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LeftSeat F

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lash back to October 1982. Newly liberated from the work force as the former manager of a closing airport FBO (Fixed Base Operation), I hap- pened to contact Bob Hunt, then Editor of FM. I asked him to cut a foam core for a wing. Can’t remember what model it was. As usual, we traded modeling stories and backgrounds until he asked me if I would be interested in a job as the Associate Editor. So what is an out-of-work small airport manager supposed to do in one of the worst downturns in general aviation history? Say an emphatic and categorical “No”? Didn’t take long to say “Sure”. A subse- quent interview with the publisher, the late Hal Carstens, set a start date of November. In the interview I told Hal that I would guarantee him only a year. I had every in- tention of resuming a career in airport man- agement as soon as possible.

So here you find me a little more than 31 years later. To say a lot went under my bridge through those years would be a pal- try understatement. I learned a huge amount about modeling and magazines, worked hard, and met a great number of wonderful people.

All good things come to an end goes the saying, and for me that ending has come. For a variety of reasons, though somewhat reluctantly, I’ve decided to gradually retire. At this point the transition is still in flux so I’ll remain involved in a lesser way for the time being and gradually slip away to some other pursuits that have long eluded me, one of which is a lot more time in the workshop doing my personal projects.

So many good people, because of their

staunch concern, care and generosity sus- tained me for those 31 years here at Carstens. The one person who was always in the background is my wife, Nora. I think many of you know what I mean. During the late night wee hours in the workshop rushing to finish a review project, or enduring late nights in the office to try and conquer a miserable deadline, or finding a place to store “just one more kit/plane”, there was only an occasional grumble. Al- most always there was acceptance but not without her usual Irish wit—she came from Carnahalla, County Tipperary, Ireland. Believe me, whenever a crunch came she was the welcome port in a storm. And be- sides, if she would admit it, it was she who got me into this whole shebang when she bought me my first R/C kit, a J&J J-Craft trainer. Ask her about the time the J-Craft went into the Musconetcong River, and the subsequent salvage of the model. She will be delighted to relate the story in vivid detail. A thank you to her is only the beginning of the mountain of gratitude she deserves. It must be a trait of the Irish because there are so many wonderful things to say about FM’s Production Editor, Maureen Frazer, a colleen who nurtured FM for 21 years. She has the same understanding and quiet wit. She is the one you can really

thank for FMalways being there and being the excellent quality magazine it is. She would softly laugh when I told others she was the real boss, but she knows the truth. She is. From the time she came to Carstens, she proved herself over and over as a titan of publishing knowledge, efficien- cy, and most eloquently, a person with great humor, compassion and understanding. It was she who trained all the FMAssoci- ate Editors—Michael Ramsey, Bryan Weed, Chris Susicke and Jim Wiggin. Not only them, but others at Carstens, who always came to her for assistance during the long transition from traditional paste-up to com- plete digital production here at Carstens. And to a person, all the contributors in

FM’s pages have come to love her. They al- ways turn to her for answers and she pa- tiently solves their problems or gently re- minds them a column or article is due. Can’t tell you how often she put my mind at ease because she would always take care of the details without having to ask. She is a precious rarity and deserves far more recognition for all the great things she has and will do.

Finally, a major thank you to Bob Hunt. He provided the foundation for what I now know about publishing. But the real reason for my gratitude is the fantastic things he taught me about modeling. So often, while we would be in his office hashing out cap- tions, or finalizing the magazine’s paste-up he would wax eloquent about a new tech- nique for building that he devised. I often felt like a student at the feet of a master and imbibed all the knowledge he would impart. That was priceless.

As you can see there isn’t much more space and there’s a group that deserves not only my thanks but yours as well. That group comprises all the present and former columnists and contributors who share their expertise and inspiration with you and me. In a trying time for print publications they have generously and faithfully continued supporting FM.

Any thank you is only a glimmer of the ocean of gratitude for what so many have done to help me these years and I hope that all who have been part of my time here will realize what you have meant to me. It’s been a wonderful ride, sitting in the jump seat, not really the left seat, a student of so many knowledgeable and gifted good people.

In memoriam This past December 28, FMlost one of its staunchest contributors, Allen Brickhaus. His C/L Stunt column was highly respected as were his numerous construction articles. Many were his own plus he was directly in- strumental in rounding up important de- signs that wouldn’t have been published without his efforts. Bob Hunt, who knew Allen well, will author a C/L column tribute for him next month. Our condolences to his wife, Kathy, their family, and thanks for sharing Allen with us. –FRANK FANELLI


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