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G2E 2011

community bonus game called Fast-Hit Progressives. Other spinning-reel offerings include thrilling 3-reel, 1-line games such as Haywire Multipliers and Blue Blazes Win Zeros!. Finally, the company had new cabinets on

display, with the G20, G23, S AVP and Universal Slant models. The G20 is designed for comfort and entertaining game play. The G23 widescreen is IGT’s premium upright cabinet. The Universal Slant has the ergonomics of a slant with the merchandising features of an upright. The Universal Slant for Poker has a custom poker button panel for a superior poker play experience. Also, coming to G2E is an updated version of IGT’s long- performing S AVP® cabinet, now featuring enhanced top box attract lighting. Of course, mobile gaming and online also

played a part in IGT’s customer presentations – more on this in a later issue of Casino International.

NEWave washed up at G2E’s shores with

Software Update v4 in hand to wow the crowds and save casinos time and money, not to mention increase security. NEWave CEO Bart Lewin explains: “Our clients have reported back to us that they are saving upwards of $100,000 a year with our software, and now with our updated product offerings and pricing models, it is a better time than ever for casinos of all sizes to hear firsthand how we streamline operations and add to the bottom line.” NEWave’s new Software v4 solution includes: myCageOperations, the only total software solution for every function in the casino cage, from check-cashing to deposits and everything in between. The entire purpose of myCageOperations is to increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire cage – the central cash core of every casino. myCompliance, which allows front of house

casino staff to do what they do best – serve customers – and provides back of house staff with aggregated transaction reporting by patron to streamline all the paperwork and processes that are required by local, state and federal regulation. Additionally, NEWave is launching

myCloudSolutions, a new safe, secure and affordable option for casinos to use NEWave’s innovative products in the Cloud. Further, NEWave’s new myProfessionalServices team completes the package, because the team oversees installation and management of all NEWave software, and also provides top-level IT advice and services.

Inspired Gaming Group arrived at the show with a fanfare, announcing distribution agreements with DigiDeal and TCSJOHNHUXLEY to distribute Inspired’s server-based casino terminal Sabre, with its new

electronis content for Roulette and Baccarat, in certain US regions. Sabre is, without question, a great looking

terminal. Sleek, classy, and with a lovely, intuitive GUI for the player, it is the spearhead behind Inspired’s push into the US. Luke Alvarez, CEO at Inspired, said: “Sabre is the perfect product for us to successfully launch Inspired to the US market. Exhibiting at G2E Vegas and signing two significant distribution deals with respected partners is an exciting position to be starting at. We place great value on the successful heritage and solid reputations of Digideal and TCS and our shared dedication to innovation in casino gaming will, I have no doubt, ensure the success of these partnerships.” At the exhibition, Inspired showed their new

Electronic Roulette product on the terminal, Sabre Multi-Win Roulette 4, which has recently been installed with Genting in Europe but is being unveiled in the US for the first time. Bingo Blaze is a new dual-screen Latin Bingo product with multiple HD games on one sleek cabinet. New for G2E Vegas, the cabinet is strategically being launched to Latin American and European countries over coming months. Also, two new slot products for Latin America

were on show, with Storm MX and Machete, both boasting multiple HD content, which can be managed and refreshed via Inspired’s Open SBG CORE platform. To further demonstrate the power of networked gaming, Inspired demonstrated its advanced Open VLT product, currently earning record incomes in Italy, and the benefits of downloading new games, customising menus, controlling multi-level jackpots and many more features.

Crane Payment Solutions – the company that makes CashCode, Money Controls and NRI brand currency handling devices – had a good G2E, with their product offering broadened and complemented quite beautifully by the acquisition of Money Controls. VP of Sales and Business Development Global Casino Gaming, Sim Bielak said: “We were pleased to see the strong presence and diversity of our customers from many international destinations such as Latin America, South Africa and even Australia. It was also a good chance for our gaming team to present ourselves as a united company, Crane Payment Solutions, rather than as separate brands.” The oneCheck cash management system was

on show, displayed with FutureLogic’s excellent Gen2 Universal Printer, showing it works with all leading TITO printers. It’s a unique patented technology which connects to an existing thermal printer and allows the operator to print tool-free reports on demand. Elsewhere, guests could see the CashCode one, a universal bill validator designed to improve operational

efficiency and slot uptime, and Money Controls’ Ardac Elite bill validator, which boasts the ability to give the operator the last bill image, useful in dispute resolution.

WMS had an amazing display of technology on their stand; we can only touch on it here due to a lack of space. The company told Casino International that there were double the number of math models on the stand than they have ever made available before. This shows a real awareness of cultural differences that manifest in player behaviour. It’s exactly the kind of thing that has players returning to a property time and again. At G2E WMS showed games with unique game play mechanics, such as video spinning wheel-driven bonuses, character customization, competitive team play, overhead bonus selection and added reels that improve the chances of winning and/or the size of the win. New games featuring Player’s Life Web Services, the player-popular application that has garnered notable success in increasing time- on-device, and Portal themes, the unique value- added, secondary integrated bonus applications that utilize visual and audio enhancements to bring new excitement to base game themes, were also enjoyed by visitors. Standouts for us were Battleship, the new

board game license, and Clue, also a board game. Great looking games with instant worldwide recognition, these might not emulate the success of Monopoly for the company but they should still do very well. Speaking of which, there’s a new addition to the Monopoly family with MONOPOLY Party Train, and the WIZARD OF OZ Journey to Oz continues the success for WMS with that license.

Brian R. Gamache, Chairman and Chief

Executive Officer of WMS, said: “This year’s product line-up at G2E features new innovations coupled with updates for many of our proven game play mechanics, as well as other industry-favorite game features that raise the bar on slot floor entertainment to all-new levels. We’re confident that our games on display at G2E 2011 will further extend our success with creating new products that help drive increases in player loyalty and revenues for our customers. At the same time, our newest products reflect our prioritization of the near-term commercialization of new game themes, products and portal gaming applications for our core product sales and gaming operations businesses that address customers’ current needs and demands.”

Advantech Innocore brought three new

boards to Las Vegas, with the AMD Fusion- based DPX-E120, plus the DPX-S415 and DPX- S425. The DPX-E120 is part of the company’s economy series, and it’s a complete industrial

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