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Stanley P. Sagan ’91 Karen K. DeLay P98 and Bill Roy Sandel P98 Gary J. Schantz ’67 and Donna Schantz Robert L. Schuler P01 and Judith M. Schuler P01 Itai Seggev ’99 Frederick D. Seitel ’75/76 and Lisa Seitel R. Michael Shanahan (T) and Mary O. Shanahan Michael M. Shane P88/89 Peter H. Shapley ’80 and Feng-hsi Liu William M. Sharp ’68 and Loretta Sharp Gary E. Shoemake ’62

Students in Assistant Professor Theresa Lynn’s physics class join forces on a class assignment.

Jeffrey A. Lawson ’99 John R. Leadbetter P80 and Catherine E. Leadbetter P80 Andrew Lees ’76 and Julie Lees Gerald D. Lehmer P81 and Eileen T. Lehmer P81 Charles D. Lemme ’66 and Linda Mahler-Lemme Cat Lynne Light P95 Joan Linderman P03 Lance M. Lissner ’72 and Eiko Lissner Roy Little P02 and Bonnie Little P02 Evelyn Litwin P79 Ronald M. Lloyd ’80 and Christy Lloyd Peter A. Loeb ’59 and Jane R. Loeb John J. Lulejian ’90 Wendy Lopez Magras ’83 and Michael G. Magras ’83 Leo G. Marcus ’66 and M. Rahel Marcus Elyssa B. Margolis ’99 James K. Martin ’81/82 and Kerry Martin David Stefan Martula ’95 Gene E. Mason ’91 and Maricela Mason Barbara A. Patocka P00 (T) and Everett Mattlin P00 Gary L. May ’82 and Lisa A. May T. Mark McCleskey ’87 and Eva R. Birnbaum Ian N. McCutcheon ’83 and Janet McCutcheon Mr. Francis McHugh P77 Richard K. McHugh ’92

Robert McKnight P02 and Lenore McKnight P02 Hugh S. McLaughlin ’76 and Lisa McLaughlin Abigail S. Brown ’96 and Daniel McLellan Carol E. Midford P83 Jeffrey J. Miller ’98 and Miho F. Miller Mark A. Miller ’72 Stefan J. Minott ’96. Thuc Kyle Miyashiro ’93 and Angela Miyashiro J. Matthew Moore P00 and Susan Adele Moore P00 Denis M. Moskowitz ’95 and Mary Alexander Agner Harvey S. Moskowitz P94 and Linda S. Moskowitz P94 Mildred E. and Harvey S. Mudd Foundation Philip Myhre and Mary Myhre David K. Naito P94 and Alice L. Naito P94 David H. Nakayama ’92 Gregory L. Nelson ’75

Roscoe C. Nelson IV ’97 and Holly Sterrett Terrance K. Nimori ’79 April E. H. Nissen ’98 and Walter I. Nissen III ’00 Edward J. O’Brien P03 and Florence E. O’Brien P03 Timothy J. O’Donnell ’74 William H. Oakes ’74 and Marcia H. Oakes Alan Okagaki ’74. and Donna Okagaki Daniel N. Oliver ’76 and Hope Oliver Eric G. Olsen ’76 and Helen Olsen Keith K. Onodera ’74 and Jill Tajima Samuel S. Osofsky ’85 and Joanne Osofsky Tobermory Ovod-Everett ’96 and Corina Ovod-Everett Robert R. Page P92 and Rheta M. Page P92 Jung H. Park ’89 and Elaine Chow Susan A. Parker ’86 A. Barry Patmore and Carole L. Patmore Ann Peppers Foundation Robert A. Petersen ’65 Mark D. Pitchford ’84 Matthew J. Plunkett ’92 and Jennifer Plunkett Robert L. Powell P77 and Neva Powell P77 Robert L. Powell ’77 Stephen P. Powers ’70 Maarten R. Pranger ’65 P92/93 and Karen L. Pranger P92/93 Robert J. Prodan ’71/72 and Gillian Alison Prodan Cheryl LeCompte Prowell ’98 and Ian M. Prowell ’99 Daniel A. Pryma ’98 and Katherine Pryma Hans E. Purkey ’96 and Vickie Tsui Nicholas O. Radov ’95 and Mirela Radov Gregory P. Rae ’00 Raghunathan Rajagopalan P99 and Rajalakshmi Rajagopalan P99 Glenn C. Rawsky ’91 and Rebecca Smith The Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship Fund Robert E. Robertson P72 and Patricia L. Robertson P72 Kyle G. Roesler ’89 and Angela Roesler Larry D. Roi ’69 and Caroline Roi Gary U. Rolle (T) and Della V. Rolle Ronald L. Roth ’69 and Alma Hayes Steven T. Roth ’88

Jan Sieberts P98 and Gail Sieberts P98 Carl H. Silsbee Jr. ’74 and Margaret Silsbee Gilbert F. Smith P95 and Barbara E. Smith P95 Otto Eric Smith ’92 and Kathryn Smith Catherine P. Snyder ’96 and Daniel R. Snyder ’96 Richard A. Sonner ’82 and Karen Sonner Edward Spacapan and Shirley C. Spacapan Floyd W. Spencer ’72 and Debra Dianne Spencer Donald E. Spirlock ’76 and Carol E. Frizzell John D. Strahler P98 and Carolyn Strahler P98 Wendy Duckworth Streitz ’83 P13 P13 and Frederick H. Streitz ’83 P13 P13 Steven W. Suljak ’95 and Wendy Suljak Peter Taborek ’74 and Barbara Preston Linda A. Tam ’87 and Rex Tam Kevin S. Tambara ’77 P14 and Charlene J. Tambara P14 Nelson E. Tamplin Jr. ’80. Douglas H. Teramura ’80 James A. Thomas ’83 Eric I. Thorsos ’65 and Terry Thorsos Burke Townsend ’62 and Karen Sue Townsend James Y. Tsai ’96 and Jen Ching Tsai George H. Tucker III P97 and Annie Laurie Tucker P97 W. Benjamin Tucker ’77 and Nancy L. Tucker Valri F. Ulmer and Dale E. Ulmer Francisco Valdes ’74 and Carolyn Valdes Ralph H. Van Middlesworth III ’65 and Cheryl Van Middlesworth

Joel D. Voelzke ’83 Kim E. Wagner ’87 and Neil Wagner W. David Walters P02 and Leanna L. Walters P02 Donald L. Ward ’65 and Joan M. Ward Jun Watanabe P94/95 and Charlotte Watanabe P94/95 Joan E. Webb P89 Stephen J. Weber P91 and Jane L. Weber P91 Benjamin E. Weiss ’94 Scott K. West ’92/93 Charles K. Westbrook ’67 and Annelle Westbrook Alice Colby Wheeler Trust William P. Wiesmann (T) and Sandy Wiesmann David M. Wilbur ’68 and Linda Wilbur Janice Kim Winch ’87 and William J. Winch Richard T. Wold and Lucy F. Wold Joanne Wolf P83 Steven L. Wolfe ’72 and Deborah Wolfe Truus Wolff P83 Brad Y. Wong ’97 Brian A. Wong ’74 P09 and Victoria A. Wong P09 Katy Wong ’97 (T) and Greg Wong Bruce R. Wood ’72 and Rebecca Stacey Wood Robert E. Woodard ’88 and Toni Woodard

Anonymous identified at the top of each category - (#-identifies number of anonymous). Deceased are identified as (d). FY0910 trustees identified as (T). F A L L /WI N T E R 2 0 1 0 H a r v e y Mu d d C o l l e g e 4 5

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