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with USA Shooting including the Meeting of the Shooting Hopes in Plzen, Czech Republic. Gallegosrecently won the bronze medal at the 2013 NJOSC in Sport Pistol. She is a multi- year National and State JOSC champion in her age class.

Ariel Hall (North Richland Hills, Texas) is a fast-developing J3 rifl e shooter who has shown tre- mendous discipline in her train- ing and in executing consistently in matches at both the local and national level. Hall recently won the silver medal at the 2013 NJOSC in both Air Rifl e and 3-Po-

sition Smallbore Rifl e for the J3 age class.

CTC Coaches: Head Coach Dave Schaller (Car- rollton, Texas) is a former All- American pistol shooter who

competed on the MIT Pistol Team. Schaller focused on the International Rapid Fire pistol event, competing on a national level through the 2004 Olympic tryouts and earned his Distin- guished Pistol Badge in 1997. In addition to his extensive pis- tol expertise, Dave is also a USA Shooting Level 2 Rifl e Coach. Cep Gallegos is an NRA-Certifi ed Rifl e Coach and father to team members Taylor and Devin Gal- legos. Dr. Kathy Varadi (Dallas, Texas) is a USA Shooting Level 2 Pistol Coach and regular medal- ist at the national level in the S1 class. Several other adult shoot-

Keystone Shooting Park Elizabethville, Pa.

Keystone Shooting Park (KSP) fi rst opened its doors to Olym- pic shotgun sports athletes on May 1, 2011. Keystone is the fi rst “Fully Automated” Olympic shotgun sports range in not only the United States, but the entire world. Operated on a smart key card system, this benefi t allows athletes to train at a time and frequency which meets their schedule. For the fi rst time ever, Olympic shooting athletes and enthusiasts from all over the United States have the oppor- tunity to train in an uninhibited and constructive environment at a range complex that offers un- equalled access. KSP is located in southern

part of Northumberland County, Pa., which is 45 minutes north of Harrisburg. KSP currently has one covered superimposed Olympic Trap/Skeet combina- tion fi eld, with plans to add two

May 2013 | USA Shooting News 21

more in the future. The range is also conveniently located close to both a regional airport (Har- risburg International Airport) as well as a major international air- port (Philadelphia International Airport) to better serve their ath- letes. In conjunction with the Euro-

pean styling of the range, KSP of- fers training aids to their athletes in order to better assist in their development and simulate the exact same target presentations that athletes will face abroad

in world-level competitions. The KSP venue offers the most com- plete and realistic high end Eu- ropean style training available in North America. Many of the World Cups, World Cup Finals and World Championships are conducted on this exact same package, so KSP will now be able to completely emulate the same training platform as the Euro- pean national teams now enjoy. Their motto is “If you want to compete against the best, then you have to train like the best.”

Aside from its forward look-

ing range design and operational features, KSP’s schedule of events makes it the most active Olympic shotgun sports venue in North America. Hosting 13 competitions this year as well as two USAS Junior Olympic State Championships, three SCTP re- gional and state championships, their annual Junior Olympic De- velopment Camp, a High Perfor- mance Camp for elite athletes, and several Certifi ed Training Center Mini-Camp events, there’s

ers serve in coaching roles and are pursuing certifi cation, includ- ing Matt Cole (McKinney, Texas), Dr. Ricardo Azpiroz (Dallas, Texas), and Anthony Hall (North Richland Hills, Texas).

CONTACT: Team Shooting Stars 820 South MacArthur Blvd. Suite 105-138 Coppell, TX 75019 Head Coach: Dave Schaller Contact: Matt Cole Contact Email: (info@team-











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