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Tips to Create a Beautiful Bathroom in a Limited Space

If the bathroom is full of visible clutter it will feel small, so storage is key in small bathrooms. There are loads of great storage solutions to help you create your perfect bathroom:-

If like many of us you have a bathroom the size of a postage stamp it is hard to imagine how you can ever turn it into the smart, stylish bathroom you have always wanted. However with thoughtful planning and consideration even the smallest space can be turned into a beautiful bathroom without breaking the bank.

Although it seems obvious think about what you want/need before you visit a bathroom showroom and write it down. It will help ensure you get what you want rather than what they have got to sell.

Look at the room’s physical constraints. The key ones are the windows, the door, the radiator and the site of the waste pipe. Moving windows or the waste pipe can be expensive, but rehanging the door or moving the radiator can often be inexpensive ways to give a bit more room for manoeuvre.

West End Life Magazine

When thinking about flooring, large tiles are a useful trick to make the eye think the space is bigger than it actually is. The “trick” is achieved due to the fewer grout lines. In addition it will cost less to install than smaller tiles. A key decision is whether you want a bath, a shower or both. Sacrificing the bath will have a dramatic effect on what you can achieve with a small bathroom. Look out for specialist “compact sanitary ware”. A number of manufacturers have basins and WCs that project less than standard ones. You can also get compact baths which are wider at the tap end for a more comfortable shower.

Small bathrooms often lack daylight so ensure you have sufficient overhead light and make sure that the basin and mirror areas are well lit if you don’t want to cut yourself shaving or mess-up the makeup.

Slimline Cabinets: - some manufacturers offer cabinets that are recessed into the wall so it may only project 50mm, but is in fact 120mm deep. Recessed shelving can offer additional space especially useful above the bath. Under-Basin Units: - this was normally the space taken up by the pedestal, but you can buy units that work around the basin fittings e.g. “U-shaped” drawers that fit around the basin waste pipe. Wall Storage: Helps create the feeling of space since you can see the floor all the way to the wall. If the room shape is very awkward or there is pipework to conceal then bespoke fitted furniture can be a good solution. Every nook and cranny can be utilised so no space is wasted.

‘Displays of wall hung sanitaryware using Geberit’s Duofix framing systems can be seen at all William Wilson’s bathroom showrooms, which gives customers a one stop shop for all their new bathroom requirements along with sound, professional advice on how to create their dream bathroom. The William Wilson bathroom showroom in Hillington can provide a free computer aided design service and supply bathrooms from the budget end of the market to luxury bathrooms, costing many thousands of pounds. Products include complete bathroom suites, showers and shower enclosures, bathroom furniture and accessories, floor and wall tiles and wet rooms. For more information contact Grace Riley on 0141 892 6010. | 15

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