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Steve M. Rust P01 and Janet T. Rust P01 Philip R. San Giorgio P01 and Terri Sue San Giorgio P01 Mele F. Sato ’05 Hugh J. Saurenman ’67 and Linda Saurenman Erika A. Rice-Scherpelz ’04 and Jeffrey M. Scherpelz ’04 Wayne R. Schmus ’62 and Deborah Henderson Matthew J. Schnaider ’01 Stephen P. Schultz ’69 and Donna Dutton Ralph A. Schweinfurth ’87 and Leyan Schweinfurth Floyd R. Sedlund P84 and Ruth A. Sedlund P84 William G. Seeglitz ’70 and Linda Lee Seeglitz Jacob M. Seene ’05 and Sarah N. Seene Mark D. Sellers ’87 and Ann Sellers Laura Shaffer Mills ’86 and James Shaffer Adam M. Shane ’88/89 and Kathy Shane Diane Hancock Sheehy ’68. and Daniel Sheehy Jeff K. Shepherd ’88 and Christine Shepherd Erik A. Shimshock ’06 Khaldoun Shobaki ’96 Terry Shreve P06 and Donna Shreve P06 Daniel K. Shultz ’87 Robert D. Sill ’76/77 and Annie Sill Allen H. Simon ’82 and Julia Simon Rick A. Simon ’76 Joel I. Singer ’93 and Melissa C. Singer Dean E. Smith ’84 and Sharon Wetherby Deborah E. Smith ’95 Eric S. Smith ’85/86 and Valerie Smith


Melanie Killian-Smith ’80 and Paul Smith Ronald P. Smith ’83 and Cynthia Ann Smith Scott E. Smith ’76 and Ann Jean Smith Sally A. Richmond ’91 and Chris G. Smithtro ’91 Randall R. Spangler ’92 and Celeste Spangler Jessica H. Spaulding ’03 Gary O. Spessard ’66 and Carol A. Spessard Steven R. Spielman ’86 and Linda K. Sawyer Dean Stanphill P08 and Margaret Stanphill P08 Jacob R. Stern ’01 Craig A. Stewart ’80 and Paula Stewart Robert J. Stewart ’67 and Cheryl Britton Joe T. Stone ’63 and Gail A. Johnson Dawn Strahler ’98 Karen E. Studarus ’03 Simon M. Stump ’06 Robert A. Styerwalt ’62 P89 and Linda E. Styerwalt P89 Samuel K. Sun ’95 Erin E. Hartmann ’00 and Tony Sun Rachel I. Konda-Sundheim ’95 and Scott Sundheim Michael A. Szal ’02 David Taborsky P09 P12 and Glenda Taborsky P09 P12 Elliott S. Temkin ’05 Peter G. Tenenbaum ’89 Carly A. Thaler ’95 and Josh Thaler Gautam S. Thatte ’03 and Victoria Thatte Peter A. Thielen ’96 Daniel J. Thomas P05 and Jennie M. Thomas P05

he Founders is a newly formed donor recognition society which honors the visionary leadership of the College’s founders. When HMC was established in 1955, many of

the founders committed support for the long term. They knew that if the College was to succeed, a sustained annual giving program was required, and key to that program were donors who could make significant annual contributions. It was their hope that others would join them in making HMC an annual philanthropic priority. In order to honor those who made these initial commitments, three distinct levels were created to recognize alumni, parents and friends for their high level of personal commitment to the College. Generous annual gifts impact the quality of the HMC educational experience in many ways and help perpetuate the Founders’ inspiring legacy of annual giving.

Matching gifts from employers, corporations and foundations are included when determining recognition, raising the level of an individual’s society membership. Exclusive giving levels allow young alumni (those who have graduated within the last 10 years) to enjoy membership in The Founders society as well.


