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Water Level Management Uk flood defence strategy boo High-performance cutting

Powered by a tried and trusted 40hp Isuzu diesel engine, ROBOCUT is the most powerful machine of its type on the mainstream market and comes complete with a suite of features that deliver a best-in-class performance.

These include:

• Proven engine technology from a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation for reliability

• Working speeds up to 7 km/h - forward and backward. • A fuel-efficient diesel engine, cutting costs and preventing down-time refuelling

• A 1.3 metre flailhead that’s the widest in its class • 30mm cutting capacity allows users to tackle grass, gorse, and overgrowth with ease

The challenge

Keeping vegetation under control along the UK’s thousands of miles of dykes, waterways and drainage ditches is a key element in the country’s flood defence strategy and a major challenge for hard-pressed water management agencies.

The problem is even more acute this year as heavy rain and warm summer weather encourage rapid growth of grass and weeds blocking water channels and slowing the flow of rivers and watercourses.

The challenge is how to maintain vegetation in hard-to- access environments where hand-cutting is labour- intensive, and mechanised cutting is difficult, potentially dangerous to employees, and places expensive equipment at risk of damage.

• An independent hydraulic cooling system reduces oil temperatures and maximises performance

• An innovative self-cleaning radiator matrix maintains peak performance

• A unique continuous-flow oil lubrication system ensures the machine is fully protected when working for long periods on steep inclines

The compact design also ensures ROBOCUT is perfect for mow-and-go jobs for teams with large areas to manage. Weighing just 1,040kg, the machine can be mounted on the back of a trailer or stored inside a commercial van.

The Solution

The solution is a ground-breaking piece of new technology which allows green maintenance teams to access places other mowers simply cannot reach – working up to 25 times faster than hand-cutting and removing operators from danger zones. McConnel’s ROBOCUT is an all-terrain remote control mower which has been specially designed for working on steep- sided slopes and in the kind of challenging environments Waterways agencies face every day.

It allows operators to tackle with confidence jobs that used to be time- consuming – and even potentially dangerous and offers outstanding stability, intuitive finger-tip control, and a working range of up to 150 metres.

All-terrain stability

Capable of mastering slopes up to 55 degrees, ROBOCUT is ideally suited for working on riversides, ditches and embankments. The design and layout of ROBOCUT has been driven by stability and the need to create a machine with the lowest possible centre of gravity. This ensures the bulk of the machine’s weight is at the bottom, where it enhances stability.

Contoured rubber tracks further grip the ground and there is even an optional spike kit available for work in the most challenging conditions.


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