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Robert H. Wopschall ’62 and Sandra Lee Wopschall David L. Yamashita P02 and Marianne Yamashita P02 Steven J. Yukawa ’91 and Liane M. Yukawa Ronald John Zasadzinski ’89 Brian D. Zill ’86 Laura E. de Leon ’90 and Arnold D. de Leon ’90

Consistent Donors - 5-9 Years Anonymous (2) Mark D. Aagaard ’88 and Nancy Day Paul M. Aagaard P88 P94 and Marge Aagaard P88 P94 Andre V. Abramenko ’99 Steven H. Adachi ’82 and Janice Adachi Daniel A. Adent ’86/87 and Melanie Adent Don R. Albrecht ’71/72 and Martha S. Albrecht Kevin J. Alley ’05 James M. Alsup ’62 and Ruth Elaine Alsup Mark A. Anderson ’91 Laura Elizabeth Angell ’06 and Eric O. Angell ’04 Karen Angemi and Rich Angemi Paul C. Arpin ’06 Shanie J. U. Asato ’90 and Alan Asato Allison E. Auld ’04 Jeremy C. Baldwin ’85 Steven J. Barker ’67 Hal S. Barron and Katherine Kobayashi Ti-Chen Feng ’94 and Nicholas J. Bean ’93 Robert E. Beck ’63 and Barbara R. Beck Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Robert M. Bell ’72 and Alicia Bell Steven F. Bellenot ’70 and Ellen E. V. Rumsey James C. Bender ’74 and Beth Bender Paul F. Bente IV ’04 Philip W. Berk P78 and Ruth Berk P78 Robert L. Berkowitz ’81 Ernest Berliner P90 and Cecile Berliner P90 Joshua E. Berman ’95 Andrew P. Bernat ’70 P99 and Valerie Bernat P99 Michael W. Beug ’66 and Frances Ann Beug Christopher P. Blair ’94 and Heidi Allison Blair Ronald C. Blanc ’74/75 and Michelle Blanc Emily A. Greene ’83 and Paul Boberg Nicholas A. Bodnaruk ’01 Charles D. Boehm ’02 Bradley J. Bohnert ’88 and Katie Bohnert Robert L. Borton ’64. and Jan Borton John B. Bowen III P91 and Mary Margaret Bowen P91 Radhika Sondhi Bradley ’96 and Daniel C. Bradley ’96 Bruce J. Braly P09 and Pussadee B. Braly P09 Nancy C. Branlund P93 Thomas A. Brengle ’74 and Anita A. Brengle William R. Brew ’62 and Sandra G. Brew Charles F. Brown ’66 and Janet Brown Richard P. Brown ’87 T. Erik Browne ’94 Matthew G. Brubeck ’02 and Sarah Brubeck Robert D. Brummer ’77 Timothy C. Buchheim ’01 Shawn P. Bujalski ’81 P10 and Mary Bujalski P10 Mark A. Bullock ’78 and Nancy Bullock David P. Bunde ’98 and Jennifer Bunde Bruce G. Bundick P05 and Linda E. Bundick P05

Brian E. Burford ’73 and Karen Marie Burford Dale A. Burke P86 and Judy Burke P86 Sean P. Burke ’82 Douglas P. Burum ’74 and Karen Burum Philip A. Calhoun ’76 and Caryn Calhoun Joanna M. Callahan and Raymond Callahan David A. Campbell ’85 and Michelle Campbell Kathleen P. Campbell P05 P10 Ronald H. Campbell ’68 P98 P07 and Linda S. Campbell P98 P07 Merton D. Canady ’67 Martin A. Caniff ’74 and Charisse Caniff Gary S. Carino ’87 and Christine Carino Charles J. Carlino ’81 and Mariana M. Carlino Roger G. Carlson ’89 and Judy Carlson Ralph E. Carpenter Jr. ’61 and Vivian Lei Ping Carpenter Sarah L. Carrera ’75 Timothy R. Carroll ’80 and Rona Carroll Rebecca A. Carson ’06 Rachele S. Cawaring ’96 Mark K. Chang ’75 and Pam Chang Derrick C. Chau ’97 and Erika Torres Kenny C. Chen ’84 Luke L. Chen ’93 and Angela B. Chen John P. Cherniavsky ’97 and Alexis Cherniavsky Jocelyn K. Chew ’02 John C. Chou ’01 Jeffrey C. Chu ’77 and Sandy Chu Harrison K. Clark P98 and Carol A. Clark P98 Andrea Leebron-Clay P99 (T) and James Clay Susan Clifton P07 Todd E. Cochrane ’78 and Chun-Yen Cochrane Robert L. Coffman ’80 and Vicki Coffman Judson S. Cohan ’88 Howard D. Cohen ’69 and Marilyn Cohen David J. Coons and Kristin Fossum Alexis Coquillard Jr. P75 H. Richard Cordes III ’77 and Barbara R. Cook Amy L. Corley ’94 and Neil Corley Keith A. Cornell ’78 James A. Corno Jr. ’01 and Mary Corno Albert E. Cosand P00 and Lisa Brennan Cosand P00 James Courtney

