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At this point, I need to point out that the GranTurismo Sport is not a tiny-little, mid-engined sports car. It’s a fairly big and occasionally lumbering GT that can (just about) cope with four adults and their belongings. And that is what’s absolutely critical about this car: it has the ability to transform from a practical and everyday mile- eater to a point-and-shoot rocket at the touch of a button. Show me a Ferrari that can do that for 95 grand. If you’re still not convinced, resort to

this very simple test: go down to your local showrooms and turn a few keys. Te Ferrari sounds like Armageddon when it’s pushed but I think the Maserati pips it by just a few ear- shrilling decibels. Te flamboyant 4.7-litre V8 engine that

to be described as just that. Occasionally, when I’m really lucky, I actually get the chance to watch my life waste away in something that I vehemently and unequivocally despise. But occasionally, oh so occasionally, a double shot espresso of pure Italian exotica arrives on my drive that is more invigorating and eye-popping to behold than a ringside seat at a Berlusconi Bunga-Bunga party. Te car in question is this: the new Maserati


GranTurismo Sport and for what it’s worth, I believe that this car might just be the solution that you have been looking for. Allow me to elaborate. Tomorrow morning, you wake up and decide

that your life is missing an Italian sports car. Your options are surprisingly limited. Bugatti

riving cars for a living can be a mixed bag. Most of the time, I get to pootle around in wheeled metallic boxes that really ought

and Pagani are out, mainly because you’re not playing in midfield for Man City, so that leaves Lamborghini, Ascari, Maserati and, of course, Ferrari. Everyone knows that you need a certain mentality to even consider getting into a Lamborghini and no one really knows what an Ascari is, so the choice is suddenly and dramatically reduced to a Maserati or a Ferrari. And unless you’re considering a 458 Italia, a Ferrari could be seen as a little clichéd. I say that because in 2012, Ferrari sold

nearly twice as many cars in the UK as Maserati did, which as we all know, automatically promotes Maserati as the more exclusive brand to be seen in. And if I was going to be seen in either of them, I think I would look a whole lot better wearing a tailored suit and tie in the style conscious Maserati than the racing suit and helmet of the more performance focused Ferrari.

powers the GranTurismo Sport delivers 460 soulful horses straight to the road (10 more than the model it replaces) and when coupled to the new electro actuated gearbox (lifted straight from the more menacing and race-focused MC Stradale version), gear changes occur in milliseconds, enabling the GranTurismo Sport to reach a decent, if not spectacular, top speed of 186mph and 0-62 time of 4.8 seconds. Tankfully, the rest of the drive is much

more impressive - mainly because the suspension comes with the latest version of their continuously damping Sport Skyhook system. Select ‘Normal’ mode and most of the harshness is ironed away perfectly adequately from our wrinkled roads. But, press ‘Sport’ and the driver is offered a pin sharp response that allows the car to corner impressively well, keeping flat and balanced under load with just enough communication as to when things might not be looking quite so elegant externally.

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