Mildred E. Mudd Platinum ($38,567 or more) Anonymous Wallis Annenberg John M. Benediktsson ’01 (T) and Rajashree Karwa Neil Chriss (T) and Natasha Chriss J. Joseph Connolly and Cynthia S. Connolly Kirk Arnot Day and Elizabeth S. Day Robert G. Engman and Mary Jane Engman Raymond E. Grainger ’88 (T) and Elisa R. Grainger

Richmond J. Hoch ’63 (T) and Diane C. Hoch John B. Kilroy Sr. and Nelly Kilroy Edward A. Landry (T) and Madeleine R. Landry Jude P. Laspa ’65 (T) and Eileen Laspa William A. Mingst (T) and Caryll S. Mingst R. Michael Shanahan (T) and Mary O. Shanahan Frederick B. Sontag ’64 (T) and Susan L. Sontag Norman F. Sprague III (T) and Marianne M. Sprague Michael G. Wilson ’63 (T) and C. Jane Wilson Bruce W. Worster ’64 (T) and Susan L. Worster

Michael T. Thompson ’71 Erik J. Torgerson ’97 and Theresa L. Keeler Donald L. Trapp ’61 Richard S. Trinh ’01 and Kendall Williams Sharon R. Lunt ’83 and Lee Tutt Marc M. Umeno ’90 Wayne Ung ’82 and Bridgett A. Ung Richard R. Utter P05 and Barbara Anne Utter P05 Paul G. Vahey ’90 and Sheri Vahey Kristen L. Van Horn ’03 William Vasek ’74 P11 and Connie Vasek P11 Grace M. Credo ’96 and Randy Vivian Nicolas G. von Gersdorff ’05 Michael D. Vrable ’04 Wayne W. Wakeland ’72/73 and Nadine J. Skjersaa Allan Walton P07 and Sally Walton P07 Allen R. Waltz ’64 and Judy Waltz John L. Ward ’00 Edward S. Wardell P08 and Lisa B. DuBois P08 Joseph D. Warren ’94 Craig B. Watkins ’76 Mechelle L. Watne ’92 and Brian K. Watne Carl G. Webb ’89 Steven A. Weinberg ’82/83 and Caryn Weinberg Robert W. Weingartner and Nancy M. Weingartner Timothy P. Wendler ’89 and Joanne Wendler Claire West P65 GP92/93 Walter L. Whipple ’62 and Jean Anne Whipple Roy A. Whiteker and Jean Whiteker Brian W. Williams ’77 and Teresa Williams Harry E. Williams James M. Wintermyre Jr. ’91/92 Kenneth T. Wise ’71 and Jackie Wise David Witkowski P09 and Sandra Witkowski P09 Arthur T. Wood Jr. ’66 and Pamela Jane Wood Stephen P. Woods ’76 and Diane Woods David R. L. Worthington ’67 and Carolyn L. Worthington Nywood Wu and Meriel L. Wu Kenneth K. Yagura P93 and Terry S. Yagura P93 Megan A. Yarnall ’06 Chuanpit C. Yeung ’82 P11 and Timothy W. Yeung ’82 P11 Darryl H. Yong ’96 Edward E. Yoshida ’74 and Sharon Yoshida Stephen Yu ’07

Jan-Mark Zentler ’76 and Deborah Zentler Robert Zielnicki P07 and Eugenia Zielnicki P07 Douglas B. Zody ’72 and Barbara Zody

Mildred E. Mudd Gold ($20,000 to $38,566.99) Deborah A. Byron P07 (T) and Jeffrey D. Bryon P07 Andrea Leebron-Clay P99 (T) and James Clay Howard C. Deshong III ’89 (T) and Jeannette Deshong Wayne A. Drinkward ’73 (T) and Julie Drinkward Nabeel K. Gareeb ’86/87 (T) and Humera Gareeb Timothy B. Hemming ’63 and Gail N. Hemming Brian W. Johnson ’98 and Marissa Anderson Maria M. Klawe (T) and Nicholas Pippenger Ronald K. and Maxine Linde Barbara A. Patocka P00 (T) and Everett Mattlin P00

Anonymous identified at the top of each category - (#-identifies number of anonymous). Deceased are identified as (d). FY0910 trustees identified as (T). H a r v e y Mu d d C o l l e g e F A L L /WI N T E R 2 0 1 0

4 8


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