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Innovation Award Finalists BRIDOR

FOOD & DRINK Arc en Ciel


A creative range of colourful breads for canapés and buffets for caterers who want to use bread as an ingredient. The ingredients include 2% fi rst cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil; red seaweed dried then milled to create a powder; fenugreek for a hint of spicy celery; ginger for a lively note of lemon and pepper

and turmeric for a hint of warmth.

This range of small breads is tailor-made for creative caterers and chefs who want to use bread as an ingredient and not only as a separate part of the meal. It features 100% traditional French wheat fl our and extensive use of natural ingredients. Another benefi t for caterers is that there should be no wastage as it is as a ready-to-make product.

The Cheese Warehouse Cheese Melts


Cheese Melts are frozen pellets of natural Long Clawson cheese, designed for use in catering kitchens, pubs and restaurants. The portion-controlled pellets are supplied in three fl avours; Blue Stilton, Innkeeper’s Choice and Fiery Mex. Ideal for melting or fi lling on burgers, steaks, topping and fi lling chicken, panini’s, vegetables, baked potatoes

or pizzas, the unique product is designed for any meal occasion, combining a long shelf life and ideal portion control.

Nestlé Professional CHEF Flakes range of Jus


The CHEF Flakes range of jus’ has been specifi cally developed to help chefs create new fl avours and textures in their dishes. The unique format ensures that each fl ake contains 100% of the ingredients, releasing fully rounded, intense and authentic meaty fl avour in every mouthful. They dissolve quicker than existing powder products and

are extremely versatile and convenient. Ideally suited to meat crusts, pannés, jellies and marinades, the range has six fl avours: veal, beef, chicken, lamb, duck and pork.

Oranka Fruit Juices Vitamin Choice


Vitamin Choice fl avoured water is a new addition to the Grab’n’Go range from Oranka Fruit Juices and has been designed to allow caterers to sell customers their own-branded bottles of fl avoured water with added vitamins at improved margins to the big branded options. Oranka provides the ingredients for the drinks which operators

use to fi ll the 330ml bottles, then add lock-on lids and labels for a personalised look. There are three fl avours including Lemon Balm, each with a vitamin benefi t.

Imaginative Cuisine Freshburst®

Pearls Freshburst® Pearls enable chefs to present

food in a stylish way but do not require culinary skills and help outlets reduce wastage and ingredient costs. When bitten into they release an intriguing taste sensation and can be used in a range of drinks as well as with food as an edible garnish. They can be used with starters, main courses and

desserts to add a visual colour, texture and taste dimension. They simplify the kitchen preparation process and deliver environmental benefi ts as the main setting agent is sea weed and the packaging is recyclable. They suit most diets being gluten, fat and alcohol-free and are also suitable for vegans.


Speciality Breads Ltd Luxury Individual Fruited Panettone

These traditional individually wrapped Panettone are made to an authentic Italian recipe with a fragrant citrus aroma, bursting with citrus peel and vine fruits. Manufactured here in the UK, the luxury Panettone use no preservatives and freeze straight from the oven before wrapping individually for maximum freshness on defrost. Baked with

passion, these truly delicious Italian breads are made with 100% British fl our and are unique in being certifi ed by the Red Tractor scheme.


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