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Director’s Page USA Shooting Needs Colorado In the previous edition of

the USA Shooting News, we dis- cussed the role USA Shooting plays in the midst of widespread gun control discussion, legisla- tion and rhetoric. We feel USA Shooting’s athletes provide an excellent representation for the shooting sports and the industry to portray a most positive image of fi rearms and our sport. As these debates, discus-

sions and legislative measures unfold, the state in which we’ve called home for more than 30 years, Colorado, has become one of the primary battlegrounds. Legislative measures have led to a heated debate and an almost universal cry for the shooting sports industry to withdraw all interest in the state. Calls for USA Shooting to relocate have come fast and steady. While it makes sense for companies like MagPul to do so, it’s simply impractical and inef- fi cient for USA Shooting to react in a way that would set the orga- nization back for years to come. Over the years, we have had of- fers to relocate. When closely studied however, the economics and organizational needs do not merit relocating. Colorado Springs is the hub of the U.S. Olympic Movement and the sup- port we get from the city, the state and the U.S. Olympic Com- mittee is immeasurable toward our advancement as an organi- zation. The value placed in the ability for our athletes to train on the Olympic Complex in a secure environment with housing, meals and local transportation provid- ed include intangibles which are

We remain committed to ensuring the

opportunity to compete and participate in the shooting sports is upheld.

– Robert Mitchell


separate trap and skeet range and with more to come including the planned addition of a club- house and eventual build out of 25 and 50 meter rifl e and pis- tol ranges we will indeed have a training and competition venue to grow our sport. These advantages and oppor-

diffi cult to measure. With signifi cant support from

the U.S. Olympic Committee, we’re provided a world-class training facility. Built in 1985, the Olympic Shooting Center in Colorado Springs is the largest of its kind in the Western Hemi- sphere and one of the largest in the world. Many Olympic dreams have been built as a result of this venue and it’s something not easily replaced given the acces- sibility, environment and conve- niences. With the venue and the community-like environment the U.S. Olympic Training Center fos- ters, our athletes are able to fully immerse in dedicating them- selves to their craft. They live, eat, study and grow as shooters and individuals mere steps from where they train. Replicating this environment anywhere else in the world is nearly impossible

10 USA Shooting News | May 2013

to duplicate. Numerous Olym- pians as well has thousands of aspiring athletes have used the USA Shooting Center through- out their careers. By year’s end, the facility will undergo a drastic transformation to equip all 10m fi ring points with an electronic target systems, and install new lighting and technology on all ranges that will upgrade the fa- cility equal to any in the world. Similarly, our shotgun ath-

letes are provided a world-class facility 20 minutes from the Olympic Training Center in co- operation with U.S. Army and Ft. Carson. Again, access and opportunity exists for our teams to practice while being provided the unique advantages of a team environment with the necessary support to develop world-class shooting skills. With the recent augmentation of an additional

tunities aren’t built overnight and while moving seems like the nov- el idea in support of our industry partners, there’s a reality that the leaders of this organization have weighed. We have a responsi- bility to the growth of this sport and to well-being of the athletes looking for a world-class training environment. For the athletes we nurture, to the aspiring Olympi- ans we welcome to competition and camps and to the 100,000- plus OTC visitors and guests that get to witness our sport fi rst- hand, Colorado will remain the home of USA Shooting. We remain committed to

ensuring the opportunity to compete and participate in the shooting sports is upheld. We will continue to work with our partners and government leaders to create better understanding and awareness of the issues at hand and work toward solutions that allow those of all abilities to participate in the Olympic shoot- ing sports.

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