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Welcome, to the July 2012 edition of Managing Water e’Magazine.

No more hosepipe bans! - the final 4 companies have lifted their bans as hosepipes have been replaced by pumps in many areas.

It’s still rain, rain and more rain, or ‘rain in between the showers’ which was a comment made to me that seemed to sum up the weather.

Flood defences around the country have being seriously tested and in several cases - over run by the deluge and rapidly rising river levels. Parts of the UK were hit by an inch of rain in just one hour - a third of the average rainfall for the whole month of June.

Many areas have seen widespread disruption to road and rail links and large areas evacuated.

Calderdale was one of the worst hit places with 900 properties being hit by severe flood and Minister, Richard Benyon visited Hebden Bridge which was flooded twice in just 3 weeks.

You can see the interview at Hebden by clicking the link below.

We are pleased to include articles from the Flood Protection Association (FPA) and from Mary Dhonau, Chief Exec of ‘Know your flood risk’.

This edition’s main feature covers SuDS and we are please to include conference summary reports from both CIWEM and SuDSSource who hosted two major events as well as articles and case studies from experts within the industry.

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Hebden Bridge the shots were taken 3 weeks apart.

(Courtesy of Hebden Bridge website

The Draft Water Bill has been released and water resources have been scrutinised by a report from an Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment EU Sub-Committee as well as in EFRA’s report on the Water White Paper.

Defra have released a ministerial statement on the current situation regarding the flood insurance issue and would appear to suggest that levy funding is the favoured method, although details are still a little sketchy.

A few flood images taken from around the country

 Civil Engineering Contractors Specialising for over 50 years in:

  

Canal & River Trust takes over

From the 2nd July 2012, British Waterways officially ceased to exist in England and Wales and the Canal & River Trust took over.

Employees of British Waterways and The Waterways Trust now work for the new charity, which will be responsible for the network of canals and rivers in England and Wales. Other river navigations managed by the Environment Agency are likely to be moved to the new charity in 2015, subject to Ministerial approval.

   Visit 5

In Scotland, it remains the same, with the British Waterways Board, operating as Scottish Canals and continuing with their responsibility and accountability for the Scottish Canals.

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