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Alcoa Architectural Products Reynobond Design Line May 2011 Alcoa Architectural Products has introduced a new line of paint fi nishes, the Reynobond Design Line, a collec- tion of Colorweld DL paint fi nishes so realistic that they're almost indistinguishable from real granite, wood, travertine and terra cotta. The new Design Line paint fi nishes provide an option to capture the natural aesthetics of those materials without mining any irreplaceable stone or cutting down any trees. The painted fi nishes are en- gineered to hold up to the corrosive effects of saltwater, intense UV exposure and extreme temperature shifts without warping, cracking or fading, so there are no geographic limitations on where it can be used. By employ- ing a painted application, rather than a fi lm, Design Line patterns can be easily matched on unlimited quantities of panels and on coil fabricated for fl ashing materials—enabling the fabricator to maintain the consistency of color and pattern throughout a project. When using the Reynobond Face Fastened Solution installation system, even screws and rivets can be supplied in colors that blend with the chosen fi nish.

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W.S. Tyler Woven Wire Cloth September 2011 Multi-Barrette offers a distinctive design, combining functionality with high aesthetic features. The woven wire cloth is strong and rigid in one direction, and highly fl exible in the other. Depending on the viewing angle, the wire cloth appears transparent or opaque. Multi-Barrette is also well suited for applications where a degree of security is required.

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Cambridge Architectural Metal Fabric Systems September 2011 Crafted of stainless steel and other alloys, Cambridge’s metal fabric systems are offered in a variety of patterns, scales and fi nishes for interior and exterior use. Aesthetic and functional applications include façades, interior and exterior solar shading, ceilings, wall cladding, custom ap- plications and more, each offering various attach- ment systems to provide support for architectural specifi cation and installation.

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Crystal Window & Door Systems Evolution Series 9000 Tilt & Turn December 2011 Crystal Window & Door Systems Ltd. recently introduced its new Evolution Series 9000 Tilt & Turn window line. European inspired, tilt-and-turn windows offer the dual-action functionality of a large project-in hopper window, which tilts in at the top, and a casement window, which is hinged at the side to swing in. The new window line is available in a tilt-and-turn model, Series 9000, and a

fi xed picture window, Series 9100. Multiple units of either style can be combined using either a continuous master frame system or a zero-mullion system which allows windows to be stacked atop one another or ganged side-by-side. The Evolution 9000 Series design is the perfect blend of heavy-duty construc-

tion, graceful design and advanced energy effi ciency. The 3 1/4-inch jamb alumi- num windows boast extrusion wall thickness of 0.093 inches. The window has achieved an AAMA rating of AW-PG70.

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Northwestern Ohio Foam Products Refl ective foil radiant barrier and vapor retarder December 2011 MicroFoil is a cost-effective, high-performance refl ective foil radiant barrier and vapor retarder, designed to refl ect radiant energy and retard moisture migration in a building. The core of the product is made of fl exible four-ply, 1/4-inch-thick polypropylene foam that provides excellent insulation. This unique core has a state-of-the-art pure aluminum foil fi lm laminated to both sides. The aluminum foil fi lms provide the high-refl ectance radiant barrier prop- erties, the vapor retarding performance specifi cations and the superior physical attributes of this product. MicroFoil can refl ect up to 97 percent of radi-

ant energy thereby reducing heat build-up and loss as compared to a non-insulated metal building. It’s tear-resistant, moisture-proof and bug-resistant. The product uses non-toxic materials that can be safely in- stalled without the use of protective clothing. All that is needed is a utility knife, tape and safety glasses.

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