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Water Level Management Smarter Working in Dam Difficult Times

AquaDam ia a re-useable temporary dam system with multiple appliactions whether it is holding back water for maintenance or construction or providing protection from flood risk. The dams come in various sizes and can be joined to satisfy any requirement.

The succes of AquaDam is attributed to its simple, but effective design and the ease of installation and removal. The cofferdams consist of 2 filling tubes contained within a 3rd porous tube. The 2 tubes are water- filled, by pumping in water from a nearby supply (a watercourse, lake, sea or even a fire hydrants in urban areas). Once filled, it forms a rigid dam, providing a water-tight seal with the ground below, whether that be within a watercourse or on dry land. There is no construction or pinning required and environmental effects are minimal.

Removal of the cofferdams is achieved by releasing the fill water back into the water course. The AquaDams are then re-rolled ready for the next project. The rolled dams are very compact and can be stored indefinitely outside under a tarpaulin.

AquaDams are supplied into the UK, France and Ireland by Albion Water Structures Ltd. Clients include the Environment Agency, Scottish and Southern Energy, Onsite Central and Murphy Construction, cross border Loughs Agency, an agency of the Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission, and to Bouygues Travaux Publics Regions France.

"To compliment our Portadam system Onsite purchased a number of AquaDams for use on our culvert inspection works for The Environment Agency and British Waterways. The AquaDams have proved quick and easy to install/remove by our Inspection teams saving the need for sandbags and giving a good watertight seal"

David Wedgbury, Porta Dam manager Onsite Central

Flood Protection

Another application of the AquaDam, extensively used in North America, is that of a flood protection device. One of the most notable examples is Fort Calhoun Nucleor power station, where the dam encircles the entire plant keeping water out and the plant operating. In Manitoba, Canada,a 19km Aquadam (yes that is 19KM) is used to keep essential routes open.

Greg Shakeshaft, MD of Albion Water Structures stated “we sell dams suitable for a range of water depths but have identified a particular market for a substitute for cofferdam improvised with tonne bags. We’ve put together a Budget Range of reusable AquaDams which we import in volume and can therefore offer very competitively”. 32

 

   


Temporary roadway across a lake

Culvert and bridge work

Holding back the water for maintenance

AquaDam trailer packed and ready to go

Fort Calhoun, Nucleor Plant Property Protection

19km AquaDam in Manitoba

   

  

   

 

   

  

 

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