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and gifts as are appropriate for the cruise may be brought on board by each Guest. Each Guest may bring on board two pieces of baggage, with each piece weighing a maximum of 20KG. Each piece of baggage must be distinctly labelled with the Guest’s name, name of the ship, cabin number and sailing date. Any Guest wishing to bring on board baggage in excess of 44 KG in total must seek prior approval from us.

You must not carry firearms, explosives, inflammable materials or other hazardous items. Any such items or noxious substance in your possession on embarkation shall immediately be surrendered to an appropriate member of staff and may be confiscated, destroyed or surrendered to authorities. You shall not bring on board any intoxicating liquors or beverages. Any such items in your possession on embarkation shall immediately be surrendered to the ship’s Master. You shall have no claim for any loss or inconvenience incurred.

The ship’s Master or any crew member acting under the authority of the Master shall be entitled to enter the Stateroom occupied by any Guest at any time for the purposes of searching for controlled or prohibited substances or for purposes connected with repair, maintenance work, security or safety. The Guest agrees to submit to any personal search or search of luggage and goods where such search is reasonably required by us or any supplier in the interests of security or safety or by any third party acting with appropriate authority.

You must place luggage not retained in a Stateroom in the ship’s baggage room or safe and obtain a receipt from us for that luggage. You must ensure that no valuable or important items are left in such luggage – see clause 10(6).

During any transfer of luggage, including upon departure from any hotel or airport, arrival at any new destination or upon change of vehicle or means of transport, it is your responsibility to identify your luggage and ensure it is dealt with as may be appropriate for delivery to the next destination. Any property left on a ship at final destination may be stored and repatriated at the Guest’s expense.

Pets, birds, livestock and other animals are not allowed on board the ship. Guests shall neither pay nor receive any general average contribution with respect to any property.


For some cruises, you can book transfers between the airport and ship (and vice versa) with us where you have made your own flight arrangements, subject to the following terms. The following terms also apply, except where otherwise stated, to transfers between airport and ship which form part of a flight inclusive booking made with us.

For cruise only bookings, transfers may be booked at the same time as your cruise or at a later date but as they are subject to availability, you are recommended to book them as soon as possible. Transfers are only available on the days the cruise starts and ends. The cost of the transfers is payable with the balance of the cruise cost. Transfers may be cancelled without charge prior to balance due date. After balance due date, cancellation is subject to the same cancellation charges as the cruise. Flight details should be provided when booking your transfer. You should notify us as soon as possible in the event of any change in these details. Subject to availability, we will endeavour to offer you an alternative transfer time where you can no longer travel on your booked transfer as a result of a change in flight times. Where we cannot do so, the transfer may be cancelled as referred to above.

You will be provided with a voucher for your confirmed transfer which you will need to present before you will be allowed to board your transfer vehicle. If you don’t have your voucher with you at this time, you may be unable to travel on your transfer. Transfers will depart from the airport or the port, as applicable, at a notified time from a designated departure point. It is your responsibility to be at the correct place at the correct time as the transfer vehicle is not obliged to wait. Transfers will usually be provided on a coach but we reserve the right to substitute any other type of vehicle at our discretion including a mini bus or taxi.

We have no liability to you if you miss your transfer for any reason (including, without limitation, as a result of flight delay, cancellation or any other reason outside your control) or are refused access to the transfer for any reason referred to in this clause or any other clause of these Booking Conditions. Where you miss your transfer for a reason outside your control, we will endeavour to accommodate you on a later transfer if there is one, subject to availability of space, but do not promise to do so. No refund will be provided for any missed transfer or for any transfer to which you are refused access in accordance with this clause or any other clause of these Booking Conditions. We will not be responsible for arranging or meeting the costs of any alternative form of transport.

You are responsible for ensuring your luggage is properly loaded on the transfer vehicle and promptly collected on arrival at the port or airport. Luggage and other personal possessions are at all times your responsibility and are carried on the transfer vehicle at your risk. Providing your transfer is operated with reasonable skill and care, we have no liability for any luggage or personal possessions (including, without limitation, for any loss, damage or theft of or from the same). In the event that we are found liable for any such claim, clauses 10(4) and 10(6) of these Booking Conditions will apply.

All transfer times provided are an estimate only based on the most direct route between the airport and port and assume no delays will be encountered. We make no warranty or representation as to the time or route any particular transfer will take.