Dan Crevier ’92 and Nicole Sunshine Crevier C. Kelley Crossman ’61 and Penny Anne Crossman Craig R. Dandurand ’94 and Alison Dandurand Alan Dauger P94 and Marlene Dauger P94 Robert S. Davidson P06 P10 and Shellie Specter P06 P10 Janet Davis ’99 and Brooks E. Davis ’98 Robert T. Davis ’91 Michael L. Day ’78/79 and Galina Day Joel Dean Foundation, Inc. Leonardo A. Del Campo ’04 E. Barton Denechaud ’62 Srianee M. Dias P91 Dennis J. Diestler ’64 Jennifer Dirksen ’02 and Nathaniel C. Dirksen ’02 Paul D. Dossa ’06 Kenneth J. Dreshfield ’80 and Susan Jackson Kendra Dresner ’03 and Kurt Mauro Dresner ’02 Wayne A. Drinkward ’73 (T) and Julie Drinkward Priscilla M. Drucker P02

Alice Lee ’96 and Adam Robert Dutra Donald Edberg P08 and Catherine Edberg P08 Roger A. Elkins P93 and Fidensia Elkins P93 Chitoh M. Emetarom ’92 Dirk A. Epperson ’71 and Betty Epperson Jonathan C. Erickson ’01 and Sarah Erickson William M. Ervin ’81 and Paula Ervin Carlene S. Estacion P82 Terence G. Esvelt P04 and Ann Esvelt P04 William D. Farwell ’67 and Martha Farwell Jonathan M. Faul ’03 and Amanda Faul Terence L. Faul P03 and Sharon M. Faul P03 Mark R. Faust ’92 and Rachael Nusbaum Benjamin S. Feinstein ’01 Samuel H. Feldman ’06 Tammy G. Liu Fernandez ’98 and William Sanford Fernandez III ’98 Ruth E. Festini ’78 P06 P09 and Frank P. Festini ’77 P06 P09

Nathan D. Field ’00 Marisa N. Fierro and Elsa De Leon Michael W. Flanders ’83 and Maria Cristina Flanders Leslie H. Fletcher ’04 Andrew B. Flint ’95 and Amy Flint Juan Carlos Flores ’97 and Hannah Flanagan Terry L. Flower ’74 and Susan Flower Thomas Fluet P99 and Marcia Fluet P99 Karl C. Focke ’71 and Jan T. Focke Chad E. Foerster ’05 Molly E. Waring ’03 and Benjamin FrantzDale ’03 James C. Frinier ’96 and Amelia Frinier Lee C. Garver ’76 Glenn M. Gebhart ’00 and Lisa Dawn Teneyck Jon F. Geibel ’72 and Betsy Geibel Thomas R. Getts ’71. and Ginny Getts Fredric C. Gey ’62 and Sandra G. Gey Nikhil N. Gheewala ’04 and Tanvi Monga Merleen Smith Gholdston ’74 and Edward Gholdston Tedd C. Gibson ’74 and Wongduen Gibson David F. Gleich ’04 and Laura Bofferding Anthony R. Gnecco ’89 and Keri Gnecco Hector Gonzalez ’86 and Yolanda Gonzalez Raymond Lee Gordon III ’72 P11 and Debbie Gordon P11 Wendell P. Goring ’70

Stephanie Graham and Mark Graham Raymond E. Grainger ’88 (T) and Elisa R. Grainger Jonathan E. Grant ’03 and Stephanie Grant Terrance B. Gratton P02 and Ramona Gratton P02 George Douglas Green ’88 and Patricia Green David A. Griffith ’87 and Elizabeth C. Griffith Lori E. Gross P08 Shamit Grover ’05 Vi T. Nguyen ’05 and Brendan R. Haberle ’05 Patrick K. Hagiwara ’68 and L. Hatsumi Hagiwara Robert L. Hall ’62 and Sandy Hall H. Christopher Hamaker ’75 and Kelly Hamaker Russell S. Hamilton ’94 and Susan A. Hamilton Jennifer S. Hango ’95 Christopher R.H. Hanusa ’01 and Audrey Gillant Henry A. Harding P83 and Allene Harding P83 Eric T. Harley ’04 and Sarah Rice Rachel N. Harris ’06

Anonymous identified at the top of each category - (#-identifies number of anonymous). Deceased are identified as (d). FY0910 trustees identified as (T). 4 6 H a r v e y Mu d d C o l l e g e F A L L /WI N T E R 2 0 1 0

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