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studying at the University of Liverpool and the prestigious London College of Fashion, Aruna Seth pursued her dreams of following in her father’s footsteps of becoming an internationally renowned shoe designer. Drawing from a family history in the shoe industry spanning over four generations, it comes as no surprise that Aruna’s work ethic has become as focused as it has. It is the passion for the industry instilled in her from visiting her father’s factories as a child that leads Aruna to say: “Designing and creating beautiful shoes is in my blood.” Inspired by those times she spent with her father, Aruna decided to base her factory in Italy, where some of the world’s leading designer brands are situated. As a result, Aruna can confi dently assure her customers they are buying a quality product, made from the fi nest of materials. T e resounding success that she and the company has achieved is an affi rmation of this. T e best selling butterfl y design of Aruna’s


footwear has been strikingly popular, primarily with brides wanting special shoes with sparkle for their big day. With the popularity of the shoe the butterfl y has become somewhat of a staple for Aruna and she tells us that there is a personal reason behind it becoming so synonymous with the brand. “A butterfl y signifi es independence and freedom so I think this is why so many ladies are attracted to this shoe!” she says. “My fi rst fashion memory is playing with my mother’s shoes. She had a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes with butterfl ies on. Seeing these pretty shoes might have inspired me to come up with my

he name Aruna Seth has rapidly become well known to many brides, fashionistas and celebrities since the company’s inception. After

infamous butterfl y design.” Since we last spoke to Aruna about her ambitions for the brand it is clear that there have been many changes. After accomplishing much overseas in the United States over the past few years, Aruna informed us that there were further plans to expand the business. For shoe fanatics in Asia this is very good news as Aruna tells us she wishes to bring Aruna Seth footwear to the Far East market. With the brand heading towards Hong Kong and Singapore Aruna told us: “T e butterfl y is a symbol of good-luck out in Asia,” and it certainly looks as though this good luck charm has worked with Aruna Seth enjoying burgeoning international popularity. Revealing new upcoming designs Aruna

tells us what awaits for Aruna Seth fans this year, stating: “We are looking to be more fashion focused this year and our new designs refl ect this. We’ve moved away from being predominantly bridal to more fashion. We have some great new styles out like our pointy toe classic heel in black patent and Venus shoe in a variety of colours.” Aruna also told us about the possibility of branching out into diff erent ventures. “We’ve introduced crystal butterfl ies and key-rings to our Aruna Seth line,” she says. “I’ve been keen to create lovely scarves for a long-time and I’ve been looking into this.”

“T e shoes were born to be seen on the red carpet”

With over fi fty stockists worldwide including

Harrods, who provide a specialist shoe service in their boudoir, we asked Aruna the secret to her success, on behalf of budding fashion students. “Passion, perseverance, openness and good customer service are key ingredients,” she says. “Being passionate about your brand and product is highly important. I get excited whenever I design a new shoe and see the fi rst samples and I hope my enthusiasm comes across in my designs. You have to persevere and wish to be in the fashion industry for the long-term, keep chipping away at building relationships with buyers, clients and marketing the brand. You need to be easily accessible and open to ideas. For examples of past events at T e Ritz we’ve collaborated with Laura Mercier make-up and Dr Sebagh, both of which make great partnerships. Equally important are our clientele. We love to provide our clients with a personal, very exclusive buying experience at top London Hotels like T e Cadogan in Knightsbridge or at our Surrey show-room. We build strong friendly relationships with our clients, we stay in touch and clients often send us pictures of themselves wearing the shoes.

I’d say we’ve achieved a great deal so quickly because we worked long-hours, networked and have been creative.”

Celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Jennifer

Lawrence, Pippa Middleton and Kate Hudson have all shown their appreciation for Aruna’s footwear. As she recently attended the Golden Globe Awards last year alongside such A-list luminaries of the big screen, Aruna told us: “It was certainly a highlight of my career to be a part of it.” With such an important following Aruna adds: “It is so satisfying to see celebrities wearing our designs. It is what I started the brand Aruna Seth shoes for, the shoes were born to be seen on the red carpet and it’s great when it happens.” Being lavished with compliments from stars about the comfort and beauty of her shoes, it is no wonder why Aruna has become such a hit in Hollywood. However Aruna also revealed that in addition to her many celebrity fans she would love to see Kate Middleton wearing her shoes as “she is a style icon and hasn’t put a fashion-foot wrong.” Aruna adds: “I’d love to off er her some of our Aruna Seth fl at ballerina’s to run after the new royal baby.” Ultimately Aruna tells us her main aim is

to “create a classic brand that stands the test of time.” With aspirations to collaborate with the spectacular Lebanese designer Elie Saab, who has wowed the fashion industry with his gorgeous designs, we see that nothing will stop Aruna from being the very best the fashion industry has to off er. T e main secret she told us was “having the right team” and with the support of the people around her and the growing popularity of this beautiful footwear, we have no doubts that she will make Aruna Seth one of the truly great designer brands.

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