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Jon J. Hart ’69 and Beverly Hart J. Dale Harvey (T) and Stephanie Harvey Thomas E. Haskett P00 and Patricia Haskett P00 Charles M. Hastings ’02 Glen T. Hastings ’93 and Janel Hastings William S. Helliwell ’66 P98 and Sharon Helliwell P98 Roger V. Hendrickson P89 and Patricia Hendrickson P89 Nicolas A. Hertl ’03 Richard C. Hertzberg ’68 and Vicki Hertzberg Frederick S. Hillier P86 and Ann L. Hillier P86 The Rose Hills Foundation Dylan H. Hixon (T) and Camomile Hixon David Chi-Ching Ho ’86 Lucille W. Ho P86 Martin J. Hoecker-Martinez ’01 and Elizabeth T. Hoecker-Martinez Steven M. Hogan ’74 and Helen T. Hogan Gordon J. Hogenson ’92 and Jeni Hogenson Tina Okawa ’91 and James Hom Mitzi Howard ’74 and Robert S. Howard ’72 M.D. J.D. Ph.D Glenn B. Hudson P07 and Ellen Hudson P07 Paula Hagedorn Diehr ’63 P90 and Frank W. Hughes Douglas S. Hulbert ’70 and Susan Shaw Hulbert Mark D. Hutchings P07 and Elizabeth Ann Hutchings P07 One H. Kim ’04

Daniel John Hyman ’94 Matthew Inchol Hyon ’94 and Maureen Thurman Hyon Roy M. Ishikawa ’71 and Shirley K. Ishikawa Allison E. Jacobs ’04 and Aaron C. Jacobs ’04 Robert A. Jacobson ’64 and Judith M. Jacobson Robert L. Jardine ’71 and Ellen Rose Jardine Peter Jarvis P07 and Anne Jarvis P07 Christopher S. Jazwa ’05 Gary L. Jensen P02 and Mi Chi Jensen P02 Edward E. Johnson (T) and Susan P. Johnson Elizabeth Edwards Johnson ’78 Robert K. Johnson ’68 and Diane Johnson Paul W. Johnston P73 and Lillian Johnston P73 Emily Kajita ’02 Brian W. Kalcic P06 and Lynn A. Kalcic P06 Christine L. Kalcic ’06 Laura M. Kanofsky ’04 Henry C. Kapteyn ’83 and Margaret Murnane David Dean Kays and Nancy E. Kays Paul M. Kenney ’78 and Deborah Kenney MacLane C. Key ’96 Neville H. Khambatta ’01 Jan-Michael Y. Kho ’98 A. Joseph Killian ’68 and Diana Schmidt John B. Kilroy Sr. and Nelly Kilroy

Jooyoung John Kim ’90 and Jungsook Monica Kim Genji C. Kitagawa ’89 and Becky Kitagawa L. Charles Knight ’73 and Suzanne Knight William Konya ’83 and Amanda Konya George H. Kuan ’04 Robin L. Cole ’81 and Richard R. Kubota ’82 Steven Kunkle P05 and Holly Kunkle P05 Cathy M. Kurata ’03

Whitman Kwok ’97 and Michelle Tung Kwok Ross V. La Fetra ’84/85 and Sue La Fetra Norman Labelson P93/94 and Carol Labelson P93/94

Sharon E. Ungersma ’98 and Thaddeus D. Ladd ’98 Ralph R. Lake ’67 P09 and Janis Lake P09 Bruce R. Land ’68 Ephraim R. Lanford ’06 Andrew A. Lange ’90 and Michelle Lange Scott F. Lange ’69 and Terry A. Lange Andrew Lapayowker P09 and Sarah McCafferty P09 John W. Larson ’79 and Maria Elena Larson Neil S. Laughlin ’96 and Stacy Brown Khai D. Le ’76 and Colette Le Robert S. Lee ’85 and Kay M. Lee Anne Kroeker P06 (T) and Richard Leeds P06 Kenneth D. Lehmer ’81 and Joann S. Lehmer Michael Leung ’78 and Rebecca Lynn Leung K. Scott Lewallen ’90/91 and Kristina R. Lewallen Stephanie Boegeman ’99 and Christopher L. Lewis ’99 Hanhan Li ’05 David Liao ’05 Steve Lin ’06 Jennifer M. Lindsay ’02 (T) Colin E. Little ’02 Todd E. Litwin ’79 and Karen Litwin Clare M. Livak ’75 and Kenneth J. Livak ’74 Mark Locascio ’77 and Debbie K. Locascio Thomas C. Loomis P97 and Elaine N. Loomis P97 Janet Lui ’04

