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brochure downloads This month’s free Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication Piovan: Moving materials EN Customers. The core of our innovation

Find out more about Piovan’s options for materials conveying in this brochure, which explores the key considerations to be made in selection of a centralised system. The 12-page document discusses silos, distribution units, pipework and loaders.

Feeding&Conveying Drying


Temperature Control Refrigeration Granulation

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This 12-page Packaging Technology guide takes you through Arburg’s machine solutions for high performance injection moulded packaging production. It covers machine concepts, control technology and application examples.

Mold-Masters: Closure solutions Quick Guides

High speed caps and closures production requires a hot runner engineered for top performance. Find out how Mold-Masters’ Sprint hot tip/ valve gate technology can deliver fast cycles, quick colour change and top quality gate vestiges.

Get To Know Struktol

Struktol’s vast polymer additive experience is translated into the most intelligent solutions available anywhere. Each of our additives are tested and retested to insure maximum product quality and performance consistency.

Struktol manufactures a complete line of additives that function individually or in combination as adhesives, lubricants and surfactants, all accompanied by a wide range of benefits.

Struktol Company of America

Struktol Company of America is a member of the Schill & Seilacher family of companies, with representation in over 100 countries around the world. A global organization with over a century of specialty chemical expertise, Schill & Seilacher markets most of their polymer processing products under the brand name STRUKTOL®

, a line of epoxy prepolymers and flame retardants.

Case Studies Improved Processing

A compounder of flame retarded polypropylene was unable to efficiently mold their compound due to the high temperatures and pressures required during processing. The molding conditions caused problems with the flame retardant system. By adding 1% of STRUKTOL®

TR 251

the customer was able reduce the process temperature by 20°C and reduce the pressures required to completely fill the mold.

Improved Performance

A compounder of polycarbonate resin was able to reduce the viscosity of his product by 25% using 1% of STRUKTOL®

Struktol Company of America 201 E. Steels Corners Road P.O. Box 1649

TR 044W without sacrificing any clarity

due to the additive. This viscosity reduction led to a corresponding reduction in molded-in stress which improved the mechanical performance of the material. In addition the additive provided improved mold filling and release.

Cost Reduction

A rigid PVC profile extruder was able to increase the addition level of regrind into his product by adding a costabilizing STRUKTOL®

V Series product. The additive

maintained the heat stability of the compound resulting in substantial cost per part savings due to the increased level of regrind added. No performance reduction was seen.

Stow, OH 44224-0649 330-928-5188 800-327-8649 Fax: 330-928-0013


Many Struktol Intelligent Additive Solutions are the result of a partnering effort between our customer and our sales and technical staff. If we don’t have the product that meets your needs you can count on us to develop something that exceeds your requirements.

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that has become synonymous with both quality and performance. Struktol manufactures chemicals for the plastics and rubber industry, foam inhibitors, polydispersions, silicone emulsions, products used in latex processing, and POLYDIS®

The Struktol approach to the rubber and plastic additives business is by no means typical or ordinary. Chemistry is at the heart of everything we do. Providing Intelligent Additive Solutions, Struktol products are designed to meet the challenges and exacting demands of our customers. Our technical specialists, R&D chemists and compound laboratory are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the ever-changing polymer industry – solutions that keep you ahead of your competition with increased productivity, better quality parts and lower overall cost. In addition to premium product performance, Struktol Customer Service initiatives have become the industry benchmark.

Struktol: Polymer additives

Over 10-pages this publication lists the full range of Struktol additives for thermoplastics processing applications, providing matrix selection guides for the most common polymers with recommended addition levels.


Intelligent Additive Solutions for Today’s Thermoplastic Industry

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Engel: e-Mac precision

The e-Mac moulding machine is designed to provide high precision all-electric injection moulding capabilities at the most competitive price. This 11-page brochure explains the key design and performance characteristics.

How to advertise in this magazine

Injection World magazine is 100% focused on the technology of injection moulding. Use it to promote your products and services to a global audience of web and App users. Our new media pack contains the latest circulation data, pricing details and forward features list.

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