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Advancing the Strategic Vision 2009–2010 highlights

Innovation, leadership and impact

NEW CORE CURRICULUM: The faculty developed a new Core curriculum that provides the rigorous, broad-based knowl- edge and experience HMC is famous for, while creating flexibil- ity for students to pursue intellectual passions and take exciting new interdisciplinary electives or a foreign language class. The new Core was launched during fall 2010.

INNOVATIVE WRITING COURSE PILOTED: A math- ematician teaching writing? Yes, and that’s just the start. HMC is integrating writing instruction into the new Core in a way that creatively teaches writing skills to students majoring in STEM fields. Full-time faculty from every department completed writ- ing instructor training and then designed and taught the suc- cessful pilot. As more faculty receive training, they will teach a first-semester writing course and incorporate writing instruction throughout the curriculum.

FACULTY APPOINTMENTS SUPPORT THE NEW CORE: HMC welcomed new faculty to the departments of humanities, engineering and chemistry: Erika Dyson (religious studies, Ph.D., Columbia University), and Katherine Maloney, (chemistry, Ph.D., Cornell University, postdoctoral Research Fellow, Scripps Institution of Oceanography). Jennifer Tucker of Wesleyan University was the 2009–10 Hixon-Riggs Visiting Professor of Science, Technology and Society.

START-UP SAVVY: A search engine project, SwoopThat, earned Mudd seniors Jonny Simkin, Matt Kurtis and Alex Kurtis and Claremont McKenna College senior Kyle Casella a top award and a $4,500 investment prize in the annual Henry R. Kravis Concept Plan Competition. The search engine is dedi- cated to connecting local consumers with local retailers.


Recognition Top engineering program in nation 1st

14th/126 2nd/31

15th/371 12th/371 18th/371 24th/100 5th/100

Highest median salary for graduates, liberal arts & engineering colleges

Top-rated liberal arts college

Best Engineering Colleges by Salary Potential Professors Get High Marks Most Accessible Professors Students Study the Most

100 Best Values in Private Colleges America’s 100 Happiest Colleges

MOODY LEGACY: HMC honored the late Michael Moody, former chair of the math department who created one of the best undergraduate programs in the country, with a lecture series that seeks to illuminate the joy, wonder and applicability of mathematics. Moody died in January, 2010.

OUTSTANDING ALUMNI AND TRUSTEES: The Alumni Association honored three alumni for making significant commu- nity service contributions at Alumni Weekend, 2010. The Out- standing Alumni Award recipients were Jack Cuzick ’70 (math- ematics), a world-reknowned cancer researcher; Scott Pace ’80 (physics), a space policy advocate; and Phil Szuromi ’80 (chem- istry), a science editor. Lifetime Recognition Awards went to Norman Sprague III, HMC Board of Trustee member since 1979, and William Zimmerman, emeritus member of the board.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS BRING EXPERTISE: Joining the HMC Board of Trustees during 2009–2010 were Debbie Byron P07, former senior vice president at Business Objects and parent of Chris Byron ’07; Neil Chriss, mathematician, hedge fund manager, philanthropist and a founding board member of Math for America; Jennifer Lindsay ’02, a cryptologic engineer at Science Applications International Corporation, classically trained singer, violinist and composer; Nabeel Gareeb ’86/87, expert business strategist; Jonathan Mersel ’75, outgoing past president of the Alumni Association Board of Governors and principal engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation; Peter Muller, senior advisor of Morgan Stanley and head of Process Driven Trading; and Christopher Seib ’00, chief technology of- ficer and founder of InstaMed.

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