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Power Management I Product News

New LED driver with 55V step-down controller

Linear Technology has developed a 16-channel LED driver integrated with a 55V step-down controller. The LT 3745 LED driver powers up to 75mA of LED current for each channel, which can drive up to 36V of LEDs in series, making it ideal for applications such as large LED billboards. Each channel has individual 6-bit dot correction current adjustment and 12-bit gray scale PWM dimming. Combined with a 0.5µs minimum LED on-time, the device offers very wide dynamic contrast ratios. Both dot correction and gray scale dimming are accessible via a serial interface in TTL/CMOS logic. The LT3745’s 6V to 55V input voltage range is well suited for a wide range of input sources found in commercial and industrial designs, typically between 12V and 48V. The combination of minimal externals and a 6mm x 6mm QFN package provide a highly compact solution footprint for multi-channel LED applications. The LT3745’s internal buck controller generates an adaptive bus voltage slightly higher than the parallel LED strings to deliver efficiencies over 90%. Sixteen individual linear current sinks regulate and modulate individual LED strings,

Intersil expands family of high-speed ADCs

Intersil Corporation has expanded its growing family of high speed analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) with a new series of devices that provide industry leading signal-to-noise ratios while consuming little power. The new devices offer excellent high input frequency performance, enabling simplified system architectures that improve manufacturability while reducing cost over traditional baseband architectures.

offering a wide range of functionality in a compact solution footprint. The LT3745 performs full diagnostics and protection against open/short LED and overtemperature faults, with the fault status sent via the serial data interface. The 30MHz fully buffered, skew-balanced, cascadable serial interface makes the device suitable for large screen LCD dynamic backlighting as well as full colour LED displays.

Linear Technology | New 1200V/5A SiC diodes from SemiSouth

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc., a manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) transistor technology for high-power, high-efficiency, harsh-environment power management and conversion applications, has launched new 1200V/5A diodes in the true, compact DPAK (TO-252) surface mount packaging which provides the necessary creep age distance and does not require a centre pin.

The new SDB05S120 parts feature a positive temperature coefficient for ease of paralleling. Switching behaviour is independent of temperature and the devices have a maximum operating temperature of 175degC. The new diodes also have a zero reverse recovery current and voltage. They have a footprint of 0.385 x 0.260in and a profile of 0.090in. "We have designed these parts to be as user- friendly as possible", explains SemiSouth's Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dieter Liesabeths, "with many features that enable designers to realise the benefits of SiC technology quickly and easily."

The major application for these new SiC diodes lies in photo-voltaic micro-inverters, but the devices are also highly suitable for use in SMPS, Power Factor Correction circuits, induction heaters, UPS and motor drives.

SemiSouth |

XP Power delivers 60 Watts from ultra compact format

XP Power has made a significant addition to its ECS family of ultra compact single output industrial and medical AC-DC power supplies. Believed to be the smallest 60 W unit currently on the market, the ECS60 extends the power density benchmark already set by the ECS series. Measuring just 50.8 x 76.2 x 26.7 mm (2 x 3 x 1.05 inches), the ECS60 unit takes up 25% less space than the current industry 2 x 4 inch footprint.

Featuring a no load power of less than 0.5 W, this highly efficient convection cooled unit, typically between 87% - 89%, helps customer’s end-product comply with internationally recognized energy efficiency standards. The series also meets XP Power’s ‘green power’ limits. The ECS series now covers the power ranges of 25 W, 45 W and 60 W in 2 x 3 inch formats and 100 W in a 2 x 4 inch size. The ECS60 has an extremely wide input voltage range, from 80-264 VAC, and provides the nominal outputs of +12, +15, + 24 or +48 VDC. A +5 VDC / 8 A output model is also available.

Capable of delivering full power output from -

20 degrees C to + 50 degrees C without the need for any external fans or forced airflow, the unit can operate up to + 70 degrees C with derating. Provision for a Class I or Class II input gives the designer the option of choosing to use

30 October 2011

an input ground if required. A covered version of the ECS60 is available for Class I installations. Overvoltage,

overload and short- circuit protection features are included as standard.

