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game. There are good long-term opportunities with the product. We chose Interblock’s Organic products because the look and feel was quite different. We trialled a number of products, but Interblock’s Organic product is quite clear, it does what it says on the box, it has great signage, and it stood out at ICE 2011 so much that we tried out 12 units on trial and the customer response has been phenomenal. We have 24 more units coming in soon, the response has been so good. At the moment, the Organic terminals are only playing Roulette but we will be adding to that offering soon.

CI: After that incredible first week, how

many visitors are you seeing now on average? RN: Our worst week sees us with around

25,00 visitors; towards the end of the month that figure rises to about 30,000, so we average 25-30,000 visits a week. We’ve seen an eight percent growth in March against February 2012. We’re exceptionally pleased with our visitor numbers; in the early days when we opened, we had 10,000 visitors a day and that’s unsustainable, and the property is not large enough to deal with that number of people a day – we don’t have that number of gaming positions for one thing! We have a number of plans to expand further in coming months to cater for our huge footfall and huge demand for the casino.

Organically grown

Interblock’s striking G4 Organic machines can be enjoyed at Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City, with the operator delighted with their performance – so much so that the casino has ordered 24 more machines, on top of the 12 already on site. An opportunity at such a high-profile casino is good for any company involved, and Interblock shared with Casino International their thoughts on the partnership with Aspers.

CI: What did the customer want? Interblock: The Aspers Group was looking for something new and fresh, a gaming product that would upgrade the appearance of the floor, to be even more prestigious and attractive. At the same time they wanted the product to fulfill the highest technological standards and guarantee high revenue levels on a long-term basis. Starting the business

38 APRIL 2012 CI: You’ve really proved that an

entertainment venue can thrive outside of the traditional entertainment centres of central London, haven’t you?

RN: Out of all the 16 licenses available, this

one was the jewel in the crown because, despite London having many casinos, the East of London has a 4.2million unique catchment area. The closest competition we have is the West End of London; apart from that you have to go to Essex or north to Luton. There’s really no casino competition in the area. We see Westfield and what the leisure offerings around us are doing as a viable alternative to the West End of London in the East End. People can have a great night out at Westfield and do everything they can in central London, without going into the city as such.

CI: Was there any opposition to the casino?

RN: When we opened, one of the groups we

talked with and invited to see the development was the Salvation Army, to discuss their concerns about the casino. We invited their representative in and I showed him around, explained what we offer and that we aim at a high volume, low spend and the quality of the facilities and the kind of people using the casino, he was very surprised. I’m sure the Salvation Army would never endorse the use of a casino, and I’m not suggesting they would, but there’s a lot of misconceptions out there that we can work toward changing.

with the Aspers Group meant an important breakthrough for Interblock company as it gave us an opportunity to show our potential, which was not yet shown in the UK market.

CI: Did they come to you knowing exactly what they wanted, or did you guide them in the process to find what would work best for Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City? Interblock: Interblock offers a wide portfolio of gaming products and we wanted to offer an integral solution for Aspers, something that would perform well, placed anywhere in the casino, maybe focused more toward the younger generations, who might want more than the traditional games, who like to explore and use all the multi functionality that our products from the G4 generation with multi- game environment offer.

CI: What machines are in Aspers Casino

Westfield Stratford City? Interblock: We have started our cooperation with the G4 Organic Roulette in Football Shape with 12 play stations in the fashionable black- red design. This product has been awarded as

CI: Have you made any changes to the gaming floor since opening, any tweaks or refinements?

RN: First and foremost we discovered that we did not have enough products to meet demand, so we had to get more products into the space. One of the things we were exceptionally pleased with when we opened was that when people came in, there was no area of the offering that was weak or had a soft start. We had a high proportion of slot players, table players, electronic players, so all our product was being used. It was simply that we didn’t have enough tables or games for the demand we had. Structurally, we opened up with one large

toilet block – we now have a second block about to be built. At peak times over Christmas we used a third temporary bar to serve demand, and we’re going to make some minor structural changes to our cash desk and cloakroom; again, these are related to meeting demand. We always had a stage two planned, because we have some space we have not moved into yet as part of the development. We just didn’t expect to be so busy so soon, but we’re delighted that we are. The idea was to expand the other side of the Olympic Games and expand then, but we’re escalating that plan. We pride ourselves on our service levels and with the level of demand we have experienced, it’s more of a challenge to do that, you can only do it with more staff, more products and more facilities available, so we’re addressing that right away.

Best Table Game Product at 10th Gaming & Technology Award at Las Vegas G2E Show in 2011 and is one of the most popular Interblock products worldwide at the moment. The product proved to be a great choice and achieved fantastic results from the very start. The decision for expansion followed soon, based on machine results and modularly of our products. The set up was expanded to G4 Organic Island environment with the G4 Organic Twins in Football Shape with 12 play stations and additional 6 play stations placed behind each machine in a totally custom-made design, giving the imposing look on the floor. Games available with this set up are roulette Single Zero, automated Craps and Sic-bo, allowing the multi- game environment with connection of all play stations, giving the operator an option to optimize the floor layout and maximize turnover. With 36 play stations altogether and expanded floor exposure we are very proud and honoured to be involved in this kind of a project. Interblock would like to express special

gratitude to Aspers’ management for giving us the opportunity to be part of this exciting new project.

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