This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book.
a special picture book for veterans with memory loss, using images as visual triggers to spark dormant memories.”

Life in the US Military is designed to “bring veterans home again” to relive treasured moments. Family and friends can have hope of hearing some of those stories again through the magic of simple pictures. Frank’s moment: Frank is a

92-year-old Army veteran of the North African Campaign who lives with wife, Susan. Frank has had dementia for more than 10 years and rarely speaks. When Frank saw the picture of the canteen in Life in the US Military, he lit up and told the story about that “hot as blazes day in Egypt nearly 70 years ago when me and Charlie and Danny and Duke rode camels by the Pyramids. We drained every last drop from those old canteens. Boy, those camels had some serious B.O.!” Frank laughed so loud that he startled his sleeping dog who began to howl. Soon everyone was laughing and, in that moment, Frank was home again. Buck’s moment: Buck looks as rugged and handsome as he did when he was a young sailor. But his youthful looks belie his advanced age, and the hospital bed he rarely leaves anymore due to his severe dementia tells the full story. When Buck’s grandson Dave turned to the page with the image of the military buzz haircut, Buck reached for that page and ran his hand back and

forth over the cropped dome. And then he began to rub his own bald head and flashed a huge grin, a grin that had not been seen for a long time and featured his famous buck teeth. In that moment, Buck was home again.

Life in the US Military is a simple book that presents a profound opportunity to momentarily lift the silence that descends upon veterans with memory loss. The bold pictures it contains evoke deep memories and emotions, creating an opportunity to connect with a loved one. It is the gentle healing power of an echo sent back to remind us of what was once there. n

H Keep copies at your Post and Auxiliary to loan to families in need, or purchase the books for a local VA Medical Center or facility.

H Give one to a family and encourage friends to do the same.

H Give one in memoriam to be delivered to veterans with memory loss in VA facilities.

To purchase, go to and make sure to click on the button that says you heard about it from the Ladies Auxiliary VFW (LA-VFW).


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