For transfers which are booked separately to your cruise, providing your transfer is operated with reasonable skill and care, we have no liability to you of any description on any basis in the event that you fail to arrive at the port prior to the latest check-in time for embarkation on the ship or at the airport prior to latest check-in with the airline as a result of any delay or failure in the operation of the transfer at any stage (including prior to departure from the airport or port) for any reason. Such reasons include, without limitation, traffic congestion, accident, breakdown (whether or not the accident or breakdown directly involves the transfer vehicle), diversion, road closure, road works and any force majeure. This exclusion applies whether or not we or the operator of the transfer were aware of the event or circumstances in question before the start of the transfer. You will be responsible for meeting all costs and expenses incurred as a result including, where applicable, those involved in joining the ship at a later port of call. We will not be liable to make any refund, meet any costs or expenses or pay any compensation or other sum of any description as a result.

We and the operator of the transfer have the right to refuse access to the transfer in the event that you are or appear to be intoxicated or behaving in a manner which is causing or may cause distress, disturbance or danger to any person travelling on, or the driver of, the transfer vehicle or damage to any property.

Without prejudice to any other provision of the terms set out in this clause, any liability which we may have to you on any basis for or in connection with any transfer which is booked separately to your • Book today 0845 201 8900 113

cruise will in any event be limited to a refund of the cost of the transfer in question paid to us except where the claim involves death or personal injury or loss or damage of luggage (see above). We will have no further or greater liability. Clause 10 of these Booking Conditions applies to claims involving death or personal injury. We are entitled to rely on clauses 9, 10(2), 10(4) and 10(7) of these Booking Conditions in relation to any claim against us.


Except as otherwise set out in these Booking Conditions you must indemnify us for any expense incurred by us which is not included in the holiday price you have paid to us including (without limitation) expenses relating to medical, dental or similar treatment, accommodation, transportation, repatriation or damage to property. You must also indemnify us for any costs, expenses or other sums we incur as a result of your failure to comply with any requirement of these Booking Conditions including, by way of example, failure to provide information in accordance with clause 17 (Secure Flight Passenger Data) or clause 18 (Advance Passenger Information).


For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, we are a data controller. In order to process your booking, we need to collect certain personal details from you. These details will include, where applicable, the names and contact details of party members, credit/ debit card or other payment details and special requirements such as those relating to any disability or medical condition which may affect the chosen holiday arrangements and any dietary restrictions which may disclose your religious beliefs. If we need any other personal details, we will tell you before we obtain them from you.

We need to pass on your personal details to the companies and organisations who need to know them so that your holiday can be provided (for example your airline, hotel, other supplier, credit/debit card company or bank). Such companies and organisations may be outside the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein if your holiday is to take place or to involve suppliers or other third parties outside these countries.

We would also like to store and use your personal details for future marketing purposes (for example, sending you a brochure or details of a promotion including by email). All details you give us in connection with your booking (including those relating to any disability or medical condition or your religious beliefs) will be kept but we will use only names and contact details for marketing purposes. You are entitled to opt out of marketing communications from us at any time if you do not wish to receive these

As a service to our Guests, we accept payment for items such as champagne and on board credit from friends, relatives or other persons who wish to provide a gift to particular Guests during their cruise. In order to provide this service, personal details of the Guests concerned need to be confirmed or provided to the person making the gift. If you do not want us to provide this service, please advise us at the time of booking.

Occasionally we hire other companies to provide services on our behalf, for example mailing information to our customers. We only provide those companies with the personal details relating to our Guests which they require in order to deliver the service. They are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose. We will ensure that anyone to whom we pass your details for this reason agrees to treat it with the same level of protection we are obliged to provide.

We will not disclose personal details to any other companies or organisations without your express consent.

We may need to disclose our customer database, including any personal data relating to you contained therein, to a third party who acquires or attempts to acquire all or substantially all of the assets or stocks in our company or our website service whether by merger, acquisition, reorganisation or otherwise.

If you do not want us to do any or all of these things, please let us know as soon as possible although please bear in mind this may mean we cannot provide the holiday or other services you have requested. We are entitled to assume you do not object to our doing any of the things mentioned in this statement unless you tell us otherwise.

Except where expressly permitted by the Data Protection Act, we will only deal with the personal details you give us as set out above unless you agree otherwise. We have appropriate security measures in place to protect this information.

You are generally entitled to ask us (by letter or e-mail) what details of yours are being held or processed, for what purpose and to whom they may be or have been disclosed. We will charge a fee to respond to such a request. We promise to respond to your request within 40 days of receiving your written request and fee. In certain limited circumstances we are entitled to refuse your request.

If you believe that any of your personal details which we are processing are inaccurate or incorrect please contact us immediately.

As our privacy statement may change due to developments in the law, we would encourage you to reread our privacy statement from time to time so that you are aware of any changes in how we gather and use personal information.

Telephone calls to us will be recorded and monitored for the purposes of providing a record of the booking process, training, accuracy and quality assurance.


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