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vided coaching that helped her achieve her goals. I have since seen that while two years ago my daughter was being mentored by the more advanced athletes, she is now being a mentor to others. The discipline involved with the shooting sports has assisted her in all other aspects of her life. I credit a lot of her current achievement with the time spent at Ole Mill. In the past few years, she has learned a skill which she can carry with her the rest of her life.” “Our CTCs have qualifi ed, enthusiastic coaches who are dedicated to helping aspiring athletes to become Olympic

champions,” Theimer adds. “Their commitment to creating this path on behalf of USA Shooting and youth competitors across the country is refl ected in the quality opportunities they create to practice, perform and perfect their craft.” Of course, Theimer also rec-

ognizes that USA Shooting is lucky enough to have almost 300 affi liated USAS clubs where beginners and emerging talent are being introduced to the Olympic shooting sports and receive excellent coaching as well. In order to reach CTC sta- tus, a club must meet certain requirements that position them

to provide Olympic-style shooting with regard to both facilities and coaching. The goal with this article and

in the future for USA Shooting is to improve the visibility, impor- tance and authority of the CTCs and position them as hubs of USA Shooting excellence. Now and in the future, interested parents and athletes, will be channeled to CTCs to answer a common, frequent questions about the Olympic path and getting started in the sport. Using the CTCs as a starting point will guide athletes/ parents to identify with a local training center site, and allow communication to begin between

Bridge Jr. Shooting Club La Puente, Calif. After a year, junior member-

Just as the name explains it all, the Bridge Jr. Shooting Club represents the crossing over of young shooters to become a National Team member. Every shooter starts as a novice, but grows as a shooter and an in- dividual as a result of rigorous training and discipline. Through- out their training, goals are made and philosophies are reinforced to achieve our ultimate goal, to become part of the National Team. The Bridge Jr. Shooting Club

was founded in July 2010 by In Kim to promote the sport of Olympic Pistol for juniors in the Southern California area. In the beginning, they searched for a place to shoot, but no shooting range would give permission to shoot because they were juniors shooting pistol. Finally, Kim re- modeled his offi ce to make a four-lane 10-meter range.

ship grew to over 25 shooters and the place became too small, so they decided to start looking for a bigger place. The new facility is located at a small commercial warehouse business center in La Puente, Calif. Facilities consists of 17 10-meter shooting lanes (12 electric and 4 manual target carriers) arranged in two levels (8 bottom, 9 above). 22 caliber practices are held at the Prado Shooting Park in Chino. The club has several SCATT machines constantly being used for training. The club currently has over

55 Junior members and 23 ac- tive Junior Pistol Shooters (10- 17 years of age). Some of their junior male members include ju- nior national team members Bri- an Kim and Tony Chung. Brian Kim fi nished third place overall in Air Pistol at the 2013 Jr. Olympic Championship recently held at the OTC in Colorado. Chung (J3) fi nished second overall on Sport pistol for the second year in a row. Other male rising stars are Paul Chong (J2), Justin Ahn (J2) and Josh Yoo (J2). Some of the club’s most promising female

all involved. On the pages ahead, we high-

light the remarkable programs in place with the CTCs and highlight their accomplishments along with recognize the athletes and coaches that come together to make it all work.

If your club is interested

in the requirements necessary to becoming a CTC, please scan this code with your smartphone for more details.


shooters are Cindy Chung, Jenni- fer Choi, Janice Choi and Helen Oh. Chung fi nished second overall on Sport Pistol and fi rst J2 on Air Pistol at the 2013 Jr. Olympic Championship recently held at the OTC in Colorado. Oh fi nished second J2 on Air Pistol and third in Sport Pistol at the recent Jr. Olympics. Janice Choi fi nished second in J2 on Sport Pistol. Janice is the club’s most deco- rated shooter having achieved several podium fi nishes at many national matches throughout her career.

Junior shooters must attend

training at least three times a week. To prepare shooters to

May 2013 | USA Shooting News 17

shoot in different time zones, ,members sometimes shoot un- til midnight, or sleep at the club and wake up at 4 a.m. to train and get their bodies ready for competition. Sometimes hikes up mountain are taken before sunrise with no light to teach them to fi ght darkness and fear.

CONTACT: Director: In Kim

(bbmaster223 202 S. 5th Ave. La Puente, CA. 91746











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