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Norman F. Sprague III (T) and Marianne M. Sprague Gordon D. Sproul ’66 and Nancy Sproul David J. Stuit ’89 James A. Styerwalt ’69 and Suzi Holler Dewey P. Szemenyei Jr. ’74 and Clarita Szemenyei Phillip D. Szuromi ’80 Karen L. Taggart ’77 Donn T. Takebayashi ’83 and Doreen S.L.L. Takebayashi Loon-Seng Tan ’76 and Katharine L.J. Wu B. Samuel Tanenbaum P88 and Carol Tanenbaum P88 David M. Tanenbaum ’88 and Judy Tanenbaum Ellen R. Laderman ’86 and Steve Tavan Thomas E. Taylor III ’77 Alan T. Teruya ’83/84 and Robbie Teruya Jefferson W. Tilley ’68 and Katherine L. Tilley Vincent M. Tobin ’83 and Elaine Tobin Loretta H. Tong ’86 and Albert Tong E. Wayne Torigoe ’69 and Karen S.Y. Ho Dr. Thomas H. Valk ’69 and Cindy Valk Gerald R. Van Hecke ’61 J. Kim Vandiver ’68 and Kathleen Vandiver J. Gregory Wease ’69 and Nancy Lee Wease J. Andrew Wehrenberg ’72 Dee R. West ’65 P92/93 and Joan H. West P92/93 Michael W. J. West ’77 Maurice A. White ’61 and Susanne H. White Denise Fisher Widergren ’81 and James F. Widergren ’81/82

Dale A. Wiersma ’76 and Diane Wiersma Roger L. Williams ’63 and Gwen Williams Michael G. Wilson ’63 (T) and C. Jane Wilson John B. Winther ’73 and Linda Winther Mala E. Arthur ’82 and Phillip R. Wolf ’83 Madelynne Wolfe P72 Edward C. Wood Jr. ’66 and Janice Rae Wood Bruce W. Worster ’64 (T) and Susan L. Worster Gabriel T. Y. Zee ’72 and Dixie Ann Zee Maria G. Zevallos ’78

Consistent Donors - 10-19 Years Anonymous (5) Maxwell Asare Adofo ’83/85 Jana Allen ’91 and Clark E. Allen ’91 American Chemical Society Peggy M. Anschutz ’77 Aaron F. Archer ’98 and Melissa Bjelland Juanita Arias P96 Bruce L. Arnheim ’80 and Sumi Arnheim Annie A. Atiyeh and Marc Atiyeh Bruce Auld P04 and Martha Auld P04 John F. Bagby ’68 and Elizabeth Shirley Bagby Jonathan M. Ball ’91 and Jennifer Ball Irene Barela Elizabeth A. Baughman David A. Baylor (T) and Shirley Baylor Kelly Michael Beck ’90 and Kathy Beck J. Terry Beckett ’61 and Joy Edwards-Beckett Peter L. Belding ’94 Bruce J. Benedict ’72 and Lyn Benedict William F. Benkovsky ’63. Paul F. Bente III P04 and Henrietta Bente P04 Steven R. Bentley ’78 and Coleen Bentley

Robert R. Berbec ’66 Patricia P. Berge ’92 and Thomas A. Berge ’85 Erin Conley Bester ’97 and Joseph W. Bester ’97 L. Victor Bilger ’67 and Marna Bilger Michael W. Blasgen ’63 (T) and Sharon W. Blasgen Thomas H. Bleakney ’69 Shirley C. Monroe ’92 and Skyler Bode The Boeing Company Steven M. Boettcher ’84 Ronald A. Borrell ’76 and Kerry Borrell Edward O. Bowen ’91 and Angela C. Haist-Bowen J. Brian Boyle ’67. John G. Bradfute ’77 and Cheryl Knight Eric C. Branlund ’93 C. David Brown ’91 and Kristin L. Burr Brian K. Butler ’89 and Karen Butler Larry B. Butler ’63 and Sherry Butler Linda C. Butler P88 Charles E. Cardwell ’66. and Catherine A. Cardwell Bruce E. Carr P98 and Diana D. Carr P98 Carl H. Carrera ’75/76 and Cheryl Leigh Carrera Mary Ann Cashion ’71 and Bryan S. Cashion ’70 James M. Cassi ’84 and Kristin Cassi Donald D. Chamberlin ’66 and Judith Ann Chamberlin Frank W. Chambers P02 and Diane P. Chambers P02 Sherman M. Chan ’76 and Irma Velazquez Sunney Chan P86 and Irene Yuk-Hing Chan P86 Palmer S. Chase ’65 and Madie J. Chase Michael J. Chejlava ’75 Catherine E. Greene ’98 and Henry Chin ’98 F. Michael Christ ’77 and Chun Li Christ Ken D. Clardy ’64 and Lara Jo Clardy Thomas C. Clarke P03 and Mildred J. Clarke P03 Richard W. Cline ’73 and Daryl Cline Edward I. Cohen P92 and Elizabeth R. Cohen P92 Richard C. Colyear Douglas H. Conner ’76 and Margery Conner William T. Costley II P89 and Beverley M. Costley P89 James L. Crum P00 and Linda J. Crum P00 Noel D. D’Angelo ’97 Dean E. Dauger ’94 and Caroline Dauger Francis A. DeCarvalho ’75/76 and Carol Guidry Bruce L. DePriester ’74 and Sharon B. DePriester Martha Dennis and Edward Dennis Howard C. Deshong III ’89 (T) and Jeannette Deshong Selena Billington ’71 and James W. Dewey Katharine Sims-Drew ’00 and Shane Drew R. Andrew Duncan ’71 and Constance J. Duncan Richard S. Elet ’80 Benjamin C. Elgin ’98 and Conni Covington Brenda L. Fedor ’94 and Damon Fedor Ken S. Feldman ’78 and Gail Feldman Edmond O. Fey ’70 and Catherine Fey Bradley D. Fischer ’81 and Katherine Setar Jason A. Fredrickson ’99 Kathy A. French ’97 Rhett Fulwider ’85 and Cindy Fulwider Cybele Hijar Gabris ’91 and Steven M. Gabris Jennifer M. Galvin ’91 Nan Gary ’79/80 and John Gary Ryan R. Gatti ’98 Jonathan E. Gayek ’79 and Elizabeth Hood

