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Our practical courses can also be taken on your own boat,

RYA courses break down essential skills in a fl exible, user-friendly way that can suit whatever type of boating you want to do. Whether you want more experience afl oat, or need to concentrate on your navigation skills, there is something for you.

FLEXIBLE TRAINING Our centres have boats you can train on. This is a great way of building experience and also getting a feel for the type of boat you might want to buy in the future. There will never be more than fi ve students on board a boat with an instructor.

All centres listed in this brochure are recognised by the RYA at the time of going to print. There is also a comprehensive up-to-date list on By taking a course with one of our centres you become part of a programme

that is known and respected worldwide. Recognised centres off er training to our standard syllabus using qualifi ed

instructors and our materials to guide you through the subject. The courses break down essential skills into manageable chunks and deliver them in a fl exible, user friendly way.

At the end of each course successful students will receive an RYA certifi cate. If you research courses elsewhere, always

look for the RYA tickmark. If in doubt, call us to check if a centre has RYA recognition.

Sail and Motor Cruising Courses 2012

allowing you to gain more familiarity with its specifi c handling characteristics and your home cruising ground. Courses are usually taken over consecutive days but can be

adapted to suit the time you have available, for example as a series of long weekends rather than a full week. Speak to your chosen training centre to see how they programme their courses. You can enter our programme of courses at any stage according

to your experience. To help you choose, a rundown of what’s covered on each course is shown on pages 6 and 7.

SUPPORTING YOUR SKILLS While this brochure covers our programme of practical courses that you take on the water, we also off er shorebased training in specialist areas such as radar, sea survival and diesel engines. These courses are a great way to broaden your knowledge and prepare you for all eventualities at sea. There is also a full suite of navigation courses available.

WHY CHOOSE THE RYA? Taking a course at one of our recognised training centres means you are part of a programme that is known and respected worldwide. Our centres guide you through your course using our standard syllabus and qualifi ed instructors. Their boats have been checked as being seaworthy, safe, well maintained and suitable for the courses, and each centre is inspected regularly to ensure it is maintaining our high standards and those of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). At the end of the course, successful students receive an RYA certifi cate

as a record of their achievements, some of which count towards other statutory qualifi cations and are internationally recognised.


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