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Interconnection I Product News

Enhanced-footprint CXP interconnect from TE Connectivity

To support the latest high-speed InfiniBand CXP 12x QDR standard and IEEE 100 Gbps Ethernet specification, TE Connectivity (TE) has developed an enhanced-footprint CXP pluggable connector and cage in a convenient one-piece, press-fit assembly. This new product supports 12 channels of up to 10 Gbps data rates for a total bandwidth of 120 Gbps, offers improved electrical performance and supports pluggable copper or optical transceivers and active optical cable options. Engineered for applications in high-speed data

environments, the CXP assembly mitigates EMI leakage at the bezel opening and at the cage-to- plug interface. With an enhanced, dual-sourced footprint that increases space between the vias, the product reduces cross-talk and improves electrical performance. The assembly’s one-piece, press-fit design allows for quick and easy placement onto a PCB board - eliminating the extra steps of assembling

the connector and cage, thereby saving manufacturing time and cost. Threaded screw holes are also available as an optional enhancement to secure the CXP assembly onto a board. Product offerings include lightpipe and EMI/dust plug options as well as three different heat-sink heights to suit various thermal applications. Belly-to-belly mounting options for use on both sides of a PCB board are also offered for high port density applications that require space savings. Target applications include network switches,

routers, storage devices, direct attached storage (DAS), storage attached networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), controller cards and servers.

TE Connectivity |

Filter spring probe and pad technology extends product life in military applications

Connector manufacturer and supplier ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a new filtered interconnect with ultra small size 23 spring probe/pad contact technology which offers more than twenty times the service life of other filter connectors on the market compared against the previously accepted benchmark of 500 cycles for conventional pin socket contacts. The new technology developed by ITT ICS design engineers is qualified at more than

10,000 mating/unmating cycles, increasing service life in the field and reducing operational costs dramatically.

The new Filter Spring Probe/Pad contact technology creates electrical contact by utilising pressure point force of the spring-loaded pin to the contact pad instead of the sliding forces typically found on conventional pin socket contacts. The contact pad on the socket side of the spring probe is flush to the insulator face and

NYK offering hermetically sealed, Mil-spec connector supply and support service

Interconnect component specialist, NYK Component Solutions Ltd (NYKCS) has announced an exclusive UK and Europe-wide distribution agreement with the US based hermetically sealed connector manufacturer, HCC Industries. HCC Industries designs and manufactures glass-to-metal seals, ceramic-to-metal seals, hull penetrators, cable assemblies and auxiliary support components. NYKCS is now able to supply a range of high-specification connectors from HCC's Ametek and Sealtron brands, many of which are held in stock at its Eastleigh, Southampton site. Key products include Qualified Product Listing (QPL)

approved M85049 backshells, which are offered with a 38% saving against mainline manufacturers' list prices; EN2997Y (ESC10Y) circular hermetic connectors for defence and aerospace applications, as well as industries demanding mil spec hermetic connectors for their applications; and Sealtron 6500/6600 series connectors, which meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-DTL-83723. Other key products available from NYK include D38999/Y and MilC 5015 spec circular connectors from the HCC portfolio. NYK can also supply QPL listed M39029 preci-dip contacts, which are held in stock for immediate

delivery. The patented preci-dip design comprises three parts - contact body, clip and hood - each separately manufactured and made of different base materials.


can be cleaned by simply wiping clean in the field. The ultra-small size 23 contact design provides for further miniaturisation of the connector size and higher density configurations. ITT ICS has introduced the size 23 spring probe/pad contact system as high-density ITT Cannon Chip-on-Flex Filter connectors in MKJ layouts such as 7 - 19 and 9 - 19. Suitable applications include military radios, surveillance systems, night vision goggles, soldier combat systems, IED countermeasures, head-up displays, detection equipment and radar systems.

ITT Interconnect |

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connectors for “cable-to--board” applications, as well as angled versions. connectors for “cable-to-board” applications, as well as angled versions. HARTING: Pushing Performance creates greater flexibility for you.

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