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never a dull moment at KSP. Their activity doesn’t stop at home as the KSP coaching staff organizes annual European training trips to Grand Prix events, which in the past included trips to Germany, Italy, France, San Marino, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, England and Spain.This year’s training trip is focused entirely on Italy for the Perazzi World Grand Prix, which attracts over 600 entrants. This event is one of the largest and most lucrative Olympic Trap event in the world and shot on the world famous Lonato range complex that boasts 12 Olympic Trap fi elds. The KSP coaching staff has found that taking young athletes to the Grand Prix train- ing circuit events is an invaluable tool in seasoning and condition- ing future World Cup hopefuls and it gives them the ability to fi nd out fi rst-hand how to deal with such issues as jet lag re- covery, adapting to new cultural environments, language barriers, variety of training venues, ammu- nition selection and match pres- sure discipline. KSP’s path to athlete devel-

opment is a holistic approach, as it involves immediately exposing the athletes to the sports cultural identity and worldwide norms. In addition, once the athlete is committed to the process, it’s important to expose the athlete to identical training and match scenarios that they will face in their career development as it will allow the athlete a smoother transition as they ascend the elite athlete ladder. The KSP coaching cadre con-

sists of Allen Chubb and Robert Kalwas, who are both USAS Level II Coaches that possess over 75 years of combined experience in Olympic shotgun sports as athletes, venue operators and coaches. KSP also believes in widening the instruction base to include visiting coaches from

will assist in the understanding of its vision and future develop- ment plans. In order to pull up the video, put “Keystone Shoot- ing Park” in the YouTube search engine. Another “Olympic Path” video can be found on our web- site at www.keystoneshooting-

across the United States and abroad. At their 2012 High Per- formance Camp, KSP enlisted the coaching expertise of Ital- ian National Team member and coach Rodolfo “Rudy” Vigano. Vi- gano’s 26 years of world-level ex- perience offers him keen insight into many facets of the sport and greatly helps to broaden the knowledge base of the athletes. Round two of this training block is scheduled during the Europe- an training trip this summer as the U.S. coaches and Vigano will intensify the instruction with ad- vanced range assimilation tech- niques as the team will travel to four different world class Italian training venues in a short period in order to integrate a standard that will help the athletes more quickly adapt to changes in range environment. KSP currently has 22 junior

and young adult athletes in vari- ous levels of development and eight of them are on the “Olym- pic Path.” Some of those ath- letes include Alexander Dupre, Ann Jardin, Nathaniel Lundie, Bradley Beckmann and Corey Spruill. KSP has entered into a joint effort with Assistant Na- tional Coach Mike Simpson and

22 USA Shooting News | May 2013

the South Georgia Youth CTC to include two of their top “Olympic Path” athletes William Hinton and Tyler Lirio as well as Coach Simpson on the European train- ing trip this summer. Combining the efforts of these two CTC’s will afford uniformity of instruction and the building of team spirit as these two clubs plan to organize joint events and training semi- nars going forward in order to maximize the strengths of each program. KSP has dedicated itself to

become a driving force in the United States’ reemergence ef- forts with its “Road to Rio” cam- paign which started last sum- mer before the London Olympic Games. Each competition, camp and training trip will be focused on developing a strong foun- dation of sport fundamentals, knowledge base, international experience and advanced men- tal training in preparation for the U.S. athletes to compete more successfully against the world’s best athletes in our quest for world and Olympic medals lead- ing up to Rio de Janeiro and be- yond.

KSP recently released a 13-minute YouTube video which

Top Emerging Olympic- Path Athletes: Ann Jardin — Age: 21 (Mexico, N.Y. ) Ann will graduate from Paul Smith’s College in May 2013. She competed in the 2012 U.S. National Championships and the 2012 USAS Fall Selection match in Olympic trap. She has made two European training trips with participation in Grand Prix events in Italy, Germany, and France. Ann attended the High Perfor- mance Camp in October and has been shooting for two years. Alexander Dupre — Age: 20 (Champion, Pa.) Dupre attends Lindenwood University where he was part of the 2012 National Championship ACUI team. He attended the 2012 U.S. National Championships and the USAS Fall Selection match in Olym- pic trap. He attended the Junior Olympic Development Camp in May and the High Performance Camp in October. Nathaniel Lundie — Age 17 – (Wellesley, Mass.) Lundieat- tended the 2012 National Championships and both the USAS Spring and Fall Selection matches in Olympic Trap. He also attended the High Performance Camp in October.

CONTACT: 302 Tennessee Avenue Elizabethville, PA. 17023 717-903-9009 Cell 717-362-1966 Fax Director/Coach : Allen Chubb Contact Email: keystoneshoot- / allen@

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