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i fliers, it’s time for the annual call for E-Fly and Contest dates to be sent to my address seen on the column header for listing in the column. We always welcome reader project photos so please keep them coming. The Spektrum Indoor Festival (formally JR Indoor) was held on November 1–3 at the spacious Four Season Golf Dome in Colum- bus, Ohio and CD’d by Terry Nitsch. If you are ever able to attend a meet CD’d by Terry you know you are in for a first class time. This year the hosting hotel was changed

which lowered the price and increased the amenities to everyone’s delight. There were food and drink specials at the local restau- rants for all festival attendees, not to men- tion the perfect flying conditions of the dome. The schedule of events last longer than most outdoor events with plenty of time to fly, watch and learn, concluding with a lights off night-fly.

Saturday evening’s ParkZone Ultra P-51 air racing was as easy as signing up, and for a $10.00 charge, bind your transmitter to one of the P-51s and wait for your heat. Times were allotted for different types of models allowing safer flying conditions. Plenty of prizes were given out both by raffle and event. Spektrum Lake was busy with many float equipped models enjoying the water. Hori- zon Hobby’s new Ultra Micro ICON A5 and the giant scale Carbon-Z Cub both performed well off the water. Dave Naylor’s Ultra ICON took its first flight off Spektrum Lake. Dynamic Foamy is always adding to their quality line of offerings. Their new Micro Yak 55 EPP with a 20-inch wingspan and weight of 65–74 ounces is a real performer. Their DF-15 Micro Pusher jet is full 4-channel powered by a 10–19 gram brushless outrunner and screams. Bob Johnson’s Interceptor was inspired

by don belfort You can reach Don Belfortat 8250 Twin Cove Court, West Chester, Ohio, 45069

Dave Naylor was all smiles after his first ROG flight with his new Horizon Hobby ICON A5 on Spektrum Lake. PHOTOGRAPHY: DON BELFORT

from the FMbuild by Pat Tritle except Bob’s version is all foam. Callie Graphics self-ad- hesive markings adorn his model, are about $15.00 and look perfect. Power goes to an E- flite 180 which turns the prop. Tom McQuiston’s Ercoupe was over five years old, built from flat foam and powered by a generic outrunner on a 2S 850 mAh Li-Po. Ken Carchietta’s Fokker D-VIII was built from balsa and covered in tissue with a wing span of 49 inches and a weight of 14.75 ounces. Power for the Nippy Black brushless motor came from a 3S 800 mAh Li-Po, and spun the GWS 11–4.7 prop. At the FMbooth, both Jim Wiggin and I displayed our models, one of which was my rubber to e-conversion of a Sparky. That in- spired John Harkness to build and fly his own Sparky within only a month of the show.

The Spektrum indoor event is well run and my only complaint was that the event occurred the day after Halloween with left

over candy everywhere tempting fliers to have a piece or more.

Readers write

Old friend and great modeler from Syra- cuse, New York, Gary Brown, shares with us his results about a gas to e-conversion. “As promised, attached are several photos of my Elf biplane old-timer that I converted to elec- tric power this spring. This model was origi- nally designed in 1937 by Frank Ehling around the little .12 cubic inch Elf gas engine. “In my opinion, it has all the classic lines of a 1930s era cabin biplane. Ehling did a great job in getting all of the proportions cor- rect. I built this model in 1977 and powered it with a Cox .049 and used an Ace single channel pulse proportional radio for ‘rudder only’ control. The model flew perfectly on rudder only with a gentle climb, and its pitch/altitude could be controlled easily with just rudder input. I flew it this way for a cou- ple of years and then tried rudder/elevator

Dynamic Foamy’s new EPP Yak 55 (above left) and DF-15 Micro Pusherjet are micro models with big performance. Bob Johnson’s


foam rendition of the Interceptor (above right) comes alive with self-adhesive graphics from Callie Graphics and is a good flier.


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