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FRINGED TULIPS [Bl: M/L, Zones: 3+ to 7] Use: border, cut Size: 12cm/up

Gardeners underuse these tulips, and it’s a shame because their petals, edged with crystal-shaped fringes, are like no other tulips. We call them “the tulips to touch” because no one can resist testing the flower’s fringe to see if it’s real, or glass.

Blue Heron [Ht: 22"] #T205

Long-lasting wine-red blooms. An excellent perennial and multiple award winner.

Cummins® [Ht: 18"] #T203 Fancy Frills® [Ht: 18"] #T202 Fringed Elegance [Ht: 24"] #T208 ❧ Miami Sunset [Ht: 18"] #T210 Red Hat [Ht: 20"] #T211

Deep red flushed plum-purple at the base, purple stems. Named in honor of the famous “Red Hat Society” of women’s sisterhood.

Swan Wings [Ht: 20"] #T201

Pure white with a gorgeous feathery fringe. Fringed Mixed Varieties #T209

A fanciful mixture of “tulips to touch.”


[Bl: M/L, Zones: 3+ to 7] Use: border, cut Size: 12cm/up

These elegant tulips produce flowers with pointed, reflexed petals carried on slender but sturdy stems. They add a grace- ful, informal touch to the flower border and indoor flower ar- rangements as well.

Ballade [Ht: 22"] #T301

Deep magenta edged white. Award winner. Ballerina [Ht: 22"] #T303

Glowing apricot-tangerine blooms. Fragrant and long-lasting. Winner of multiple awards.

Burgundy [Ht: 20"] #T291

Purple-red color compares to merlot wine. China Pink [Ht: 18"] #T302

Creamy-yellow blooms blend to lavender- pink toward the petal edges. Softly elegant!

Mariette [Ht: 22"] #T304 C

Deep satin rose, lighter pink edges, base white. 8 ❧ McClure & Zimmerman


Orient pink set on a white base. Award winner. Elegant Lady [Ht: 22"] #T292




Sizzling blooms of neon-pink, flamed with apricot and cherry, fringed with gold.


Lavender-blue with broad white serrated edges that mimic the ice crystals of hoar frost.


Ivory-white blending to rose-pink, petal edges fringed ice-pink. Two-time award winner.


Primrose-yellow with a hint of red on the finely fringed petal edges. A multiple award winner.


Cobalt-violet, base white, frosty purple fringe. Burgundy Lace [Ht: 26"] #T206


Marilyn [Ht: 22"] v #T294

A sorbet of strawberry-red swirled on ivory- white. A spectacular feast for the eyes.

Purple Dream [Ht: 22"] #T300

Graceful blooms of grapejuice-purple. Queen of Sheba [Ht: 24"] #T297

Mahogany-red blooms, each petal tipped with gold. Absolutely glows in sunlight!

Red Shine [Ht: 22"] v #T299

Award-winning deep red. West Point [Ht: 20"] v #T306

Brilliant yellow award winner. Fragrant.

White Triumphator [Ht: 24"] v #T307 D Best pure white in the class. Award winner.

Lily-Flowered Mixed Varieties #T308 C A select blend of these elegant favorites.

DOUBLE LATE TULIPS [Bl: M/L (before Parrots), Zones: 3 to 7] Use: border, cut Size: 12cm/up

These tulips produce very full, double flowers that resemble

peonies, giving the class its

nickname, “peony- flowered tulips.”

Angelique [Ht: 18"] ^ v #T188

Pale pink with lighter and darker pink accents, shading to cream on the edges. Enticingly fragrant. Our most popular tulip.

Annelinde [Ht: 18"] #T187

This sport of Angelique has flowers of similar color plus cream-edged, variegated foliage that’s lovely before, during and after bloom.

❧ Apricot Angelique [Ht: 18"] #T485 F Double blooms of apricot with tints of palest-

pink, yellow and tangerine plus a hint of cream. Backpacker [Ht: 20"] #T198


Deep amethyst-purple with lighter petal edges. Black Hero [Ht: 24"] #T185

A near-black sport of Queen of Night. Carnaval de Nice [Ht: 20"] #T196

❧ Cartouche [Ht: 16"] #T486 F E

Huge white blooms with swirling deep red stripes are like a mammoth double Rembrandt. White-edged, variegated foliage.


A scrumptious sorbet of raspberry-red swirled on the edges of ivory-white petals. Often multi- flowered. Very long-lasting in a vase.

Charming Beauty [Ht: 18"] #T200 A gold-apricot blend with tangerine accents.

Creme Upstar® [Ht: 14"] ^ #T189 D Pale yellow and cream with pink edges. Colors deepen with age. A fragrant award-winner.

Crispion Sweet [Ht: 12"] #T195

Double deep pink with white accents, green midribs and uniquely fringed petal edges.

Lilac Perfection [Ht: 20"] #T191

Large blooms of true lilac, quite unique. Maywonder [Ht: 20"] #T190


Clear deep rose. A perfect foil for Angelique.

F F E C C D D D D Mount Tacoma [Ht: 18"] v #T192 E

These pure white, very double and long-lasting blooms closely resemble white peonies.

Orange Princess [Ht: 12"] ^ #T193 E A double form of Prinses Irene, nasturtium- orange flamed with purplish-red and azalea- pink. Incredibly full blooms. Fragrant.

Sensual Touch [Ht: 16"] #T483 Uncle Tom [Ht: 18"] #T481

An old favorite introduced in 1939 with huge flowers of rich maroon-red. Excellent in the garden, strong and long-lasting.

Double Late Mixed Varieties #T194 D This mixture will double your appreciation of a class often ignored by other catalogs.

PARROT TULIPS [Bl: L, Zones: 3+ to 7] Use: border, cut Size: 12cm/up

Have you ever seen a tulip with whipped petals? That’s the magic of the parrots, a completely informal class that should be planted in the cutting garden. The petals open

widely and lay flat like fi- esta pottery suspended on stems.

Apricot Parrot [Ht: 18"] #T212 Shades of apricot and peach blended with hints of cream, salmon and pink. Nicely fragrant and winner of many awards.

Black Parrot [Ht: 20"] #T214

Maroon-purple, almost black. Deeply fringed. Bright Parrot [Ht: 18"] #T217

Glossy orange-red with lacy gold petal edges.

Estella Rijnveld [Ht: 20"] v #T216 E Large and flamboyant red flamed white. Flaming Parrot [Ht: 26"] #T213


Gigantic yellow blooms exuberantly flamed with crimson-red. Big, bold and beautiful!

Green Wave [Ht: 20"] #T228

A sport of Greenland, pink flamed green, with whipped and fluted petal edges.

Orange Favorite [Ht: 22"] v #T222 E Soft orange with green markings and a yellow base. Sweetly scented. Heirloom 1930.

Professor Röntgen [Ht: 20"] #T218

Explosive coloration. Flamed lemon-yellow on rose with scarlet and fern-green flames.

Snow Parrot [Ht: 16"] ^ #T231 Weber’s Parrot [Ht: 16"] #T223

Ivory-white with feathery purplish-pink edges and splashes of green at the base. So lovely!

Parrot Mixed Varieties #T221

Especially chosen for the cutting garden. Includes a smashing range of colors.


Whipped and fringed white petals display a French blue flame outside, the interior a blend of buttercream to white.


Amazing for its incredible doubleness, thick fringes and unique color that’s a blend of burnished orange, tangerine, apricot and rose.


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