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SFPD must be provided at the time of booking a flight inclusive holiday with NCL. For bookings which have already been made, the information must be provided when requested. Failure to do so, or the provision of inaccurate or incomplete details, will result in our being unable to take your booking, your booking being cancelled or your being denied boarding on your flight or entry into the US, as applicable. Cancellation charges will then apply and you will be responsible for all costs, fines and other sums which are incurred by NCL and/or the airline as a result.

Where you book cruise only with us, you are responsible for providing SFPD to the airline, if booking direct, or to your travel agent or tour operator, when requested to do so for all flights to the United States. If, as a result of failure to provide information when required or the provision of inaccurate or incomplete details, you are unable to take your NCL cruise, cancellation charges will apply as set out in our Booking Conditions.

Please note, the provision of SFPD is a separate requirement to the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation or ESTA – see clause 16 of our Booking Conditions.


For security reasons, the United States, most European and many other countries now require airlines to provide information about their passengers before they fly. This is known as Advance Passenger Information or API and includes full names, dates of birth, gender and passport details of all passengers but other details may also be required. For travel to or through the United States, API is a separate requirement to SFPD and the information required may be additional or different to the SFPD details referred to in clause 17. The airlines set their own deadlines for receipt of this information which may be well in advance of departure. If it is not provided when required, you may be refused boarding on your flight. In this situation, full cancellation charges will apply. Accordingly, you must provide us with all information we ask you for when we ask for it.

Where you book cruise only with us, you are responsible for providing API to the airline, if booking direct, or to your travel agent or tour operator, when requested to do so. If, as a result of failure to provide information when required or the provision of inaccurate or incomplete details, you are unable to take your NCL cruise, cancellation charges will apply as set out in our Booking Conditions.


We hold an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (ATOL 2752). When you buy an ATOL protected air package or flight from us, you will receive a confirmation invoice from us (or via our authorised agent through which you booked) confirming your arrangements and your protection under our ATOL number 2752. In the unlikely event of our insolvency, the CAA will ensure that you are not left stranded abroad and will arrange to refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking. Currently, £2.50 per Guest (other than children under the age of 2 who are not allocated their own seat on the flight) of your flight inclusive cruise price is paid to the CAA to provide this ATOL protection. For further information, visit the ATOL website at*. Not all holiday or travel services offered and sold by us will be protected by the ATOL Scheme.

*Please note: ATOL protection extends primarily to guests who book and pay in the UK

We are also a member of ABTA (ABTA number Y2687). If your holiday does not include flights, ABTA will financially protect your holiday in the same way except that, if already abroad, you will be returned to the point where your contracted arrangements with us commenced. Please go to for a copy of the guide to ABTA’s scheme of Financial Protection.

ABTA and ABTA members help holidaymakers to get the most from their travel and assist them when things do not go according to plan. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct.

For further information about ABTA, the Code of Conduct and the arbitration scheme available to you if you have a complaint (see clause 11), contact ABTA at 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ or see

We are also bonded with the Federal Maritime Commission in the USA.

20. DELAY AND DEVIATION We regret we are not in a position to offer you any assistance in the event of delay at your outward or homeward point of departure. We cannot accept liability for any delay which is due to any of the reasons set out in clause 9 of these Booking Conditions (which includes the behaviour of any passenger on the flight who, for example, fails to check in or board on time). In addition, we will not be liable for any delay unless it has a significant effect on your holiday arrangements and in this event our liability will be limited to a maximum of 10% of the price paid for your holiday.

In all situations the ship shall have liberty to proceed without pilots. The ship shall also be at liberty to deviate from the advertised route and to call (or omit to call) at any port or place to tow and assist vessels and to offer or render assistance to preserve life or property or for any other reason or purpose which in the judgment of the Master of the ship (whether alone or acting on advice from others) is reasonable including, but not limited to, weather conditions, operational matters, the medical condition of anyone on board or the safety, comfort or convenience of guests. Such deviation shall not give rise to any liability on our part and shall not represent a significant change to the holiday.


In accordance with EU Directive (EC) No 2111/2005, we are required to bring to your attention the existence of a “Community list” which contains details of air carriers that are subject to an operating ban with the EU Community. The Community list is available for inspection at

We are required to advise you of the carrier(s) (or, if the carrier(s) is not known, the likely carrier(s)) that will operate your flight(s) at the time of booking if your holiday is flight inclusive. Where we are only able to inform you of the likely carrier(s) at the time of booking, we will inform you of the identity of the actual carrier(s) as soon as we become aware of this. Any change to the operating carrier(s) after your booking has been confirmed will be notified to you as soon as possible.

We are not always in a position at the time of booking to confirm your flight timings. The flight timings on your confirmation invoice are for guidance only and are subject to alteration and confirmation. The latest timings will be shown on your e-tickets which will be available approximately two weeks before departure. You must accordingly check your tickets very carefully immediately on receipt to ensure


you have the correct flight times. It is possible that flight times may be changed even after tickets are made available – we will contact you as soon as possible if this occurs.