Peter A. Gebauer ’65 and Janet L. Gebauer Frank L. Gebhart P00 and Roberta K. Gebhart P00 Lester S. Gibo ’76 Keith E. Gollwitzer ’86 and Sarah J. Snyder John A. Graves ’83/84 and LuAnne Graves Jeffrey B. Guild ’90 and Victoria Guild Jerome W. Hall ’65 and Loretta E. Hall David C. Hamilton P94 and Margot A. Hamilton P94 Alan K. Harder ’95 and Aruna M. Harder Michael C. Harding ’88 John F. Harrell ’69 and Pamela Harrell David and Jennifer Money Harris

James Hartmann P00 and Martha Hartmann P00 Richard C. Haskell and Nancy V. Hamlett John Hastings ’90 and Teri Hastings R. Michael Hayes P98 and Lorretta Hayes P98 Scott J. Hazelwood ’85/86 and Rachael Hazelwood Wendy K. Hein ’97 Katrina F. Heinze ’90 and Harold A. Heinze ’90 Tarah S. Reynolds Helliwell ’98 and Dylan W. Helliwell ’98 Polly E. Heninger ’80 Ronald M. Hidinger ’71/72 and Holly Hidinger Richmond J. Hoch ’63 (T) and Diane C. Hoch Timothy G. Holdener ’86 Hunt Holladay P79 and Janet Holladay P79 Marie Y. Kao-Hsieh ’94 and Matthew M. Hsieh Howard Hughes Medical Institute Michael J. Hughes ’73 and Lisa Hughes Robert A. Hulse ’96/97 and Tina Hulse Susan C. Hulsizer ’82 and Michael A. Hulsizer John F. Hurst III ’64 and Sally Carlson Hurst Andrew D. Hutchings ’98 Gene E. Ice ’72 and Rosalyn McKeown-Ice Charles E. Iverson ’66 and Rebecca C. Ritchie Iverson Michelle M. Ivey ’95 Jerome Jackson ’76 Nathan M. Jakubiak ’99 and Jenny Jakubiak Gina C. Janke ’87 and David Janke David T. Jennings ’93 and Lise Abrams Jeffrey P. Jensen ’92 and Rebekah Jensen Kim E. Jensen ’98 and Steuard B. Jensen ’98 William C. Jensen ’69 and Susan Jensen Alexander C. Johnson ’99 and Stela Johnson Brian W. Johnson ’98 and Marissa Anderson Jon L. Johnson ’70 and Carol Johnson Catherine C. Ressler ’75 and Douglas E. Jones James M. Jowdy ’97 Reginald Jue ’75 and Kathryn Jue Bruce Karney ’74. and Twana Karney Harvey R. Kaslow ’71 and Alicia McDonough Haing Woo Kim P84 and Sook Young Kim P84 Michael M. Kimura P91 and Carol Jean Kimura P91 Kathryn A. Kubasak ’87/88 and Theodore A. Kubasak ’87/88 Mitsuru Kubota and Jane Kubota Kenneth P. Kuskey ’63 and Martha A. Kuskey Keith T. Kuwata ’91 and Alexa Kuwata Jay A. Labinger ’68 and Andrea Labinger Anthony J. Landler ’67 and Sharon Lee Landler William H. Lang ’73/74 and Nancy Lang John A. Larkin P98 and Marie F. Larkin P98 Gary L. Larson ’72 and Maria J. Larson

Anonymous identified at the top of each category - (#-identifies number of anonymous). Deceased are identified as (d). FY0910 trustees identified as (T). 4 4 H a r v e y Mu d d C o l l e g e F A L L /WI N T E R 2 0 1 0

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