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Consecutive Giving

HMC would like to provide special acknowledgement to long-term donors and to bring distinction to those individuals who support the College through sustained giving.

Consistent Donors - 20+ Years Charles F. Abbott ’66 Mary Carpenter Abe ’81 and David K. Abe ’81 Philip G. Abrahamson ’75 and Dana Shelley Abrahamson Stephen Abrahamson P75 P76 and Evelyn G. Abrahamson P75 P76 Melanio L. Aczon P93 and Hortencia Aczon P93 E. Eric Adams ’70 and Pat Adams The Ahmanson Foundation Osamu Aishima P94 and Yoshiko Aishima P94 Mark S. Allen ’73/74 and Linda Allen ARCS Foundation, Inc. Robert C. Ashenfelter ’61 Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Eric J. Austin ’80 and Yanina Kisler R. Scott Bailey ’85 and Denise N. Bailey R C Baker Foundation Penelope J. Barrett ’67 and Patrick J. Barrett ’66 James C. Bean ’77 and Margaret Bean Bradley L. Bobbs ’75 P03 Scott C. Boegeman ’86 Daniel A. Borton ’90 and Joan Borton Alan G. Bostrom ’62 and Kerry Bostrom Henry E. Brady ’69 and Patricia Kates Kenneth S. Brown ’67 and Marian Brown Michael L. Bugg ’73/74 and Lou Ann Bugg Robert D. Busch ’71 and Suzanne Busch David R. Buss ’62 and Mary Carleen Buss Victoria A. Cagle ’80 and Gary Cagle Gregory L. Campbell ’70 William T. Carpenter ’87 and Aoko Carpenter Craig M. Chapman ’86 and Frank Ozaki Robert P. Charrow ’66 and Veda Rachel Charrow Louisa Lai-Sze Mak ’82 and Shun Cheung ’81 Nor Ter Chiang ’79 and Jessica Chiang E. H. Clark Jr. and Patricia Clark Robert C. Clark Jr. ’63 and Shirley Ann Clark George R. Clary ’72/73 Larry E. Clifner P83/84 and Alice Clifner P83/84 Daren B. H. Cline ’78 and Marlene Cline Lena O. Coffman P80 Bruce I. Cohen ’70 and Sharon Ann Krause John R. Cologgi ’81 and Deborah A. Cologgi Iris C. Critchell and Howard Critchell Emmett E. Curran II ’67 and Marcia Curran Calvin J. Curtis ’73 P04 and Lee Curtis P04 Eric D. Danielson ’87 N. Christian Datwyler P86/87 and Sally Datwyler P86/87 G. William Daub and Sandy Hollenberg Harry R. Davis P74. and Mary Jo Davis P74. Nathaniel Davis and Elizabeth Davis Robert S. De Pietro ’69 (T) Julie Kaya DeFord ’69 P08 and David L. DeFord ’70 P08 James A. Dewar ’66 and Ruth Foster Dewar George Diehr ’63 P90 and Judy Diehr P90 Stanley A. Dodds ’68

Dennis P. Donohoe ’77 and Mary Margaret Donohoe Denis Drapeau ’74 and Donna Drapeau Mark W. Eliot ’85 and Kelly D. Moran James E. Enstrom ’65 and Marta E. Enstrom James K. Erickson ’75 James M. Fake ’71/72 and Barbara Fake Jon G. Foletta ’79 and Karen Foletta Walter A. Foley ’69 P99 (T) and Percsilla L. Foley P99 Stephen D. Freeland ’82 P11 and Janice Freeland P11 Robert A. Freitas Jr. ’74 and Nancy Freitas Robert P. Frueholz ’73 and Patricia Frueholz Janet Brotemarkle Gallo ’62 and John F. Gallo Robert J. Galvan ’70 and Leslie Galvan Nancy S. Gamer Margaret A. Ghiron ’89 and Ken Ghiron Julia Freer Goldstein ’88 and Martin Goldstein Curt Graham ’90 and Melanie Z. Graham David E. Greenfield ’84 and Karri Greenfield Suzanne M. Gruber ’87 Sandra Phillips Guldman ’62 and Thomas A.R. Guldman John V. Halas ’73 and Christina Halas Jeffrey M. Hall ’72 Larry S. Handa ’78 and Lynn Handa Donald L. Hanson ’72 and Susan G. Hanson Harold H. Harris ’62 and Mary E. Harris William R. Hartman ’62 and Sandie Hartman Robert R. Hastings P90 P93 and Mary C. Hastings P90 P93

