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Contents Front End Display Technology As bright as day - but dark at night 4-9

A degree is only the first step in training an engineer 6 Risk mitigation: what did the electronics industry learn? 8

10-15 10

High brightness LED backlit TFT LCDs combine performance and brightness control - an absolute must for certain applications, as Gunter Wagschal explains

Automotive displays demand brighter backlighting 12 The market for (HB) LEDs is booming, especially in the automotive sector. How can efficient LED design best support this impressive record of growth?

‘This market is completely different’

Bruce Lynch, EBV’s new Vertical Segment Director for EMEA, talks to CIE about the key trends he sees currently affecting the LED lighting market

Profile - Ed Coady That charming man

Neil Tyler meets Ed Coady, the eternal optimist who’s sales director at the specialist distributor Charcroft

Distribution 18-25 Shifting boundaries

Colin Weaving considers the implications of the growing grey area that now exists between the semiconductor vendors and the role of OEMs 20 As internet sales soar, distributors must provide leading product online as well as a portfolio of resources to aid designers, if they are to remain relevant

Dealing with obsolescence

Andy King, Vice President Marketing & Engineering at Arrow Electronics, considers the problems associated with managing obsolescence

Distribution News

element14 announces the results of an independent study conducted by Technology Forecasters to determine critical “pain points” for global electronics engineers

Power Management Product News

Power Integrations’ new HiperLCSH LLC converter IC family boosts supply efficiency while a new power converter from Ericsson speeds up time-to-market. CIE looks at some of the latest product releases

Efficient design for white goods 28

Pushek Madaan and Prakhar Goyal look at what engineers should be considering when it comes to designing more efficient white goods

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EDA & Development Simply ‘connect’

Complex SoC designs require an extraordinary amount of detailed information. Managing and using that information effectively, however, requires tools that leverage correlated design and verification data

Interconnection 38-43 Playing a vital role

Miniaturisation is a key requirement for military organisations who are looking for smaller, lighter and more cost effective military kit. What are the key trends confronting manufacturers?

The joined up battlefield 40

DSEi saw a greater focus on soldiers and armoured vehicles and how they interact on the battlefield. Neil Tyler spoke with a number of companies to see how they intend addressing the needs of this growing market

Product News

Harting unveils a range of high density HD video cabling for outside broadcasting; new from Deutsch, the 369 series for harsh environmental applications and a PoE+ PSE single port magnetic jack from Molex. Just some of the products we take a look at this month

ICs & Semiconductors Stopping the counterfeiters

44-46 44

Alexander Kurz looks at how using authentication devices can not only prevent product counterfeiting but also prevent potential lost revenues

Who? What? Why? Where? When? & How? 50 Noisy events


Exasperated with Hewlett Packard for discontinuing the Webos line and at Etas for holding an event at Donington Park that was right next door to the pit lane, is Steve Rogerson turning into a ‘grumpy’ old man?

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Designing for green energy 32 How are modelling and design simulation software being used to design renewable energy systems? CIE finds out

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