout “D” Zimpro’s Extra 230 Tabco’s Freedom Fly Jr. ES-1000 Micro Torch

May 88

Davey Systems’ Bearcat Fabulous Fifties Fighters Marine R/C System

High Sky’s Thermal Navigator

July 88 Little Wire

Sig’s Spacewalker

Project Controline: The basics 1988 WRAM Show

November 88

Project C/L, simple maneuvers Zimpro’s Lawn Mower

Foxcat Cressline’s F-20 Tiger Shark

February 89 1988 FAC Nationals Freeflight in Tidewater Vanguard FM/PCM Artisto-Crafts Vee Sport GeeHaw

March 89

Ducted Fans International Nesmith Cougar Futaba’s PCM 1024

Seaplanes on Lake Washington Great Planes' Wildcat

May 89

The Delta Difference Cox’s Typhoon ARF New England Air Museum Super Cruiser

June 89

Aerocraft’s Aero Sport National Soaring Museum Vintage Stunt Championships MRP’s Miss Budweiser

July 89

Glenn Curtis Museum 1989 WRAM Show

Classic off shore Deep Vee F-82 Twin Mustang

September 89 Rubber Scale Part II Mitsubishi Ki-83

Sailplanes & electrics at Toledo Yak-50

November 89 Robbe’s Arcus

Airtronics vision system A Plug-In L/G how-to Make a carved name board

December 89 Ace R/C’s Tricklers 1989 A.M.A. Nats Two stunt ships The Floating Finish

April 90

P-51D Mustang Sig’s Riser 100

Futaba’s FP-5NLH R/C System Mongoose .60

May 90

M.A.R.C.S. Sailplane Sympo- sium

Infant Sportster Patriot Pace

International Hobbies’ Torch

June 90 Zoomerang

Yellow Aircraft’s A-4 Skyhawk Sopwith Camel

Seducer Boats’ Seducer July 90

Graupner Super Laser

Futaba’s Conquest R/C Systems Ninja Retriever - Part I R/C scale boats

August 90

Leisure Electronics’ Playboy Pusher Pete

Ninja Retriever - Part II R/C scale & sport boats

February 91

Bob Violett’s F-86F Sabre A-6 Intruder

Cox Fairchild 24 ARF Avenger 60-80

March 91 C/L F-40 Corsair

Altech/Hirobo Shuttle 2X Saga of the “Flea”

Clipper “Sidewinder” Hydroplane

April 91 PBY Catalina Speedo 40

Futaba’s Professor 40 SUBPAC submarine seminar

May 91

Twin Mustang conversion MRC’s Delta Quick Charger Ace R/C’s 4-120 Bipe R/C Scale boats

June 91 Lightning Bug

Futaba’s Super 7 R/C system C/L RD-1

Hobby Dynamics’ Hustler July 91

Futaba’s Acrostar 60 Idealair’s Komic Elf Sky Champ

Futaba’s FP-2D & FP-3D September 91

P-51B Mustang conversion Ace R/C’s AT-2000 C/L Ultimate

ACOMS boat/car R/C system November 91

Banner Aircraft Design’s Sukhoi Electronic switches Aerocrafts Recruit 64

Hi-Tec’s Challenger 250 & 260

December 91 Cable Controls

Goldberg Models’ Ultimate Bipe Miniature Warbirds Ltd. Airtronics’ Caliber 3P

February 92 FM Databank A-20G Havoc

Futaba’s FP-3UCP R/C Systems March 92

Airtronics’ Micro Receiver Push and Pull Pete Falcon 880

1991 Schneider Cup Reenact- ment

Model Engineering’s Miss Martha April 92

Benson’s Speed Controls Cox’s Cobra 1991 R/C System Davey System’s Fly Baby FM visits the Navy Museum

May 92

SAM 77 Winter Fly ’92 Great Planes’ Spirit Hobby Dynamics’ Baltek 38 Cessna 180

June 92

Florio Flyer’s Stunt Wagon Voltswagon

SDI’s Nautic Card Speed Control Idealair’s Sky Elf

July 92

1992 WRAM Show Morane Sailnier A-1

SR Batteries’ Smart Charger Semi-Scale Stunt 1940-60

August 92

1911 Flying Machine Vintage Stunt Champs IV Ernst’s R/C Accessories Cox’s Turbo Centurion

September 92 1992 Top Gun

R/C Soaring at Toledo Power boat basics 1/2A Texaco Coronet

October 92

Fun-Scale Eindecker Gee Bee Products’ Dreamer 21st Northwest C/L champs

November 92

Profile Freeflight Models Valmet L-70 Miltrainer RCD’s “MOM”

Project Spitfire II, Part I December 92

Electric Powered Old Timers Success Series R/C Corsair Success Series C/L Corsair

January 93 F.A.C. Nats Mk VIII Airtronics’ Infinity 660 Aero Products’ SV-11

March 93

Cox Hobbies’ R/C E-Z Sport Care of C/L Stunt Engine Piper Chieftain Aerodrome ’92

On-Line at: 60 FEBRUARY 2014 May 93

Our Hobby Beginnings P-40 Warhawk Birdworks’ R/C Gull

Hobby Lobby/Graupner Tornado June 93

Airtronics’ Legend Benson Hobbys’ EFFT Grumman albatross Byrons’ Sukhoi SU-26M

July 93

1993 WRAM Show report F-86 Sabre Jet New at Hitec? Sukhoi SU-26M

August 93

R/C Digest: Summer 93 Curtiss Condor ACE R/C’s Abacus 5th Annual VSC

September 93 Top Gun ’93

Futaba’s FP-7UGFS Sig’s Four-Star 120 MIG 15

October 93

Bostonian Monocoupe Today’s Hobbies’ Skyvolt R/C Diesel tug Silking, an artform!

November 93 A-10 “Warthog”

History of A-10 “Warthog” Tide Hydro, Pt.I Futaba’s Conquest

December 93

Cox Hobbies’ Spyder ARF Spacewalker II Tide Hydro, Pt.II Fall 93 R/C Digest

February 94

93 Southwest Fan-Fly Futaba’s Acrostar 120 Easy -Build Models Hitec/RCD’s Prism-7

March 94

Skyscraper Special Sigs’ Spacewalker II Dodgson Designs’ Anthem Billing Boats’ Nordkap kit

April 94 94 R/C Digest

Wedell Williams Racer Goldbergs’ Falcon 56 III Great Planes’ Spirit 100

May 94 Morles 1915

Ultimate lifting machine Acrohawk

Airtronics’ Falcon 550E June 94

Class A Texaco

FM visits RAF Museum Take better model photos Windindicator

July 94 Sig’s Fazer Edge Sander Ace R/C’s Cap 21 Six Quarter Korda

August 94

1994 WRAM Show Kerswap 490 Enforcer goes jet! Altech/Hirobo Paraplane

September 94 1994 R/C Digest Top Gun ’94

Antique Hobby Shop Cox Hobbies’ ME-109

October 94 Taylor E-2 Cub

Midwest’s Mustang 60 Crusader II JR XF-622

November 94

World Soaring Jamboree Morane Saulnier “L”

Appian Productions’ Acc-U-Vac F9F Panther

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