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Miscellaneous and Small Bulbs


G. tuberosum #GE01

Among the first geraniums to flower in spring and unique to the genus, being the only geranium with tuberous roots. Introduced

in 1596, this Mediterranean native grows naturally in regions with warm, dry summers. Large, silky flowers are borne in clusters at the tips of 8" stems in shades of deep rose, pink, purple or violet, crisply veined with deeper color. In the right position it will scatter seed liberally and form a self-perpetuating colony. The deeply cut green leaves disappear soon after flowering. A charming woodland plant providing decorative ground cover in season. [Ht: 8", Bl: L, Zones: 5 to 9, S/SSH, 48/sq.yd.]

12 for 6.95 24 for 11.95 48 for 21.95 96 for 39.95


G. communis ssp. byzantinus Native to Mediterranean re- gions, this wild gladiolus sends up a 2' spike, sometimes branched, that carries from 10 to 20 florets. It blooms late in the spring, exact bloom time varying depending upon location and time of planting. Flowers are purple-red with the outer segments showing some magenta; the inner segments are cyclamen-purple with a white stripe. [Ht: 24", Bl: L (variable), Zones: 5 to 9, S, 81/sq.yd.]

12 for 4.95 24 for 8.95 48 for 16.95 96 for 29.95

HELLEBORUS ORIENTALIS Size: 3 inch pots “Lenten Rose.” Through hybridizing and selec- tion many beautiful hellebores have become available. In mild climates they bloom in midwinter and in cold areas where the ground freezes their flowers appear in late winter or early spring. They all require moist, highly organic, well-draining alkaline soil. They are long-lived, preferring not to be disturbed once established, and will form large colonies. Deer and vole resistant. (Color photos of all helle- bores offered can be found on our website.) [Ht: 12"-22", Bl: Winter/Spr, Zones: 4 to 9, SSH/SH]

WINTER JEWELS™ DOUBLES Renowned hellebore hy- bridizer Marietta O’ Byrne of Eugene, Oregon, spent many years hand-crossing the best stock plants from around the world, introduc- ing only uniquely colored, floriferous selections with


blooms over 3 inches across. We offer a selec- tion of her best double-flowered hybrids.

28 ❧ McClure & Zimmerman

Golden Lotus #HE26 Double blooms are various shades of yellow, ranging from pale to deep lemon, some speckled, shaded, edged and backed in burgundy-red.

Jade Tiger #HE22 Double blooms in a refreshing shade of bright green are gently outlined with dark purple on the petal edges. Backs of petals are frequently streaked with purple as well. Dark green foliage edged with purple completes the package.

Onyx Odyssey #HE28 Double blooms are dark shades of slate grey, purple and black, all with reddish undertones and bright yellow stamens. Color is very long- lasting and will not fade to green.

Peppermint Ice #HE27 Soft pink blooms with fuchsia picotee edges, some veined and speckled with varying shades of fuchsia. Downward fac- ing blooms have showy purple-red backs.

All ‘Winter Jewels™’ are priced per variety: Each 14.95 3 for 39.95 6 for 74.95

WINTER THRILLERS™ These choice hel- lebores bred by Chris Hansen were over 15 years in the making. They are unmatched for flower size (many blooms are over 3" across), rich and novel colors, plant vigor and florifer- ousness.

Grape Galaxy #HE60 Very large, 3 to 3½", grape-purple flowers spotted with dark purple flecks have contrast- ing bright green nectaries.

Peppermint Ruffles #HE64 Fluffy double blooms are combinations of blush pink, pink with white stripes and dark pink to rose.

Pink Parachutes #HE65

Gigantic flowers up to 4" across, heavily splashed with bright pink to rose inside and blending to a soft blush pink on the reverse.

All ‘Winter Thrillers™’ are priced per variety: Each 10.95 3 for 29.95 6 for 54.95

HEMEROCALLIS Top Size “Daylily”

Hemerocallis are members of the lily family. Their blossoms usually last one day (hence, the common name “daylily”), but the clump-form- ing plants, with their gracefully arching strap- shaped leaves, produce enormous numbers of large, six-petaled flowers throughout the sum- mer. Easy to grow, very hardy and remarkably free from disease, they thrive in sun or partial shade, adapting well to most locations, includ- ing moist soils.

H. flava #DY34 In cultivation since the 16th century, this late spring flowering species is often referred to as the Lemon Lily. It bears as many as 8 to 12 clear yellow blooms in a flower- head. Very fragrant. Excellent for naturalizing. [Ht: 30", Bl: L/VL, Zones: 4 to 8, S/SSH, 6/sq. yd.] Each 3.95 3 for 10.95 6 for 19.95

H. fulva rosea #DY28

A cousin to the roadside orange fulva daylily, this rose-pink selection is ideal for mass plantings, naturalizing and erosion control. The recurved 4" to 5" flowers are borne on tall 3' to 5' stems above attractive foliage. The original source of all hybridized pink daylilies. [Ht: 36"-60", Bl: Early Summer, Zones: 3 to 8, S/SSH, 6/sq.yd.] Each 3.95 3 for 10.95 6 for 19.95

H. lilioasphodelus, see: H. flava

All-Color Hemerocallis Mix #DY16 We’ve selected vigorous, floriferous varieties in a wide range of colors with staggered bloom seasons to provide weeks of color. These large field-grown divisions are a superb value. [Ht: 2'-3', Bl: Summer, Zones: 3 to 9, S, 6/sq.yd.] 6 for 14.95 24 for 49.95

12 for 27.95 48 for 94.95

Hippeastrum, see: Amaryllis, offered on page 37.


H. non-scripta #HB05 “English Bluebells” Syn. H. nutans, Scilla nutans. Mentioned in Shakespeare, these sweetly scented aster- violet flowers are borne informally on grace- fully arching stems. Increases rapidly. W. Europe.

[Ht: 8"-12", Bl: L, Zones: 5 to 8, S/SSH, 125/sq.yd.]

12 for 8.95 48 for 29.95

24 for 16.45 96 for 56.95


H. hispanica

“Spanish Bluebells” These magnificent, easily grown garden plants produce 8" to 12" stout stems carrying racemes of ¾" scentless bells with broadly recurved tips. Plant among ferns, in wood- lands or with late-flowering tulips. Native to Spain, Portugal. Use: border, natural, rckgdn. [Ht: 8"-12", Bl: L, Zones: 3 to 9, S/ SSH, 96/sq.yd.]

#HB01 Indigo Blue #HB02 White #HB03 Pink

#HB04 Mixed Colors

All H. hispanica are priced per color: 12 for 7.95 48 for 27.95

24 for 14.95 96 for 49.95

#HB06 Light Blue

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