Any change in the identity of the carrier, your departure airport, flight routing or in flight timings will not entitle you to cancel or change to other arrangements without paying our normal charges except where specified in these Booking Conditions.

If the carrier with whom you have a confirmed reservation becomes subject to an operating ban as above as a result of which we/the carrier are unable to offer you a suitable alternative the provisions of clause 8 (Changes and cancellation by us) will apply.

Please note, you are subject to and bound by the terms and conditions of the airline which operates your flight. These can be viewed on the airline’s website. If you breach or fail to comply with the airline’s terms and conditions or become liable to make any payment to the airline and the airline as a result seeks payment of any sum from us, we will be entitled to claim that payment from you.

Airlines limit their liability in accordance with applicable international convention.

22. EMBARKATION TIMES You must comply with the boarding requirements detailed in the FAQs (see page 102-104). If you do not arrive to embark on time at any port or place then we shall have no liability in respect of the consequences. We shall not be obliged to delay or deviate from the intended itinerary and you must bear any and all costs arising as a result. Costs associated with transportation to rejoin the ship such as, but not limited to, travel costs, government fees, visa fees, subsistence, accommodation, air fare, launch fare, car hire or agency fees must be borne by you.


Services and goods provided during the holiday, service charge and any port or airport charges and taxes which are not included in the confirmed holiday price must be paid by you. Additionally, fares do not include travel insurance, drinks, hotel meals, shore excursions, UK regional flights (available at a supplement), personal expenses, cover charge at selected restaurants, any fuel supplement (NCL will continue to closely monitor global fuel prices to assess whether a fuel supplement will be necessary in the future. Please see & any other item not expressly included in the fare. Fares published are guideline prices, may be subject to change at any time and are subject to availability. Except where indicated, advertised fares are per person, based on double/twin occupancy and include relevant government fees and taxes in the amounts current and applicable at the time of publication.

We are confident that you will enjoy your Freestyle Cruising experience and that our entire crew will provide you with the standard of service for which we are known. A $12 discretionary service charge will be automatically added per guest per day (for guests three years and older) to your shipboard account for all staterooms unless pre-paid as set out below. This charge will be shared among those staff members, including restaurant staff, stateroom stewards and other behind-the-scenes staff who provide services that enhance your overall cruise experience.

The applicable service charge (currently £6.50 per person per day where pre-paid in the UK; no charge for children under 3) will be added to your booking at the time of confirmation. This charge will be shown separately on your confirmation invoice and will be payable at the same time as the balance of the holiday cost. If you do not wish to pay your service charge in this way, you may ask for it to be removed from your confirmation at the time of booking or at any time up to 2 weeks prior to departure. If you do so, the service charge will be added to your shipboard account. If you cancel your booking before departure but after paying your service charge, the service charge will be refunded in full. Service charges may be subject to change.

If you have any concerns about the service you receive during your cruise, please let our Guest Services Desk staff know right away, so we can address any issues in a timely manner. In the unlikely event that we can’t resolve your issue, you can have the service charge adjusted on board unless this has been pre-paid. Where your service charge has been pre-paid before departure, refunds are not available onboard and you must apply for a refund, if applicable, after your return home by writing to our Guest Relations department.

Where services or goods are provided on board the ship, payment must be made before you disembark. Without prejudice to any lien over your goods, you agree that we shall be entitled to prevent any baggage or goods belonging to or travelling with you from leaving the ship until all sums owed to us by you have been paid in full.


You must have received all medical inoculations necessary for the holiday in good time prior to the commencement of your holiday and you must have available for production as required during the holiday the passenger ticket, valid as required for the holiday, passport, visas, medical card and other documents necessary for the scheduled ports of call and disembarkation.

Travel documents are made available in the form of edocs. For specially requested paper tickets a service charge and postage fee of £10 per person will be payable


At any port or place we may refuse to embark or may disembark any Guest who, in the opinion of the Master, ship’s medical personnel or other authorised ship’s officer, might be excluded from landing at destination by Immigration or other Governmental Authorities or who may be suffering from contagious or infectious disease or whose presence, in the opinion of the Master, may be detrimental to the comfort or safety of other guests or the crew. In such cases the Guest concerned shall not be entitled to any refund of the holiday cost or compensation of any kind. Additionally, we will have no liability for any costs or expenses they incur as a result. In cases of quarantine of the ship involving detention of guests, each Guest must bear all risk and expense thereby caused and will be charged for food and accommodation during the period of detention, payable day by day, if maintained on board the ship, and for all other quarantine fees and expenses assessed or incurred in respect of the Guest.


You are subject to any and all baggage restrictions made by all carriers during the holiday, including air and land carriers. You are responsible for checking these prior to departure and accept responsibility for any baggage disallowed or additional charges caused by restrictions including any excess baggage charges levied by any air carrier. Our requirements for cruises are as follows. Only such clothes, effects

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