The unit meets

UL60601-1 / EN60601-1 medical equipment safety standards and UL60950-1 / EN60950-1 standards for IT and industrial equipment. It also complies with the EN55011 / EN55022 level B standard for conducted emissions without the need for additional filtering components. The ECS series of power supplies suit designers of medical, IT or industrial equipment. Applications cover a wide variety, such as test and measurement, broadcast equipment, communications and data storage. The medical safety approval makes it suitable for products such as portable medical devices, home healthcare devices and personal drug delivery equipment.

XP Power | Components in Electronics

TI introduces 30-A, 15-V synchronous buck converter with 90-percent efficiency

Texas Instruments has introduced a synchronous 30- A step-down regulator with integrated MOSFETs that according to the company achieves 90-percent power efficiency and a fast transient response in a small 5-mm x 6- mm PowerStack QFN package. The TPS53355 converter delivers high performance to low-output voltage, high-current applications that require increased power density, such as notebook computers, embedded computers, servers, storage and telecommunication systems. The TPS53355 30-A regulator uses a D-CAP mode control feature to achieve a transient response of up to 2 A/µs, which is 20-percent faster than other solutions that use current or voltage mode control. The D-CAP mode control

also minimizes the use of external components and requires no loop compensation. Key features and benefits include: high efficiency and performance with an input voltage range up to 15 V; 90- percent efficiency at 30-A, 12 Vin, 1.5 Vout at 500 kHz; accurate power delivery: 1 percent voltage regulation

accuracy; light-load efficiency: Eco-Mode auto- skip mode operation and a smallest solution size: selectable switching frequency range of 250 kHz to 1 MHz and small QFN package with integrated high and low-side FETs result in a 20- percent smaller solution than competitive products.

Texas Instruments |

The ISLA212Pxx and ISLA214Pxx are 12-bit and 14-bit ADCs with maximum sampling rates of 130, 200 and 250MSPS. The series offers the industry's best signal-to-noise ratios for high speed 12- and 14-bit ADCs (over 73.0dBFS at 14-bits and 70.5dBFS at 12-bits for input frequencies up to 105MHz) while consuming less than 450mW from a single 1.8V supply.

The devices use Intersil's proprietary FemtoCharge(TM) technology, which enables very low power consumption without sacrificing the ADC's dynamic performance. They increase accuracy and save power in high-performance data acquisition and instrumentation systems, communications test equipment, broadband or wideband communications systems, software defined radios and radar array processing equipment.

The ISLA212Pxx and the ISLA214Pxx are members of Intersil's newest pin-compatible ADC family. Pin-compatibility allows customers to re-use designs developed with any ADC from the family, substituting another ADC with a different resolution or sample rate without modifying the hardware design. Design re-use simplifies system development, reduces design risk and speeds end product time-to-market. To further enhance a designer's first-pass success, Intersil also provides dedicated product line applications support for all customers, large, medium and small.

Intersil |

Linear launches new high reliability version of LT3512

Linear Technology Corporation announces the high reliability (MP-grade) version of the LT3512, a high voltage isolated monolithic flyback regulator that operates over a -55°C to 150°C junction temperature range. This device simplifies the design of an isolated DC/DC converter. It requires no optocoupler, third winding or signal transformer for feedback, as the device’s output voltage is sensed from the primary-side flyback signal. The LT3512 operates over a 4.5V to 100V input voltage range, has a 420mA, 150V power switch and delivers up to 4.5 watts of output power, making it well suited for a wide variety of telecom, datacom, automotive, industrial and military applications. The LT3512 operates in a boundary mode,

current-mode control switching scheme, resulting in less than +/-5% regulation over the full line, load and temperature range. Boundary mode, also known as critical conduction mode (crcm), permits the use of a smaller transformer compared to equivalent continuous conduction mode designs. The output voltage is easily set by

two external resistors and the transformer turns ratio. Several transformers identified in the data sheet can be used for numerous applications. The device’s high level of integration results in a simple, clean, tightly regulated application solution to the traditional challenge of isolated power delivery. The LT3512MP is available in a small MSOP- 16 package with 4 pins removed for additional high voltage pin spacing.

Linear |

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