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1 OCTOBER: HYDERABAD, INDIA Nationalist protesters set fire to an airport police station in Gharibad.

2 OCTOBER: BOGOTA, COLOMBIA A grenade was thrown at a warehouse belonging to the Colombian Air Force. No injuries resulted.


An explosive device was found in a bike at Santiago Perez Quiroz Airport in Arauca.

11 OCTOBER: RAWALPINDI, PAKISTAN A small explosive device inside a suitcase exploded in the parking lot at Benazir International Airport.

21 OCTOBER: BISSAU, GUINEA-BISSAU Gunmen raided a Guinea-Bissau army barracks near Bissau's airport, initiating a gun battle that left at least seven people dead.

12 NOVEMBER: JFK, NEW YORK Thieves stole $1.9m worth of Apple iPad minis from cargo facilities. Renel Rene Richardson, who was employed in the Cargo Air Services building, was later arrested in connection with the theft. 13 NOVEMBER: KABUL, AFGHANISTAN Taliban insurgents fired four rockets towards Kabul, two of which landed near Kabul International Airport.

15 NOVEMBER: PHOENIX, ARIZONA A woman crashed her car through a gate at Phoenix Sky Harbour, before driving onto the runway. Once detained, she was found to have her infant child in the car.

28 or 29 NOVEMBER: PETERBOROUGH, CANADA An Airborne Aerostrike ultralight was stolen from the hangar at the Aerostrike Aviation Ultralight Flight School located at Peterborough airport. The aircraft did not have wings attached to it at the time! However, two sets of wings belonging to other aircraft were also stolen.

29 NOVEMBER: DAMASCUS, SYRIA Syrian rebel fighters fired mortars at the runways of Damascus’ airport.


4 OCTOBER: HERAKLION, CRETE, GREECE Police had to use teargas to disperse hundreds of farmers, some of whom were on tractors, who were trying to invade Iraklio Airport’s runway and terminal buildings as part of an anti-austerity protest.

7 NOVEMBER: IMPHAL, INDIA Militants triggered an IED explosion near Imphal airport, injuring five persons, including two army personnel.

8 OCTOBER: SHANNON, EIRE Margaretta D'Arcy, a 78-year-old playwright and peace campaigner, and Niall Farrell, a 59-year-old member of Galway Alliance Against War, scaled the airport fence and managed to get to the runway before they were arrested. They had intended to protest against US presence in Afghanistan.

18 OCTOBER: LIMASSOL, CYPRUS Althia, a Cypriot newspaper, reported that 100 grams of pink-coloured explosives were found at Limassol airport and that the authorities had successfully prevented an attack against Israeli tourists.

20 OCTOBER: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND The airport was closed for an hour after a passenger who had arrived on an Air Vanuatu flight from Vanuatu was found to be carrying an unexploded World War II artillery shell in his luggage. The passenger claimed he had found it whilst diving in Vanuatu.

22 OCTOBER: TIRANA, ALBANIA Albanian nationalists – members of the Red and Black Alliance - staged a protest at Tirana’s airport over the first visit to Albania in eight years of a Serbian foreign minister. The Minister, Ivan Mrki, was visiting to foster the relationship between the two countries.

4 OCTOBER: STANSTED, UK Julian Barrett, 41, was stopped by security as the cake he had in his baggage caused an alarm. Barrett was taking the caterpillar-shaped, supermarket-bought cake to Spain for his son’s birthday.


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