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10m Upgrade Project

Enhancements to Olympic Shooting Center to begin soon with Community Support

10m fi ring point electronic upgrades, lighting improvements and technology to provide an enhanced spectator

The U.S. Olympic Shooting

Center, home to USA Shooting, on the U.S. Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs, is set to undergo a transformation of its 10-meter ranges that will in- crease event and training capa- bilities necessary for world-class performance.

USA Shooting has chosen

Megalink to help in this effort by providing 70 electronic target systems. The Norwegian-based company is a leading producer of electronic targets in the world. “Megalink has shown its commitment to the growth of USA Shooting in the past and is helping us invest in the future of our sport through this new agree- ment,” said USA Shooting CEO Robert Mitchell. Megalink is the overwhelming

target provider for shooting rang- es in the U.S. including the two Civilian Marksmanship Program ranges in Anniston, Ala., and Camp Perry, Ohio, while most of the NCAA Collegiate Rifl e ranges also have Megalink targets in place.

Built in 1985, the Center

is the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest in the world and is used for elite and resident athlete training,

national championships, coach- ing seminars, camps, committee meetings and local clubs. Three separate ranges provide 29 fi r- ing points from 50 meters and

73 fi ring points from 10 meters for training and competitions. It also houses the administration offi ces, a gunsmith room and locker rooms for resident and visiting athletes.

upgrades, other technological Approximately

improvements will also occur as part of the project. “Sixteen fl at screen televi- sions will be installed around the ranges to greatly enhance the

spotlight bulbs anymore,” John- son said. Financing of the project is being made possible with con- tributions from USA Shooting, USA Shooting Team Foundation (USASTF) and the U.S. Olym- pic Committee.

In addition,

the Foundation has organized a campaign to help complete the fi nal phase and bring the U.S. Shooting Center range up to world-class standards.


campaign asks donors to leave their mark on the Olympic Shoot- ing Center by sponsoring fi ring points for $1,000 apiece.

For competitions,

25 resident and day-use athletes train at the OTC during the year. Over the years, USA Shooting has made investments in outfi t- ting all 25-50m fi ring points and ten of the 10m fi ring points. Ad- ditionally, twenty 25m Rapid Fire and Sport Pistol targets were converted in 2010 with the help of the Shikar Safari Club. Electronic targets are impor- tant to USA Shooting’s train- ing programs and will not only increase the number of events held at the Olympic Shooting Center but also make competi- tions more effi cient and specta- tor friendly with more accessible results. The upgrade will include replacing all 70-10m fi ring points with electronic target sys- tems, upgrading the lighting sys- tem and installing state of the art technology.

In addition to the fi ring point 46 USA Shooting News | May 2013

spectator views,” said Dave John- son, Director of Operations for USA Shooting who is overseeing the upgrades. “Parents and fans will be able to watch every shot and result of their athletes in- stantly from a chair behind the fi ring lines. We will also be able to post the results live to the web. When the ranges were de- signed 28 years ago, they didn’t provide for the future network infrastructure necessary to sup- port coordinated live results – We will have this capability after the upgrade.” High-effi ciency lighting will be installed over the fi ring lines at 10m and 25m distances and the target line will be updated as well.

“The current fi xtures are 28

years old and fi nally at the end of their useful and updateable life – we can’t even get the old

more information on how to be- come involved, please visit www. USA Shooting has committed to complete the fi nal phase and upgrade by December 2013. “USA Shooting’s sponsors,

supporters and donors have been directly responsible for the USA Shooting Team’s continued success on ranges around the world,” said USASTF Executive Director Buddy DuVall.


Shooting is continuing to grow and develop not only its team but also to invest in the main- tenance of world-class facilities like the Olympic Shooting Center. We encourage our fans and sup- porters to get behind this unique opportunity and to leave their mark at the Olympic Shooting Center and invest in our tradition of success.”

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