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Static solution cuts rescue risk

Breathing equipment manu- facturer BioMarine has opted to use an LNP Faradex conductive polycarbonate moulding compound for the external housing of its BioPak240R Revolution emergency self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The BioPak240R SCBA unit is used by firefighters, miners and HazMat workers in demanding emergency and rescue environ- ments. BioMarine took the decision to switch from the previous conductive PC compound it was using to the Faradex grade from Sabic Innovative Plastics as part of a re-evaluation of the design of the 240R equipment to improve impact strength and static dissipation. “The previous material was

frequently brittle which often led to part breakage, and there

MEDICAL Integra gets a grip on pharma gaskets

US-based pharmaceutical equipment producer Integra selected Radel polyphenylsul- phone (PPSU) resin from Solvay Specialty Polymers for the colour-coded injection moulded gasket locater rings used on its high purity fluid handling systems. The injection moulded

Radel locater rings are used to align the EPDM gasket in place on the ferrule face during installation. The Color-Grip gaskets are produced in eight different

colours, which helps identify the appropriate gasket for a particular process fluid or

during maintenance work, says Integra. Radel was selected for the

application for its strength, thermal and chemical resistance and its ability to withstand common sterilisa- tion procedures (the resin can withstand 1,000 steam sterilisation cycles without significant loss of properties). The locater rings are moulded by Pittsfield, US-based Cavallero Plastics. The EPDM gasket is over- moulded onto the ring by UK-based rubber specialist James Walker & Co. ❙

January/February 2013 | INJECTION WORLD 53

were major inconsistencies in the electrostatic dissipation performance. Because of this we were rejecting entire lots, costing us a lot of time, money and resources,” says J Douglas

The Faradex compound

incorporates conductive stainless steel fibres in a matrix of Lexan EXL polycar- bonate, which is claimed to provide improved high impact resistance and low tempera- ture ductility as well as easier processing than standard PCs. Sabic IP says that, because

Anderson, vice president, Biomarine. ESD capability is important

for rebreathers because it provides a vital grounding path for any static charge that can build up in a plastic resin and could otherwise lead to dangerous sparks.

the conductive fibres permeate through the moulding, conductivity cannot be compromised by surface damage. The Faradex resin is also supplied pre-col- oured, avoiding the need for painting. As part of the re-evalu-

ation of the BioPak240R design, Sabic IP provided advice to Biomarine’s moulding partner on snap-fit design, colour matching, and modification of the gates and feed system for better results. ❙

Lati joins the charge to EVs

Italian electrical plug and connector maker Scame Parre is using a flame retarded glass reinforced PA6,6 from Lati to manufac- ture its range of electrical connectors for the growing electric vehicle (EV) market. The new connector

design incorporates a number of safety features, including integrated shutters that prevent accidental contact with live parts. The connectors are injection moulded in Lati’s Latamid 66H2 G/25-V0HF1 grade, which offers flame retardance to UL V-0 at 0.75mm, glow wire performance rating of 960˚C, and a CTI tracking resistance value of 600V. ❙

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