Adam Lutchansky ’03 Richard W. Madison ’92 Fedor Malikov P06 and Ekaterina Malikov P06 Ernest G. Manes ’63 Ronalee J. Mann ’01 and David A. Mann ’01 Christopher W. Marble ’78 and Elizabeth Marble Paul M. Margolis ’82 Bryan D. Marten ’90 and Valerie J. Risk David T. Martula P95 and Tanyss Martula P95 James D. Mason P02 and Carol Engel-Mason P02 Julian L. Mason P06 and Margie Mason P06 David K. Matsumoto ’81 and Liz Matsumoto Lynne E. Mayeda P08 Riyad M. Maznavi ’98 James W. McBride ’85 and Joan Marie McBride Robert R. McBride ’80 and Linda Mary McBride Elizabeth E. Medley ’69 and Harold Jay Medley Fernando A. Medrano ’02 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation David M. Mercer ’91 and Robyn Hetrick John C. Mercer ’71 M. Steve Merrill P93 and Patricia Merrill P93 Adrian M. Mettler ’04 Ross A. Meyercord ’90 and Keara Meyercord Mark W. Milke ’81 and Janet Milke Joel C. Miller ’00 and Anja Slim Donald C. Mills P86 and Shirley F. Mills P86 William A. Mingst (T) and Caryll S. Mingst Richard P. Minneman P96 and Andrea Marie Minneman P96 Nicole J. Moore ’03 and Matthew D. Moore Christopher J. Moreno ’01 Anthony J. Moretti P07 and Margaret E. Moretti P07 Edward W. Morgan ’74 and Christine Morgan Marty R. Mosier ’77 Dan Murphy Foundation

Donald W. Murphy ’68 and Carolynne Murphy Tina M. Nakasone ’91 and Cass Nakasone Hodong Nam ’88 and Mary Ragan Macgill Jose G. Nevarez P09 P12 and Sylvia T. Nevarez P09 P12

Thang Nguyen P05 P11 and Huong Nguyen P05 P11 Kirk A. Norenberg ’81 Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Thomas R. Norris ’68 and Karen Drury Heather K. O’Brien ’03 Gregory O’Connor P04 and Edna M. O’Connor P04 Dean S. Oliver ’75 and Mary Alice Oliver Markus D. Ong ’03 Elizabeth J. Orwin ’95 and Paul M. Orwin ’95 Edward A. Owen ’63 and Margaret L. Owen Ord B. Pace P80 and Nobie Pace P80 Daphne G. Park ’05 Justin M. Pava ’02 Jonathan R. Pearson Magoon’03 and Karen E. Pearson Magoon

Brian S. Pedersen ’84 and Katherine J. Wilkinson Michelle L. Fay ’98 and Marc C. Perkins ’98 Daniel C. Petersen and Lissa Petersen Keith Peterson P09 and Bonnie K. Peterson P09 Douglas D. Petesch P05 and Mary Anne Petesch P05 John N. Petterson ’65. and Loretta A. Petterson Dena Bodzin Philips ’04 and Noah Philips ’04 J. Richard Phillips and Joan Phillips Jeremy M. Plunkett ’97 Mark M. Poindexter ’73 P11 and Theresa P. Poindexter P11

Roy A. Pollock ’01 Tonya B. Porter ’04 and Evan S. Porter ’04 David H. Potterveld ’81 Wayne S. Praskins ’79

Anna Prestezog ’97/98 and Robert E. Prestezog ’97 Patricia Priest ’87 Brian J. Putnam ’04 David P. Quey ’71 and Cindy Quey Ranjithkumar Rajagopalan ’99 Eugene J. Rauscher P82 and Eloise S. Rauscher P82 Blayne Eric Jon Rawsky ’94 Laurie Marble Ray ’84 P10 and Douglas M. Ray ’84 P10 Daren V. Reid ’85 and Kiddie Reid Theodore Revak P71 Gary W. Reynolds P04 and Olga Reynolds P04 Dennis E. Rich ’66 and Jennifer Marble Rich Ross M. Richardson ’03 Neal K. Riedel ’85 P14 and Heidi C. Patchett P14 Ryan N. Riegel ’05 Jennifer Rihn ’77 Michael D. Roberts ’79 and Marcille Roberts Cynthia A. Robertson MD ’80 Richard H. Robinson ’76. A. Lawrence Roe ’78 and Alisa Roe William E. Rosenthal P09 and Marie K. Rosenthal P09 Patrick W. Rourke ’64 and Elaine Rourke Jeremy A. Rouse ’03 and Kathyrn Rouse Jay H. Rubin ’71 and Lori L. Rubin Marty K. Rupp ’82 and Deborah Sue Rupp Pailod Rusmevichientong P06 and Vannasri Rusmevichientong P06

Anonymous identified at the top of each category - (#-identifies number of anonymous). Deceased are identified as (d). FY0910 trustees identified as (T). F A L L /WI N T E R 2 0 1 0 H a r v e y Mu d d C o l l e g e 4 7

HONOR ROLL 2009-2010

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