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Kawneer Thermal Entrance Doors June 2011 Kawneer Co. Inc. has introduced its AA250 and AA425 Thermal Entrance Doors. In conjunc- tion with Kawneer’s high-performing frame, the doors offer improved thermal effi ciency compared to a standard door. By combining critical elements within the product

design, the AA250 and AA425 Thermal Entrance Doors create a superior thermal roadblock. The thermal roadblock formula includes thermal breaks in the door, door frame and threshold that isolate the interior metal components from the exterior metal components. A door rail and stile design with a double air cavity provide an added layer to the thermal barrier and dual weathering around the perimeter of the door in conjunction with a low conductance polymer door stop minimizes air infi ltration. For improved comfort and savings in heating

European Copper by Jack Arnold European Copper Chimney Pots February 2012 European Copper chimney pots bring a new level of style and safety to the chimney. Compatible with all major fi replace brands—both wood burning and gas—they keep out pests and water while en- hancing the fi replace draft. European Copper chim- ney pots complement a wide range of home styles including Mediterranean, Country French, Eng- lish, Craftsman and Cape Cod. European Copper chimney pots are available in three styles, seven sizes and two fi nishes. They are easy to install, 100 percent recyclable and building code compliant. Circle #107

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and cooling costs, Kawneer has incorporated several innovative features into the entrances. In addition to thermal breaks, Kawneer has added its proven corner construction, which has four Sigma deep penetra- tion and fi llet welds plus mechanical fastening at each corner. The immediate door frame jambs and transom bar/door tout a dual perimeter weather seal featuring Kawneer’s Sealair bulb weathering. Also featured is a triple-fi nned, soft pile weather stripping that minimizes airfl ow around the perimeter edge of the door. The combination of a thermally broken threshold and dual bottom door sweeps minimizes air infi ltration at the bottom of the door. The AA250 and AA425 Thermal Entrance Doors accommodate 1-inch insulating glass and insulating laminated glass to improve thermal and sound reduction performance. Laminated glass enhances STC and OITC (sound re- sistance) performance as well as improving occupant safety. Kawneer’s thermal entrance doors have been tested in accordance with applicable North American performance standards for air, structural, condensa- tion, thermal and sound transmission. AA250 and AA425 Thermal Entrance Doors break from tradition to deliver a new aesthetic look


with a 2 1/2-inch narrow stile and 4 1/4-inch wide stile respectively. To meet aesthetic and hardware applica- tion requirements, the entrances are also offered with a range of top and bottom rails. Horizontal mid-rails are available in 1 3/8-inch and 8 1/4-inch sizes. Additionally, Kawneer offers a 10-inch bottom rail

option. The 2 1/4-inch door uses a 14mm polyamide strut thermal break that accommodates a dual fi nish as well as various combinations of hinging and locking hardware, which include: offset pivots; butt hinges; continuous gear hinges; MS locking; concealed verti- cal rod exit devices; and rim exit devices. Available fi nishes for the AA250 and AA425 Thermal Entrance Doors include Kawneer’s range of anodized and painted fi nishes, including fl uoropolymer and environ- mentally-responsible solvent-free powder coatings, in a variety of color choices.

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Hendrik Architectural Products Sunshades May 2011 Hendrick Architectural Products’ new line of sunshades combines solid performance with exceptional value. Their shading solutions provide ready-to-install design fl exibility and offer the same effective shading as more complicated and costly sunshades. These easy-to-specify systems are perfectly suited for clients with low-cost needs. They gain LEED credit for recycled content and energy savings, including applications for schools, universities, municipalities and hospitals.

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