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The A-Z of cruising A B

is for all alone. Find the right cruise for your single clients and

they will have a ball, especially as many cruise lines now offer no, or low, supplements.

is for budget. Whether clients are used to three-star budget hotels

in Benidorm or Sandy Lane-style luxury, there's a cruise ship to suit. Get them on the right one, and they’ll be back for more.


just do their own thing. It’s often more fun, and certainly cheaper.

relax as your floating hotel takes you to a different destination every day.


is for families. Families reluctant to cruise clearly haven’t heard of

the surf parks, rock-climbing walls, water slides and kids’ clubs on the big cruise ships. Once children see what’s on offer, and mums see it’s free, they’ll be hooked!

themed cruises with world-renowned chefs on board for true gourmands.



is for iguanas. Offer a cruise to clients who want to get close to

iguanas in the Galapagos, penguins in Antarctica and polar bears in the Arctic.

is for learning. There are Egyptian temples on a Nile cruise, Roman

remains in Rome and North Africa, and stories about life under communism on a river cruise on the Danube.

is for gourmet. Food on most cruise ships is good, but find

seasick. They are perfect material for a river cruise.



is for no-fly. Offer a cruise from the UK to clients who hate

flying. There are voyages to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, around Britain, even around the world.

is for old. If clients think cruising is only for old people,

they are way out of date. Modern ships have rock-climbing walls, water slides and funky nightclubs.

is for port. Cruise itineraries that visit a port each day are perfect

for first-timers worried about being stuck on a ship.

is for mal de mer. Some people are worried about getting



is for quest. A cruise adventure is the best way to see the world.

is for reassurance. A cruise-and- stay holiday is a perfect

compromise for clients tempted to try a cruise as they have seven nights on land as well. It's a happy medium for couples who can’t decide whether to cruise or take a land-based holiday.

is for suite. Sell these to clients who like their space. Many cruise

suites are as big as anything on land – and better equipped.


is for troubles. Or lack of them. If there is fighting in Tunisia or

hurricanes in the Caribbean, ships simply change course and the holiday isn’t ruined.

Main picture: Hurtigruten gets close to nature; From top right clockwise: Flowriding with Royal Caribbean: Bubbles with Fred.Olsen; Stockholm for the perfect Baltic stopover • Autumn 2011 29 V

is for value. You can cruise for a week for less than £1,000,

including flights and transfers, meals, snacks and all the on-board entertainment.

sun, or to get their chills in either of the Poles, there’s a cruise to suit.


is for Zeebrugge. A taster cruise from the UK, to Zeebrugge,

Amsterdam, Cobh in Ireland or Le Havre, lets first-timers to see what cruising is all about.

is for whenever. Whether clients want winter or summer

is for easy. You just board the ship, unpack and then sit back and

is for cities. A Mediterranean cruise is a great way to tick off

iconic cities such as Venice, Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Florence and Istanbul. On a Baltic cruise, there’s Copenhagen, Stockholm and St Petersburg.

is for day out. Clients can take ship excursions on port days, or

First timers Jane Archer fi nds 20 reasons for selling cruising to fi rst-timers

selling tip

Offer a cruise departing from the UK to clients who hate flying.

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