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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has provided £4 million, funding for 3 research projects, all aimed at changing the way that we prepare for and respond to flood events.

People at risk of flooding are being urged to visit a new interactive online portal which has been launched by The Flood Protection Association (FPA.

The launch coincides with the fifth anniversary of the devastating floods of 2007.

And with three flood warnings currently in force across the UK, the FPA’s new website aims to provide a lifeline to individuals and businesses looking for a single source of flood related information, latest flood warnings and a special helpline.

As well as guidance on how to protect a property, types of flooding and how to assess a flood risk, importantly the site recommends trusted, accredited suppliers of all types of flood protection products and specialists in flood risk assessment surveys.

All FPA members comply with the association’s code of practice as a sound guarantee to customers of the highest standards of quality, integrity, safety and reliability.

This means their flood protection products are quality assured and, where

appropriate, are Kitemark certified as a symbol of trust.

In particular, the site features two

illustrations of a home and a commercial property - by hovering over water entry points, a list of product providers pops up with a link to members and how to contact them.

The aim is to develop the site into an online hub of all things flood related, explained the FPA’s chair and flood protection ambassador Mary Dhonau


For more information, visit or contact the FPA helpline on 033 33 23 8701.

FPA Launch their new interactive online portal OBE.

“Flooding is one of the biggest threats this country faces* and this summer could be the wettest we’ve seen for a decade.

“As many as 5.5million people (one in six) live with the threat of flooding in the UK and as a multi- time flood victim myself, the experience can be traumatic for those affected - you can’t put a price-tag on losing the most precious things that matter most to you and your family.

“That’s why flooding is known as the silent, indiscriminate burglar.

“With the Flood Insurance Statement of Principles - the gentleman’s agreement between the government and Association of British Insurers – expiring in 2013, homeowners and businesses face even more uncertainty of whether they will get flood insurance.

“As a result, people will be expected to protect their own property. Our website aims to help homes and businesses be flood resilient by providing a hub of much needed information on how to prevent or reduce damage caused by flooding.

“It is vital that people are aware of the risks and are properly


Innovative, self-inflating flood defence systems

For more information contact the EPSRC Press office on tel: 01793 444404 or email

Flood Defence

A Durham University-led research team will develop computer modelling to look at how emergency planners, the emergency services, local authorities, businesses and other key players interact in the aftermath of a flood.

The research is expected to lead to the creation of the first unified framework that integrates and evaluates organisations’ changed behaviours in the face of flood events and how these affect business continuity management and future preparedness.

The findings are expected to go towards better planning and response in the future as well as mitigating economic losses.

The alternative to traditional sandbags

Tel: 01484 641009


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