Douglas W. Hathaway ’80 and Joan Hathaway Irving H. Hawley Jr. ’64 and Joan Hawley Richard K. Helling ’80 and Denise A. Helling Timothy B. Hemming ’63 and Gail N. Hemming Robert J. Herling ’67 and Ricki Ann Herling Patricia J. Hildebrand ’63 Craig L. Hillemann ’75 Wilson H. Hoffman ’67 and Patricia Hoffman Dennis L. Holeman ’68 and Jeanette Sill-Holeman Frederick J. Hollinger ’65. and Gay Hollinger Wilson Hom ’73 Charles W. Horton ’73 and Elizabeth Horton Peter D. Hoyt ’71 George E. Innis ’74 Lori Ives ’61 and Robert T. Ives Charles F. Johnson ’67 Dean L. Johnson ’73 and Susan Johnson Frances A. Ferris ’80 and Stephen W. Jones Kenneth A. Jonsson (T) (d) Leonard M. Kahn ’71 and Terry Ann Kahn Walter R. Keller ’64 and Elizabeth Keller Duane J. Knize Jr. ’72/73 and Lynn Knize Tom and Valley Knudsen Foundation Denise L. Ko ’90 and Kelly R. Ko Michael E. Kopp ’78 and Cheryl Kopp J. David Kruger ’66 Eric L. Kvamme ’89/90 and Donna L. Kvamme Edward A. Landry (T) and Madeleine R. Landry Jude P. Laspa ’65 (T) and Eileen Laspa Paul T. Layman Jr. ’68 Terry S. Lee ’68 and NanYong S. Lee William D. Leppo ’61 and Brenda Leppo Malcolm Lewis ’67 (T) and Cindy Lewis Ronald K. and Maxine Linde

Mike B. Lopez ’80 The Los Angeles Philanthropic Foundation Wyatt F. Luce ’78 and Terri L. Luce Mark P. Lutz ’71. Gregory A. Lyzenga ’75 and Mary Lyzenga Robert E. MacFarlane ’62 and Janet B. MacFarlane A. John Mallinckrodt III ’73 and Carol Mallinckrodt Kermit D. Matthews P77/78 and Mary Matthews P77/78 Amy Hirata ’88 and Gregory P. McDonald ’87/88 Robert C. McOwen ’73 and Barbara McOwen Russell L. Merris ’64 and Karen D. Merris Jonathan Mersel ’75 and Marion C. Peters Clifford A. Miller (T) and Judith Miller Jack R. Miller and Audrey E. Miller Linda L. L. Miller ’83 Jeffery L. Mitchell ’79 and Janet Mitchell Carolyn Wetzel Moeglein ’84 and Mark L. Moeglein ’87 Gary Mohler ’78 and Sarah Ramcharan Craig R. Moles ’85 and Nancy L. Moles Thomas W. Moran ’65 and Gillian Moran Joan H. Moreau ’89 and Robert Moreau Mark A. Muntean ’79 and Jolyn Montgomery David M. Nii ’81 and Pamela Brunner Beverly J. Orth ’74 and Tony D. Noe ’74 Michael J. O’Neill ’68 and Ann O’Neill John A. Ogren ’74/75 and Janice E. Lippard Scott M. Olmsted ’74 and Barbara T. Walker Richard G. Olson ’62 and Kathy Collins Olson Ronald G. J. Ong ’89 Scott N. Pace ’80 and Dana Johnson Michael L. Pappas ’77 Peter T. Paterno ’72 Tarik Peterson ’71. Frederick H. Pickel ’74 (T) and Carol B. Chilk Joseph B. Platt and Jean F. Platt Kenneth R. Pope ’61 and Amal Pope San-San K. Price ’89 and Hoppy Price Steven L. Pucci ’79 and Cathy Del Masso Robert S. Rath ’74 and Mary J. Rath Jennifer Holladay ’79 (T) and Steven Reich Mark L. Rentz ’78 and Jane Rentz Brian C. Roach ’72 and Carol Roach Norman C. Robbins and Carolyn Robbins Brian G. Rohrback ’74 and Lisa Rohrback Martin A. Rudat ’74 and Caroline Rudat John M. Sawka ’72 and Barbara Jane Sawka Stuart E. Schaffer ’81 and Karen A. Schaffer Freya Figland Schmus ’62. Richard G. Sears ’65 and Hollis Sears John V. Sell ’72 Joseph G. Shanks ’79 and Yvonne Shanks Joanne Fisk Shapard ’67. P99 and Thomas D. Shapard ’65 P99

Henry C. Shefelbine ’63 and Nancy Shefelbine Sally A. Siemak ’72 and John B. Siemak Richard C. Silver ’62. and Kay Silver Donald N. Simkins ’74/75 and Elissa Simkins Shelley M. Skinner ’80 Dana L. Smith ’77 David A. Smith ’69 and Rosy M. Smith Pamela J. Smith ’82 and Gray Thomas Smith Frederick B. Sontag ’64 (T) and Susan L. Sontag

Anonymous identified at the top of each category - (#-identifies number of anonymous). Deceased are identified as (d). FY0910 trustees identified as (T). F A L L /WI N T E R 2 0 1 0 H a r v e y Mu d d C o l l e g e 4 3

HONOR ROLL 2009-2010

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